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The Benefits of Long-Term Storage vs. Short-Term Storage

Using professional storage services has become quite popular these days.

In many cases, it’s literally inevitable. Whether you move out, plan some travelling across numerous destinations, want to downsize your lifestyle or live in a tiny apartment with a big luggage volume from folks’ place, you can opt for different storage facilities.

They distinguish with numerous features. Yet, mostly, the main decision we’ve got to make before taking our things to the storage unit is how long we will use them. This is why the most common types of these expert services are the long-term and short-term storage modules.

Don’t close this page if you don’t know what type you need. Instead, read our material to make a difference between them and eventually select the best option, especially for you.

What is the difference between long-term storage and short-term storage?

The main difference between short-term and long-term storage is the duration of the service. As the terms suggest, long-term storage allows the customer to keep his things for a more significant period in the rented unit.

On the contrary, the short-term storage limits you in a short period, which according to what we have researched inside the British professional storage industry, is up to 3 months.

Meanwhile, the long-term contract can give you more flexibility; you can choose between a seasonal offer or a close to permanent storage assistance (for example, for 1, 5 and 10 years). But, naturally, the long-term storage service is, in most cases, more expensive.

Long-term storage in details

Long-term storage facilities are rented primarily in these cases:

  • Seasonal storage of clothes, accessories, equipment and other items;
  • Business and office equipment;
  • Before travelling;
  • When needing some downsizing in life;
  • When stocking seasonally;
  • Permanent occupation of small-size properties and possessing too many items;
  • Others.

All Advantages in one place

There are many strong points of renting a storage unit longer. 

Here are some of the service’s most common advantages:

  • Can enjoy spaciousness at home round the whole year;
  • It helps you make huge savings (for instance, as an alternative to buying a garage or even a bigger house to live in);
  • It makes you more flexible with your hobbies and work and without any necessity to make compromises;
  • The service applies to both – indoor and outdoor storage units;
  • The service is more flexible as it allows the customers to add special features and individual requirements;
  • Usually, you are allowed to check your unit 24/7;
  • Eases your selling process of the stored items as they are gathered in one place;
  • Insurance is always included;
  • It gives you enough time to consider the best alternative for the future of your stored items.

Are there any disadvantages?

As you have seen, renting a long-term storage unit has many pros. But are there any negative sides to this service? 

You might want to see these:

  • There’s a chance for you to eventually start neglecting your stored items either by not checking them out or even by forgetting they exist;
  • It has a more solid price, especially if the period is quite long indeed;
  • The transportation is harsh as usual, and the long-term storage unit is a big one, aka you have lots of things to carry;
  • Sometimes you are forced to pay for extra services you don’t want but are generally included in the long-term storage service pack.

Short-term storage in details

Short-term storage facilities are commonly used for the following occasions and plans:  

  • Moving out and moving in;
  • Planning short-term travel and possessing too valuable items in a property within a region of a high crime rate;
  • Having a vacation while studying in a different city;
  • Planning renovations, repairs, decorations and other home improvements;
  • Offering short-term renting services on your own property.

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What are the biggest advantages?

The experts claim that short-term storage services have long-term benefits no one should underestimate. Although you’ve got a short fixed time to use the unit, it can simplify or even save your life in many cases.

Here are some of the best advantages to receive when using a short-term rented unit:

  • The price is lower;
  • You are the one who decides whether to pay extra for more safety;
  • It gives you more freedom and flexibility;
  • Motivates you to make up your mind for the destiny of the stored items faster;
  • No risk of natural amortisation;
  • The access is never limited to bound with some extra safety measures, but pretty quick and easy.

And what about the possible disadvantages?

There might be some negative sides to the short-term storage service. 

Here are the biggest cons:

  • Time always presses you;
  • There’s a risk of making stupid decisions about your items and their future (for instance, selling your house too fast at a too low cost);
  • The security level is not so high;
  • A limited set of plans and purposes can be satisfied with this service;
  • Insurance is not always included.

How to decide which storage unit is the best for you?

The easiest way to figure it out is to ask yourself what time you need someone to take and store your things

When you need a whole year, it’s logical that short-term storage services are not suitable for you. On the contrary, if you are confident that you can get your things back in two weeks only, don’t pay the high price for the long-term storage rent, but opt for the short-term. 

Looking at the pros and cons of both services is also an excellent approach to deciding which one you really need. If all of these only confuse you, consulting with the company’s team and technicians will help you make your own decision.


No matter what duration your storage service has, ensuring it’s high enough quality is a must.

Using the services provided by suspicious companies or teams that don’t receive pretty good customer testimonials online is not an option for your personal belongings.

Therefore, we strongly recommend you research the storage provider carefully in advance and then give him your requirements and service parameters, including the contract’s final date.