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15+ Best Industrial Kitchen ideas You Must See

Industrial spaces are all about honoring the architectural bones of a building, and perhaps more importantly, playing with proportion and scale. Since this style of design comes most naturally to converted warehouses or old telephone offices and factories, there’s typically an open plan involved. Think dramatically high ceilings and large windows all for one expansive unit that incorporates everything from the entryway to the kitchen, the dining area, and the living room. But since each room is supposed to boast a different functionality, creating cohesion and seamless transitions can be tricky. This is especially true when it comes to decorating the kitchen.


White metro tiles are an essential in the industrial kitchen, and they’re cheap as chips, too. What you’re aiming for is a 1930s-public-urinal vibe, and to get this you need to be liberal with the tiling.

Tradition meets Industrial

We love how this kitchen mixes traditional Victorian-esque accents with the original industrial features of the space, as well as the functional pieces like the oven hood and the stove.

Eclectic Industrial Kitchen

The kitchen is stylish and unique, it isn’t overwhelming, and it doesn’t detract from the more refined dining area and the cozy living room section in the back. The eclectic mix of chairs around the table is also a highlight. It’s the perfect example of form meets function.

Farmhouse Industrial

Even if you aren’t working with a loft or an open plan, you can still incorporate some industrial style to give the kitchen more of an edge. We love the contrast between the white walls and the country-chic feel of this room, which is achieved by the eclectic mix of counters and textures like the black tile cabinets and the rustic wood kitchen island.

Industrial Kitchen Chairs

Matching kitchen chairs look better in industrial kitchens than a mix-and-match collection. You want to use chairs that are comfortable but not soft-looking or overly elegant. Square shapes look good.

Industrial Kitchen Island

Make sure there is ample room between your counters and your industrial kitchen island. This makes the space workmanlike and is very important to the achieving the industrial style effectively.

Industrial Kitchen Lighting

Look for rustic lighting fixtures or more modern updates of the same style. Lights that mimic mine lights, for instance, look great, offering a rough vintage look. Recessed, subdued lighting allows the space and the details in it to star.

Industrial Kitchen Sink

An industrial kitchen sink should be big and pragmatic. Large farmhouse sinks, originally meant to be used for canning, cooking, and washing, look great as long as they’re not brightly colored.

Industrial Kitchen Shelving

Contrast your closed cabinets with open shelving. Large, natural wood shelves look very good, as do brushed steel or bronze metal shelves. Avoid anything that seems too delicate and pass up on any floral flourishes. You can find wooden shelves that look like exposed beams that look great in an industrial kitchen.

Industrial Kitchen Cabinets

The basis of any good kitchen design is its cabinets. There are a lot of great choices for industrial kitchen cabinets. The key is to make the space seem as big as possible, even in a small kitchen. Plenty of storage space is a big help, as is proper sizing of your kitchen cabinets.

Hanging Bulbs

Striking in their minimalism, bulbs create a dramatic effect, especially when hung from a high ceiling. If you’re not feeling the bare-bulb look, you can still get an industrial effect with other vintage options, like metal pendant lights.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood instantly warms up a space and gives it a sense of history–even in a new construction home. Mix in reclaimed wood everywhere from kitchen islands to ceiling beams to shelving.

Decor and Kitchen Islands

It goes without saying that choosing on the proper decor goes a very long way in getting the task. But it’s about giving your kitchen a character that reflects your taste, and not heading the generic route.

Modern Designs

An industrial kitchen is open to chic cabinets and worktops feature a sense of inviting softness and is based heavily around it to give an industrial taste.

Small Kitchens

There’s a perception that the design fails in kitchens since big kitchens using their, framed glass windows, double vanities and distances take center stage. This is untrue, as frugality, efficacy, and springs would be the factors of the fashion.

Open Shelving Kitchen

Open shelving and tons of this can be just another method of bringing beauty whilst enlarging the available shelf space. But do not forget if you’ve got modern kitchen shelves from timber or steel to give the contrast, and these shelves will need to exude.

Concrete Industrial Kitchens

Concrete, a once common material, gets a glamorous makeover in these industrial kitchens. Juxtaposed with timber and dark cabinetry, concrete is both raw and practical.

Timber Industrial Kitchens

This used in industrial kitchens can range from looking sharp and tailored to looking basic, rustic and old. Timber works well in industrial kitchens as there is a sense of both history and nature which makes it a personalised kitchen space.

White Industrial Kitchens

Industrial kitchens can remain classic and uncluttered by having white as a dominant colour. White generally makes a space look larger and less cluttered and is a good base if you want your industrial kitchen to look united and clean.

Material Combination

Simple tips and tricks can add industrial style to your own kitchen ideas. Merge leather furniture with stainless steel – metal floor lamps, bar stools, worktops and appliances will all add to the loft style. Select a toned-down colour palette and pick lighting made from black steel, copper or brass. Concrete worktops will add sleek sophistication and practicality to the space.