10 Vintage Living Room Ideas to Make Your More Beautiful

For your living room, take a look at the retro!

Do you like the vintage spirit of the 50s, 60s, or 70s and you want it to be seen in your living room? Quickly come and draw from our slideshow the inspiration you need for a vintage living room decor at the top!

01) A bright vintage living room

When we say ” vintage living room “, do you think of a dark room, with very little light and very dark wooden furniture? Think again: a vintage living room can be anything bright! To do this, you just have to paint the walls white, opt for a light parquet, and have large openings!

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8 Minimalist Rooms That We Must Adopt

8 minimalist rooms that make us dream

You have decided to adopt the minimalist spirit in your interior and you want to start with the decoration of your bedroom? Discover our favorite inspirations to help you take the plunge! You will see that a minimalist bedroom is not always devoid of style and even less of character …

1. Minimalist black and white bedroom

Nothing like the unmistakable black and white duo to adopt the minimalist spirit in the bedroom. To bring the touch of warmth, vary the materials, and to give perspective to your decor, vary the patterns and prints. 

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Make Your Home Sweet and Cozy With This Amazing Tips

A few simple tips to transform your interior into a real haven of peace.

Do you want to make your interior more welcoming and comfortable? Here are some practical tips to transform your house or apartment into a haven of peace.

1. Clear your closets

It is not easy to feel comfortable in a busy environment. So take advantage of a weekend to sort through the cupboards in your kitchen, the shelves in your living room, and the chest of drawers in your bedroom. You will see, once you get rid of the stuff you no longer use, you will already feel much better.

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20 Plants That Grow Without Watering (or almost)

Dromedary plants that hardly fear drought!

Global warming is forcing, varieties of plants that require little water are now the most beautiful allies of sunny gardens. To save water and keep beautiful beds in the event of restrictions, we rely on camel varieties that grow without watering, or almost!

1. Jerusalem sage

Phlomis Grandiflora, or Jerusalem sage, is an aromatic plant from the Turkish mountains. It is used in sunny climates and easily supports dry soils. Even better? With its large yellow flowers of almost 2 meters, it attracts butterflies and pollinating insects.

2. Lavender

The best known of the Mediterranean plants is also one of the most enduring in terms of drought. This is perfect since, as a bonus, lavender is beautiful, divinely fragrant, and nicely bluish. We save water, we beautify the garden and we earn enough to fill scented sachets, difficult to do better.

3. Allium

Ornamental garlic, or allium, blooms in pretty, ultra-graphic colorful balls from April to September, from white to purple, depending on the variety. No need to water it, or almost, it loves the sun and is satisfied with rainwater, even when there is little. His little extra thing? You just have to crumple the leaves to smell the garlic!

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Discover 8 Kitchens Ideas by Leroy Merlin

A place of meeting, sharing, exchange, the kitchen is the heart of the house, and that, Leroy Merlin understood it well. At the rendezvous of this new collection, contemporary kitchens where a mix of styles and materials merge to perfection. We let you discover it, with our 10 favorite inspirations.

1. Rustic

If you are lucky enough to own a beautiful terracotta tile in your home, accompany it with some pretty furniture with a rustic but trendy look. We love the authentic spirit that emanates from this kitchen with weathered wood and charming décor.

2. Mixture of materials

Matt black, raw wood, and stainless steel, this kitchen has mixed materials and thicknesses for a very successful industrial effect. His little extra? A central island made up of a work surface and a bar area for taking meals on the go.

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