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11 Amazing Ideas For Kitchen Cabinets Design For A Modern Look

When you wish to renovate your kitchen cabinetry, consult a specialist in designing your kitchen cabinets. The professional cabinet designer would provide you with several appropriate cabinets best suited for your needs. Keep in mind that the new kitchen cabinets must be practical, spacious and easy to access. Only after you make your choice, a carpenter or expert would work on building the cabinet. It is essential that the new cabinet matches the already existing cabinets and drawers. Hence, the best quality raw material is used for manufacturing the new cabinet, shelves, and drawers. Here we have discussed 11 amazing ideas for kitchen cabinets design for a modern look.

{ 1 } Highlight Cabinets With Color

Highlight Cabinets With Color
High-End Kitchen Cabinetry Highlighted With Blue Color By Southam Design
The cabinets in the kitchen have been highlighted. The color used for this purpose is Royal dark navy blue. The cabinets are either painted using the dark color or covered with Navy blue colored plywood. Every handle that is horizontally or vertically fixed to pull out the drawers or open the cabinet doors is made of straight steel rods. The kitchen countertop is made of off-white grayish colored granite. This countertop is not continuous, especially where the sinks and oven-cum-stove are placed.

{ 2 } Add Texture To Cabinets With Wood

Add Texture To Cabinets With Wood
In this kitchen design, already the cabinets were made of good quality hardwood.  After adding wooden framed textures to the existing wooden cabinets, they look thicker and richer. Also, the wooden texture has been added to the handles of the cabinets. Thus, the durability of the existing wooden cabinets has improved.

{ 3 } Go For A Sleek Matte Look

Go For A Sleek Matte Look
Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets With A Sleek Matte Finish In 1500 East Bungalow By Renovation Design Group
Matte look means selecting the matte painting technology for cabinets. Matte coloring is the lowest extreme of coloring while glossy is the highest extreme. In the modern era, people select a matte look or glossy look. Matte finishing produces a sleek look because matte surfaces diffuse in a wide range of angles. Thus, the matte has a soothing texture and finishing to the people in the room. The matte kitchen gives a sleek impression especially in modern homes that are more compact. Here, a grayish black color has been selected for a maximum sleek matte look.

{ 4 } Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets
Two-tone kitchen cabinets use at least two very contrasting hues. Here, there are actually three sets of cabinets in three different levels and locations. One set of cabinets is continuous from the ceiling that uses the same off-white color. Other two sets are distinctly colored. The cabinets and drawers under the grayish colored granite countertop are colored lime green. These can be opened using the steel handles. These run horizontal or vertical to the surface of the countertop. Considering off-white and lime-green colored cabinets and drawers, you would say these are two-toned kitchen cabinets. Additionally, there are another set of cabinets and drawers around the kitchen island. These cabinets are distinctly made of dark chocolate hardwood with ornamental handles pointing towards the floor. We have to consider this contrasting coloring impact for the design of the two-tone kitchen cabinets.

{ 5 } Rustic Look For Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic Look For Kitchen Cabinets
Rustic Look Cabinetry In Modern Mountain Kitchen Design By Kitchens By Wedgewood
Already, the kitchen cabinets are made of top quality hardwood. In order to make your kitchen cabinets look rustic, you have to add more timber. Add more wood to the cabinets to decorate them with frames. Also, adding more wood as handles. Thus, adding woods to the frame and handles enhances the durability of the rustic kitchen cabinets. There are several wooden cabinets above and under the countertop and stove-cum-oven. Also, around the kitchen island, there are maximum storage spaces within wooden drawers and cabinets. These can be opened using brass fittings.

{ 6 } Floating Cabinets

Floating Cabinets
Floating cabinets are useful to accommodate maximum free space in the kitchen. Often various obstructions prevent the continuous design and fitting of the cabinets. These commonly include the kitchen sink or the stove-cum-oven. You need to keep in mind to leave a certain height above these before adding an overhead cabinet. As a result, you use floating cabinets. Several grey colored cabinets line the area above the countertop. Notice the cabinet above the oven-cum-stove. Compared to the three adjacent cabinets it lacks height. Again, the cabinet above the sink is a lot shorter than those three cabinets. You can open all cabinets with the help of the provided knobs. Also, in this kitchen, there are several off-white cabinets and drawers with steel handles under countertops.

{ 7 } Give A Glossy Finish

Give A Glossy Finish
Giving a Glossy Finish to the cabinets is the opposite of giving a matte finish. Glossy and matte finishes are two extreme painting finish technologies. The glossy look reflects all the lights of spectra and looks bright and inviting. On the other hand, the matte finish looks sleek because matte surface diffuses light in a wide range of angles. Between matte and glossy, there are intermediate stages (matte, eggshell, satin, silk, semi-gloss and high gloss). The glossy finish is best on white color and that is what has been used for the kitchen cabinets.

{ 8 } Patterned Cabinet Fronts

Patterned Cabinet Fronts
Traditional Kitchen With Patterned Cabinet Fronts By Drury Design
In this kitchen design, patterned cabinet fronts used for cabinets against the wall and under the countertop make a lasting impression. The cabinet under the sink is diagonally placed. Plain white wood with recessed frames decorates all the cabinets under the white granite countertop. Easy-to-use fancy brass handles and knobs adorn all drawers and cabinets. The most spectacular piece of furniture is sitting across the dining table with white hardwood doors and patterned cabinet fronts.  The cabinet has three shelves visible through the transparent glass door. There are three rows of white wooden crosses across the three rows.

{ 9 } Add Corner Cabinets For More Storage

Add Corner Cabinets For More Storage
When the sink is at a corner, you can utilize the space under the sink and over the sink. The size of the cabinet (both width and length) might differ from the rest of the fixed cabinets. Yet, you can create extra storage space under and above the sink. Also, when you add this corner cabinet to ensure you use the same or similar material to match the coloring of the kitchen cabinets. Here, you should use dark wood along with vertical steel handles.

{ 10 } Glass Cabinet Fronts Or Shelving

Glass Cabinet Fronts Or Shelving
After creating several shelves and cabinets, you might find it very challenging to find what and where you have stored. Hence, it is advisable to use glass cabinet fronts or shelving. You can use four rows and four cabinet doors to open the shelves for storing. This you can build leaving enough clearing space above the kitchen sink. Above the glass cabinet with shelves, you can create four cabinets for storing items you do not require regularly. Under the countertop, you can always have cabinets and drawers with knobs for storage.

{ 11 } Modern Style Handles And Finishes

Modern Style Handles And Finishes
You can make your kitchen look modern with special thick steel handles in the cabinets. Also, you can make pull-out drawers that do not require handles. These simply roll out as and when required. The kitchen island also has matched cabinets with no handles. The countertops of kitchen island and kitchen workplace are made with similar material and color.