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Carpenter Ants – Pests That Cause Structural Weakness in Buildings

When you think of ants you’re first thought will probably be of the annoying small insects that troop across your family picnic or perhaps set up home just outside your front door. These small ants really are just a small annoyance and not generally worth calling a local pest control expert for.

However, there are several categories of ants which are far more dangerous and need to be treated as pests from the moment you see one.

Carpenter ants are capable of chewing into the wood. They don’t actually eat wood to survive but will eat into the wood to create nests. They generally construct their nests in the stumps of old trees, wood piles, and hollow trees. But, they are quite happy to settle in your household timbers as well.

The wood is chewed by powerful pincers and then pushed out behind the ants, creating the tunnels that these creatures move around in. The waste that comes out of the tunnels is primarily sawdust but you will find other debris such as parts of insects, or even food remains.

The Look

The carpenter ant is a shiny black color and measures approximately ½ inch long. However, there are other types of carpenter ants which are just ¼ inch long and are more of a reddish-brown color. If you get close enough to view the ant from the side then all types of carpenter ants have smooth, rounded thoraxes.

Because you may not always be able to identify the carpenter ant easily it is important to use a quality pest control service and have any potential infestation checked out.

This is one of those instances when sooner really is better.

The Clue To Their Presence

The first clue is seeing a carpenter ant in your home. If it’s managed to get into your home then there is a good chance it is actually living in your home; with a few of its friends. This is especially true if you’re seeing the ants in the winter time.

It is possible that visiting ants in the summer have originated from outside your home. It is advisable to attempt to watch where the ants come from and where they are going; this will give you a good idea of where their nest is.

It is important to note that dealing with carpenter ants is really a job for the professionals. You need to locate and treat the nest to eliminate the issue, this is easiest achieved with professional help.

Don’t forget that if you leave the carpenter ants alone then they will continue to eat the timber under your house. This will ultimately lead to structural issues within your home.

You should also be aware that it is common for carpenter ants to have a central colony and satellite colonies. If this is the case you won’t know if you’re destroying the main colony or the satellite one; making it difficult to confirm that you have definitely got rid of them.