10 Simple Tips And Tricks For Planting A Vertical Garden

People of today cannot enjoy living surrounded by any conventional garden. New real-estate and buildings are designed with a built-in vertical garden to save space. Plants and other greenery use carbon dioxide and water to make solar energized foods. In the process, plants produce oxygen required for the respiration of all. Plants also remove pollutants from the air and reduce the heat. Read More

20 Best Asian Kitchen Ideas You Must Follow

The Kitchen has always be spacious, where the design is focused on functionally rather than aspect and caused kitchen to become simplified over the years. Asian kitchens have always been simple so combining this influence with a contemporary decor is a great way to obtain a simple and practical look.

Modern Japanese Kitchen

The combination of wooden furniture with steel appliances give you the peaceful of the Japanese world. Cooking on modern appliances make you feel good. Attached garden make you feel like that you are having food with nature.

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15+ Rustic kitchen ideas

The rustic kitchen design is also traditional in nature but takes different inspirations from specific regions, each producing a distinct style and signature look such as the Lodge and Mountain style, desert and adobe style, farm and country style and Southwestern style and Old West style. Rustic kitchens also often have a regional American flair: Southwestern, Mountain West or Pacific Northwest or Adirondack, but we often see this style in log houses and cabins.

The rustic kitchen style is also known for its stunning natural wooden kitchen cabinetry which exudes a rugged, down home appeal and comfort. The rustic kitchen cabinet style is also not that different from the country kitchen style as both exude warmth, comfort and natural coziness. Both styles also project a timeless elegance, however, when it comes to the aesthetics, the rustic kitchen cabinet style is more unrefined.

Rustic Stone Kitchen

Stone may be the changing feature of rustic kitchen. It is not that common in interior designs Use it in focal areas. Don’t cover entire wall with stone in order to have a beautiful design, just cover some portion of the wall. If you don’t trust your instincts ask a professional for help and get some inspiration from these decors.

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15+ Best Industrial Kitchen ideas You Must See

Industrial spaces are all about honoring the architectural bones of a building, and perhaps more importantly, playing with proportion and scale. Since this style of design comes most naturally to converted warehouses or old telephone offices and factories, there’s typically an open plan involved. Think dramatically high ceilings and large windows all for one expansive unit that incorporates everything from the entryway to the kitchen, the dining area, and the living room. But since each room is supposed to boast a different functionality, creating cohesion and seamless transitions can be tricky. This is especially true when it comes to decorating the kitchen.


White metro tiles are an essential in the industrial kitchen, and they’re cheap as chips, too. What you’re aiming for is a 1930s-public-urinal vibe, and to get this you need to be liberal with the tiling.

Tradition meets Industrial

We love how this kitchen mixes traditional Victorian-esque accents with the original industrial features of the space, as well as the functional pieces like the oven hood and the stove.

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20 Best Traditional Kitchen Ideas To Follow

20 inspiring traditional kitchen that will take you back to the beauty and elegance of the latest decades. We tried to find exquisite designs with a well defined personality. Most of them have wooden finishes, but there are also a few with a color theme. Classic furniture is present in each and everyone of the interiors below, creating a charming and warm atmosphere.

The kitchen is the heart of your home. Whether your style is sophisticated or rustic—or your color preference is for earthy neutrals, cheery brights, or gleaming white—you’ll find not only loads of inspiration but also practical ideas here from some of our favorite kitchens.

Great Palette

Dramatic hanging lights illuminate the kitchen island with its pretty chairs. A heavy-gauge raffia on the walls adds textural interest. Accents in royal blue add color and pattern.

A warm copper hood and captain’s chairs add timeless style to this kitchen, contrasting nicely with the ivory and bisque cabinets and island.

In the kitchen of this Chicago penthouse, the breakfast area is subtle and muted, letting the city view command attention. The handsome bar is crafted from ebony walnut.

This kitchen has a self-assured look. A stainless steel pharmacist’s cabinet fashioned into an island is topped with honed blue limestone. Cabinets and trim painted a deep charcoal contrast with the marble countertops and backsplash.

Everything about this kitchen says welcome, from the shelves for cookbooks.

Beautiful Details

It’s all in the details for this kitchen, highlighted with a beautiful lamps, handsome handles on the stove and an island topped with marble.

In this glamorous kitchen, the double refrigerator with bottom freezers has mirror-and-wood panel fronts for furniture styling. Windows on each side of the range and transoms above the hood invite sunlight.

Because folk art finds peek from the corners of this crisp white kitchen in a summer home on Nantucket. Glass shelving on the bottom of the island and the light fixtures reminiscent of ship lights add vintage charm. Read More

20 Best Eclectic kitchen ideas

Blend elements from different decorating styles to fashion eclectic kitchens that function beautifully while perfectly reflecting your tastes and personality. See how these design-savvy homeowners melded their love of diversity with practical layouts to craft inspiring eclectic kitchens.

White eclectic kitchen

Do not just stuck with fruit or flower pictures for your kitchen decoration.
Sometimes you need to be a little bit brave to put something uncommon there such as these artistic painting and pictures.
Also the glass front wooden cabinet and a custom refrigerator which combine with white dominating color.


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