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7 Inspiring Kitchen Design Ideas You’ll Love To Try

Homemakers, chefs, and cooks spend most of the waking hours in the kitchen. Decorating the kitchen with the latest designs would inspire you to step into the room. In addition to cooking, you might decide on eating your informal meals in one of the kitchens. Here are 7 inspiring kitchen design ideas you can incorporate for your home.

{ 1 } Create A Breakfast Nook or Zone

Create A Breakfast Nook or Zone
Bold Colors Beautiful Design Breakfast Nook In Manhattan Duplex By Steven Gambrel | Photo By Eric Piasecki
A breakfast nook in the kitchen can help you increase the time you spend with the family. Moreover, it looks so chic and modern too. This kitchen has walls and ceiling colored solid light grey and the ceiling’s border is black. The floor is made of alternately arranged rectangular tiles colored grey and black. The cabinets against the grey walls are black. The window shades are also grey. From the ceiling, hang a single lamp with transparent glass shade. This provides light to the rectangular, wooden table with a grey colored base. Place a continuous red colored sofa for sitting around two sides of the table. On the other two sides, place three chairs made of grey colored checked material and place black cushions on these.

{ 2 } Open Shelves In Kitchen Design

Open Shelves In Kitchen Design
Bright Colors And Open Layout In Modern Kitchen By Athena Calderone
Open shelving provides easy access, visual symmetry, and is great for design. However, a tile backsplash for your open shelves, like in this kitchen, can make it look more appealing. Fix two long wooden shelves against this wall. On the top shelf, you can place ceramic milk jug, salad bowl, rice bowl, covered bowl for curry and other items. On the shelf below it, you can place coffee mugs, cereal bowls, side plates and regular plates, glasses for drinking wine, whiskey, and water.

{ 3 } Green Wall or Small Herb Garden

Green Wall or Small Herb Garden
Modern homes do not come with a garden so you can avail of the modern vertical indoor garden. You can grow the herbs you use regularly in your own kitchen. This makes for a great eco-friendly and modern design. Plus, you can have fresh and more nutritious herbs every day! Place a plastic pot of herbal plant one on top of another. Ensure there is enough space between them such that the plants grow well. To grow a green wall or small herb garden, you can use the narrowest wall –space between kitchen and dining room. Herbs that can be grown include coriander, thyme, rosemary, basil, mint and/or others. While cooking, you can add freshly cut herbs to add flavor and nutrients to the dish.

{ 4 } Make Your Island The Star

Make Your Island The Star
Beautiful Island Design White Minimalist Kitchen By The Tomkat Studio
Change the look of your kitchen by putting the focus on your kitchen island. Leave the wooden floor as is without placing any carpet or rug. Color the walls and ceiling of the kitchen in shades of light grey to white. Cover the lower portion of the walls with specially designed wallpaper. Here, dark grey colored cross repeated pattern against white background wallpaper has been used. Place white colored wood cabinets above the level of the wallpaper. Now, place the oven below the cabinet on one side of the wall. Also, place white colored wood cabinets below the wallpaper too.

From the ceiling, hang a conical-shaped transparent glass-shaded lamp. Under this, place a block of white colored wooden cabinets and drawers. You can store all that you need in the kitchen and for eating informal meals. You can store various utensils, crockery, cutleries, dishes, glasses, and uncooked foods. Also, from the ceiling, hang another two identical shaped transparent shades. Under these, place a long white colored, wooden dining table. Place three chairs made of dark wooden frame and pinkish cushion for eating informal meals.

{ 5 } Add a Cooktop In Your Kitchen Countertop

Add a Cooktop In Your Kitchen Countertop
Adding a cooktop to your kitchen countertop gives your kitchen a streamlined and symmetrical look. Take this kitchen for example. The narrow yet craftily designed kitchen provides everything necessary to enjoy cooking. The salmon pink walls go well with the white windows overlooking the green garden. A well designed beautiful rug is placed on the wooden floor. Green colored cabinets line the left wall and the windows. The countertop is granite with light Salmon pink color. The light to dark brown colored stove-cum-oven is placed at the center of counters against the left wall. There is a chimney above the stove to remove all smoke from cooking.

On one side of the nearby granite top, you can place all cookbooks. On the other side of the stove-cum-oven, you can place Olive oil and other cooking media. You can place a fruit bowl next to it. Place some flowers in a vase and leave it on the countertop near the window. Opposite of stove-cum-oven, there is a sink with water supply. Also, under the sink, there are white colored cabinets over which matching countertops can be added.

{ 6 } Install A Window Shelf

Install A Window Shelf
Your kitchen is already crowded with all the things you need. You have an open wooden space with multiple shelves for storing your cooking utensils. Adjacent to it, you have a small fridge, a dishwasher, a stove-cum-oven and more. On the granite countertop, you have placed a large jug of milk, your favorite herbs in a vase and more. Also, you have an informal dining space with white colored chairs and a wooden dining table. You suddenly discover you have no more space to keep your crockery you use every day. Then, you turn to look out of your wide window. Well here is where you can install window shelves. Use brass holders for keeping thick, transparent glass shelves. Once installed, you can place two sets of dining crockery (plates, dishes, bowls, glasses, mugs and more). Thus, you can take advantage of saving space used mostly in modern interior decoration.

{ 7 } Statement-Making Lighting Fixtures

Statement Making Lighting Fixtures
Transitional Decor And Statement Lighting In Elwood Bamboo Kitchen By Camilla Molders Design
Lighting fixtures that make a statement are all the rage in interior decor. A well-lit kitchen is always more appealing. To give your drab kitchen an instant uplift, install a statement-making lighting fixture that draws the eye. Take this exotic and bright Asian style kitchen design for example. From the ceiling, hang two lights having globe-shaped shades. The silver colored motifs against the solid golden color highlight the detailed design of the lamps. The beautiful design gives the kitchen an Asian touch. The light from the lamps falls on the wooden table used for informal meals. The bright light keeps the kitchen illuminated even at nights.