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8 Ingenious Tips And Tricks To Organize Your Closet

The closet is used for storing all your clothes and accessories for all occasions. Women store formal wear (dresses, skirt, blouses, evening gowns, traditional clothes like saris) and casual wear (shorts, three-quarter pants, jeans, tops, and T-shirts). Women’s accessories include belts, handbags, footwear (sneakers, casual wear, stilettos, and flat ballerina shoes). Men store formal wear (suits for business, tuxedos for formal dances and more) and casual wear (shorts, trousers, jeans, shirts, T-shirts, and polo-shirts). Men’s accessories include belts, ties, footwear (sneakers, laced shoes, shoes with no lace and more). You should be able to pull out the clothing item as and when you need it. You should be able to recall where you placed the item such that you can retrieve it on an emergency. It is recommended that you organize and keep all items in order inside your closet. Here are 8 tips and tricks to organize your closet:

{ 1 } Separate Clothes By Category

Separate Clothes By Category
Pile of Clothing According To Its Type or Category By Iamtui7/Shutterstock
While organizing your closet, separate each item categorically making piles of like items. Continue till you have taken care of each and every item in the closet. You should have one or more piles of like items. Go to each of the separate piles and fold each one of them. Place one of the folded items one on top of the other. You should end up with separate piles of clothes. Here, you can find two piles of folded items. One pile is made of folded colored, collared shirts and another pile of folded blue jeans.

{ 2 } Throw Out Things You Don’t Need

Throw Out Things You Don’t Need
While going through the closet, you may have come across several things you have never used. This could be because you have never required using them. You are not alone in collecting unwanted things. This is observed typically amongst people who follow the latest trend in fashion. People like you are compulsive buyers who indulge in collecting things. There is no harm done in collecting but, too many items in the closet clutter the available space. This same space can be used for saving and storing something more important. When you are not going to use the item discard it or give it away to any charitable home.

{ 3 } Store Seasonal Clothes Separately

Store Seasonal Clothes Separately
Most modern people live in countries with very hot summer and very cold freezing winters. The clothes used in summer help to remain cool and withstand the scorching heat of the summer sun. Generally, cotton light materials are used for making most of the summer clothes. People wear cotton shorts and cotton T-shirts in summer. However, with the advent of winter, the cooling summer clothes are no good. In winter, people need woolen sweaters, coats, jackets, gloves, caps and more to keep warm. When there is a change of season, it is best to remove your seasonal clothes from the closet. Store these clothes in separate transparent boxes and keep them elsewhere. As a result of this process, you get to save lots of space for the coming seasonal clothes. Alternatively, you can also use a storage unit to store all your seasonal clothes and more.

{ 4 } Hang Delicate or Fancy Clothes

Hang Delicate or Fancy Clothes
Hanging Delicate And Fancy Clothes For Better Maintenance By The Anna Edit
In the market, you would find different types of hangers meant for various clothes. You can use the ordinary hangers for hanging your delicate and fancy silken collared blouses. Also, in the market, you would find suitable hangers with two clips/pegs on either end. You can use these special hangers for storing your stylish skirts that match with the silken blouses. You can also use hangers for your formal trousers. Hang all delicate and fancy clothes separately using suitable hangers. Even when hung side by side, these clothes do not get crushed and wrinkled. The closet has the necessary strong rod to hold the hangers in place.

{ 5 } Roll T-Shirts, Pajamas, and Store In Boxes

Roll T-Shirts, Pajamas and Store In Boxes
Neatly Roll And Store Clothes In Drawers To Maximize Space By Africa Studio
First of all, separate all your T-shirts and your Pajamas. Then, roll each one of the T-shirts separately. Following, fold each of the pajamas separately. Make use of a suitably sized box for storing. Firstly, fill the largest compartment of the storage box with all the separately rolled Pajamas placing them horizontally. Also, fill the medium-sized compartment with all the separately rolled T-shirts placing them vertically. Fill the smallest compartment with your valuable accessories including your sunglasses, red-colored wallet, another purse, and boxes containing trinkets and watches, and several colored nail-polish bottles.

{ 6 } Use Drawer Dividers For Undergarments

Use Drawer Dividers For Your Undergarments
You leave all your undergarments in your drawer. Hence, every time you wish to out what you need becomes very challenging. You can always avail the suitable dividers to use for storing your undergarments in the drawer. These dividers are readily sold in the market. You remove all your undergarments and place the dividers to store your undergarments in the most organized and practical method. This way you can fetch what you need at all times. You can use one divider for storing one bra. As for undergarment, you can roll three of them and store in one divider. You can also stack more than one undergarment and place them all in one divider.

{ 7 } Use A Shoe Organizer In Your Closet

Use A Shoe Organizer In Your Closet
You can always hang a suitable shoe organizer form the top of the closet door. The ones available in the market reach almost the bottom of the door. Also, the shoe organizer spreads across the door. The shoe organizer allows you to hang one shoe in each pocket. Hence, you can use two adjacent pockets to store a single pair of footwear. You can store your footwear in the shoe organizer and retrieve them as and when required. You cannot fit the very tall boots, or high-heel stilettos into the shoe organizer. But, you can always place them on the floor inside the closet.

{ 8 } Hang Scarves, Jewelry, Accessories

Hang Scarves, Jewelry, Accessories
Easy DIY For Jewelry And Scarf Organizer By A Girl And A Glue Gun
Use a row of hooks and a row of knobs against one of the walls of your bedroom or dressing room. Use each of the hooks to hang all your collected jewelry including simple beads to semi-precious stones like turquoise and more. Your room looks pretty after you have added this jewelry. Use the bottom knobs for hanging all colorful and fashionable scarfs meant for all ceremonies and occasions.