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Kitchen Renovation Round-Up: What’s New in 2020

The modern kitchen is typically open and large, bright, and has a ton of room via counter space, walking room, and plenty of room for the entire family to gather. Of course, this is the modern kitchen, and the only way that many people out there are going to get a modern kitchen is to have their current kitchen renovated. You might not think so, given that 2020 has been a brutal year for so many, but this year has actually witnessed a huge uptick in home renovations, with kitchen remodels topping the list.

Kitchen renovations aren’t exactly cheap and easy, but many believe they’re more than worth it. Having a great kitchen as the home’s focal point is what many people want, not to mention the fact that it adds tons of equity and resale value to the home. Here are some of the biggest kitchen reno trends in 2020.

Kitchen Reno Trends in 2020

New and Improved Lighting

The first big trend we witnessed in 2020 was kitchen lighting. From additional light fixtures like hanging lights and chandeliers to recessed lighting in the rooms, brightening things up in kitchens has been a very popular trend. More people having to stay home this year led to a lot of people realizing that their kitchens were drab, outdated, and certainly a bit too dim. So having new lighting installed has been among the top renovation ideas for kitchens this year.

Cabinetry and Accents

Kitchen cabinets and counters have always been important parts of kitchen renovations, but 2020 has really witnessed a big uptick in the popularity of accessories that go with these features. This means that a variety of hardware has become popular, like brass accents for your knobs and handles and a variety of other accent features. The best part about this is that accentuating your kitchen with these sorts of features is a very low-cost way to make things pop. A coat of paint and new hardware on old cabinets can give you a look and feel of new cabinetry without having to spend thousands of additional dollars on the upgrade.

Modern Kitchen

Bigger, Bolder Ranges

With so many television shows, YouTube channels, and social media spots, today’s average person has easy access to chef-quality meals. This means that more and more people are taking it upon themselves to cook their own delicious and nutritious meals for their families. A lot of this has to do with many restaurants closing down in 2020, but the point is that larger stoves and ranges have been very popular this year. Upgrading your range is a great thing to consider in any sort of kitchen remodel. Most would agree that this is the most important appliance in the kitchen.


We’ve been on a greener trajectory for quite a while, but 2020 really brought to light the sort of perils we all face with our climate, and this led to a lot of sustainable materials being used in the construction of new homes and in-home renovations. Things like sustainable bamboo flooring and using recycled materials in the kitchen were huge trends this year. Even for people who aren’t all in on the planet needing to be saved, many of them have been switching over to sustainable materials because they’re priced so competitively.

Eat-In Options

For the past couple of decades now, what has been the most popular with kitchen remodelling has been to create a large, open kitchen that had an adjacent dining room or gathering area. You have probably seen this layout in most home improvement shows and even most advertising in general. Though this has changed in 2020. The big trend that was happening this year was to create breakfast bars and eat-in kitchen nooks and to utilize space in the actual kitchen so that families could gather very near where they were cooking. This has allowed for some really creative designs, and this is a trend that will continue going forward.

No matter what sort of renovations you want in your kitchen, it’s important to understand that your first step should always be finding a quality local contractor to help you realize your vision. If you go with the best from the start, the renovations are going to pay off bigger in the end.