Discover 8 Kitchens Ideas by Leroy Merlin

A place of meeting, sharing, exchange, the kitchen is the heart of the house, and that, Leroy Merlin understood it well. At the rendezvous of this new collection, contemporary kitchens where a mix of styles and materials merge to perfection. We let you discover it, with our 10 favorite inspirations.

1. Rustic

If you are lucky enough to own a beautiful terracotta tile in your home, accompany it with some pretty furniture with a rustic but trendy look. We love the authentic spirit that emanates from this kitchen with weathered wood and charming décor.

2. Mixture of materials

Matt black, raw wood, and stainless steel, this kitchen has mixed materials and thicknesses for a very successful industrial effect. His little extra? A central island made up of a work surface and a bar area for taking meals on the go.

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Kitchen Renovation Round-Up: What’s New in 2020

The modern kitchen is typically open and large, bright, and has a ton of room via counter space, walking room, and plenty of room for the entire family to gather. Of course, this is the modern kitchen, and the only way that many people out there are going to get a modern kitchen is to have their current kitchen renovated. You might not think so, given that 2020 has been a brutal year for so many, but this year has actually witnessed a huge uptick in home renovations, with kitchen remodels topping the list.

Kitchen renovations aren’t exactly cheap and easy, but many believe they’re more than worth it. Having a great kitchen as the home’s focal point is what many people want, not to mention the fact that it adds tons of equity and resale value to the home. Here are some of the biggest kitchen reno trends in 2020.

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Country Cooking: Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

Country style kitchens radiate warmth and good memories. Are you ready to create your own? Start with these charming farmhouse kitchen ideas on a budget!

Every year, Americans spend around $50 billion renovating their kitchens.

Are you on a tight budget but are desperate to decorate your home in a farmhouse style? We have some cheap solutions that might help you glamorize your home.

Once you’ve installed these farmhouse kitchen ideas on a budget, you will be ready to roll up your sleeves and start baking an apple pie! Let’s get started:

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5 DIY Kitchen Upgrades for Summer 2020

Are you tired of cooking in the same old kitchen? Do you yearn to update your kitchen with modern design trends but balk at the price of hiring a contractor to do so?

If so, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll teach you an alternative way that you could give your kitchen a new lease on life all by yourself. That’s right — we’re going to take a look at the best DIY kitchen upgrades that you could get started on today.

1. Update Kitchen Hardware

One of the best easy kitchen updates is to update all the hardware in the kitchen. This hardware includes the knobs for your cabinet doors, the handles for drawers, and so on. This is a quick and simple update anyone can do on their own.

If you like the look of an ultra-modern kitchen, then you ought to consider using some kind of metal accent. Silver and copper are both popular choices and either one can add a sleek, modern feel to your kitchen at minimal expense to you.

2. Add a Portable Island

Do you wish that you had more counter space in your kitchen? Did the original builders of the home never install an island?

You can put an island in your kitchen all by yourself without working too hard by choosing a faux-island. This is a portable structure that you can bring in through your front door and plop down in the middle of the kitchen where the island will go.

It will function just like any other island. The only downside is that you won’t be able to build plumbing into it like you could with a permanent island. Still, it’s the next best thing that you can get for cheap.

3. Pull-Down Faucet

A pull-down faucet is a kitchen upgrade that packs a punch for its price. A pull down faucet (


Issues to Consider When Planning a Kitchen Remodel

Having a beautiful and productive kitchen is a dream of many. It is also a sign of luxury. A lot of people struggle with small kitchens, where it’s quite easy to make a mess. If you ever thought of or if you decided to remodel your kitchen, you should be aware of all the problems that may arise during that project. For that reason, here are all the issues to consider when planning a kitchen remodel!

While you are online, looking for the latest trends in kitchen decor, your mind is focused on a happy place. All you can think of is how your kitchen is going to look fantastic after you are done. It’s going to be everything you ever dreamed of! While the end result might look satisfying, the road to it is not at all easy.

As a matter of fact, you might run into a lot of problems. It is also smart to think about what could go wrong. So, here are the issues to consider when planning a kitchen remodel:

  • not having enough space
  • choosing a wrong kitchen layout
  • losing counter space
  • adding items you don’t need
  • creating a kitchen that does not fit in the rest of your home
  • damaging the utensils or the appliances during a remodel
  • spending too much money

Let’s see how each of these issues might get in the way of your perfect kitchen!

Not having enough space

It is one thing to plan out the kitchen of your dreams. However, if you don’t have enough space to actually follow the plan through, then you just spent a lot of time for nothing. It is crucial to calculate how much space you have for a remodel. Otherwise, you are risking to start something that cannot be completed successfully.

If your kitchen space is small and you cannot extend it in any way, it is smart to look for functional small kitchen ideas instead.

Choosing a wrong kitchen layout

No matter how much space you have to work with, it is crucial that you pick the best layout for your kitchen. First of all, every item in the kitchen should be at the reach of your hand. Ideally, the counter space should be in the middle and all the utensils around it. Kitchen appliances should be on the same side as you.

One thing that you wish to avoid is having to run around the kitchen looking for utensils. I realize that this kind of issue is more for a larger kitchen. Nevertheless, it is crucial to consider it even if you have a small kitchen. The goal is to utilize the space in the best way possible.

Losing counter space

One of the biggest issues to consider when planning a kitchen remodel is losing counter space due to a miscalculation. Counter space is the most important feature of every kitchen. For that reason, if you are planning a kitchen layout, always put counter space as a top priority. Once that is done, you can plan out the rest around it.

Adding items you don’t need

While we are on the subject of losing counter space, here is a sure way to avoid it. You should throw or give away any items in the kitchen you don’t need. There are so many utensils that you probably use once a month, if then. They are such a waste of space, that you should get rid of them at once.

If you don’t own any such utensils, make sure you never buy them. Waste of space, waste of time, waste of money.

Creating a kitchen that does not fit in the rest of your home

Having a luxury kitchen in a small home will make every guest question your decision making. Of course, in the end it all comes down to what you think is best for you and your home. However, even though you might think that you need a luxury kitchen in a small home, a wrong decision is a wrong decision.
It is extremely important that every room in your home fits in with the rest. Making a harmonious living space is the goal.

Damaging the utensils or the appliances during a remodel

If the remodel of your kitchen requires some serious work, make sure to protect your utensils and appliances. When it comes to kitchen utensils,

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9 Most Amazing Kitchen Paint Ideas That Will Transform your Kitchen

From the point of view of a homeowner, it’s always difficult to decide some better ideas which can help to modernize the home.  In the same case, it becomes necessary for you to understand that kitchen renovation is a very crucial element while you are thinking of renovating the home. In short, devoid of modernizing your kitchen, it is very complicated to augment the overall value of your property. Kitchen painting is yet another imperative thing on which you need to concern a lot more. If you really want to change the entire look of your kitchen, you definitely need to pay special attention to kitchen paint choices. After having some basic information about modernizing your kitchen now, you would definitely love to know some amazing kitchen paint ideas.

Once you will work on any of the suggested kitchen paint ideas, you will see some rapid changes in the overall looks and attraction of your kitchen. With the help of the following ideas, you may create a very unique and innovative kitchen.

{ 1 } Neutral Grey Kitchen Paint

Would you love to paint your kitchen in a very unique and innovative manner? If you say yes then you can go with the neutral grey kitchen paint idea. Once you browse this picture, you will find how magnificent the kitchen is looking just because of the grey color on the walls. In easy words, you can say that the grey color is increasing their attractiveness and overall appearance of your picture on. Therefore, it can become a very perfect idea to paint your kitchen.

{ 2 } Fresh White And Bright Kitchen

How you can provide your kitchen a very fresh and creative look? Well, the simplest two ways to choose a very perfect kitchen paint idea. In the same concern, fresh white and bright kitchen paint design idea will definitely hold your back as shown in the picture. With the perfect combination of color in your kitchen space, you can actually increase the beauty of your kitchen in a very short amount of time. In this picture, you will find how beautifully the professionals have arranged over all items of your kitchen along with painting the walls, ceilings, and floors with some perfect colors.

{ 3 } Airy Blue Color For Kitchen

Do you really want to decorate your kitchen with some attractive colors? You can go with blue color for the kitchen to make it look more spacious. First of all, you need to explore this picture-perfect and understand the things that the professionals have highlighted. In this picture, you can find how glorious the airy blue color is looking in your kitchen. In addition, you can paint the cabinets as well as the countertops of your kitchen of the same color. This trick works really well in

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6 Amazingly Functional Small Kitchen Design Ideas That You’ll Love

Generally speaking, a home decoration or renovation project is utterly incomplete if you have not paid special attention to your kitchens. In any home, the kitchen is truly a real way of happiness. A well-maintained and hygienic kitchen gives you an extra bit of comfort and soothes along with reducing the heat and safety concerns. Hence, designing a kitchen can become very challenging and exciting work. However, you can work on some unique and affable small kitchen design ideas to change the entire look of your kitchen quickly. If you find it tricky to choose the best small kitchen design, you might need to check out the following highly functional kitchen designs:

{ 1 } Install Open Shelving

Open Shelving For Small Kitchen Design In Rosslyn Cabin By Studio Miel | Photo By Stacy Zarin Goldberg
How should you design your kitchen? Well, you can start the campaign by installing open shelving inside your kitchen which will totally look special. In this picture, you will see how the designers have used open shelving inside a kitchen to increase the beauty and attractiveness together. Make sure that you will never commit a single mistake while working on this amazing with kitchen decoration and design idea. You should install open shelving inside your kitchen to make it look so much appealing. The open shelving inside your kitchen will definitely look different and unique and as a result, you would you live inside a very special kitchen.

{ 2 } Add a Small Breakfast Counter

Pops Of Yellow In Grey Kitchen In Venice Apartment By

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11 Amazing Ideas For Kitchen Cabinets Design For A Modern Look

When you wish to renovate your kitchen cabinetry, consult a specialist in designing your kitchen cabinets. The professional cabinet designer would provide you with several appropriate cabinets best suited for your needs. Keep in mind that the new kitchen cabinets must be practical, spacious and easy to access. Only after you make your choice, a carpenter or expert would work on building the cabinet. It is essential that the new cabinet matches the already existing cabinets and drawers. Hence, the best quality raw material is used for manufacturing the new cabinet, shelves, and drawers. Here we have discussed 11 amazing ideas for kitchen cabinets design for a modern look.

{ 1 } Highlight Cabinets With Color

High-End Kitchen Cabinetry Highlighted With Blue Color By Southam Design
The cabinets in the kitchen have been highlighted. The color used for this purpose is Royal dark navy blue. The cabinets are either painted using the dark color or covered with Navy blue colored plywood. Every handle that is horizontally or vertically fixed to pull out the drawers or open the cabinet doors is made of straight steel rods. The kitchen countertop is made of off-white grayish colored granite. This countertop is not continuous, especially where the sinks and oven-cum-stove are placed.

{ 2 } Add Texture To Cabinets With Wood

In this kitchen design, already the cabinets were made of good quality hardwood.  After adding wooden framed textures to the existing wooden cabinets, they look thicker and richer. Also, the wooden texture has been added to the handles of the cabinets. Thus, the durability of the existing wooden cabinets has improved.

{ 3 } Go For A Sleek Matte Look

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets With A Sleek Matte Finish In 1500 East Bungalow By Renovation Design Group
Matte look means selecting the matte painting technology for cabinets. Matte coloring is the lowest extreme of coloring while glossy is the highest extreme. In the modern era, people select a matte look or glossy look. Matte finishing produces a sleek look because matte surfaces diffuse in a wide range of angles. Thus, the matte has a soothing texture and finishing to the people in the room. The matte kitchen gives a sleek impression especially in modern homes that are more compact. Here, a grayish black color has been selected for a maximum sleek matte look.

{ 4 } Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Two-tone kitchen cabinets use at least two very contrasting hues. Here, there are actually three sets of cabinets in three different levels and locations. One set of cabinets is continuous from the ceiling that uses the same off-white color. Other two sets are distinctly colored. The cabinets and drawers under the grayish colored granite countertop are colored lime green. These can be opened using the steel handles. These run horizontal or vertical to the surface of the countertop. Considering off-white and lime-green colored cabinets and drawers, you would say these are two-toned kitchen cabinets. Additionally, there are another set of cabinets and drawers around the kitchen island. These cabinets are distinctly made of dark chocolate hardwood with ornamental handles pointing towards the floor. We have to consider this contrasting coloring impact for the design of the two-tone kitchen cabinets.

{ 5 } Rustic Look For Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic Look Cabinetry In Modern Mountain Kitchen Design By

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