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Do Room Colors Affect Your Mood?

Do room colors affect your mood? The answer is yes. Room color psychology shows that a room’s color can impact your mood, thoughts, and the way you go about your day. While it depends on your gender, age, and ethnicity to determine how a color may affect your mood, there are common colors that generally affect everyone the same way. So what colors are they, and what do they do?


Red is the most intense and generally brings the most intense mood to correlate with. It is possible that your heart rate will go up, your breathing will increase, and your blood pressure will go higher when you walk into a room this color. Red is more likely to raise a room’s energy level and stimulate passion and love but also anger and power. The best location for you to use the color red in would be your living room, dining room, or entryway. 


Excitement and enthusiasm is generated through the color orange. Orange is most likely to promote activity, which is why we suggest implementing it in your child’s playroom or your exercise room. Maybe it will make you increase your treadmill speed by a point or two, it’s worth a shot. 



Happiness is captured through yellow’s ability to promote joy and communication. Placing a little bit of happiness in your living room, bathroom, kitchen, or dining room by using yellow is where we believe it may be most useful.



Rest, relaxation, and stress relief is associated with this color. Using green in your living room or kitchen will have a calming effect. It is also believed to improve fertility, so a green accent wall in your bedroom may also be considered.


Painting a bedroom or bathroom blue is believed to have a soothing and calming effect. It is proven to lower blood pressure, your breathing, and your heart rate. If you would like to implement a sense of relaxation into social areas such as your living room, it is suggested to use a softer shade of blue.



This color is completely versatile meaning you can achieve different effects with different shades. If you’re looking for a timeless and classic feel, lighter is the way to go. But if you’re more interested in modern and edgy feels, darker hues may be a better direction. Either way, this color is believed to bring comfort and warmth into any room of your home. 

There are various other shades of the rainbow that can influence your mood and day differently. With these common colors we hope you can make an easier and more informed choice on what colors you choose to influence your life in a positive way. You can explore Little Rock houses for sale to find the homes that will best suit you and your room-color adventures.