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20 Best Eclectic kitchen ideas

Blend elements from different decorating styles to fashion eclectic kitchens that function beautifully while perfectly reflecting your tastes and personality. See how these design-savvy homeowners melded their love of diversity with practical layouts to craft inspiring eclectic kitchens.

White eclectic kitchen

Fresh White eclectic kitchen

Do not just stuck with fruit or flower pictures for your kitchen decoration.
Sometimes you need to be a little bit brave to put something uncommon there such as these artistic painting and pictures.
Also the glass front wooden cabinet and a custom refrigerator which combine with white dominating color.


Small kitchen with balcony

Small kitchen with balcony

There are so many Simple Small Kitchen Design Ideas, but if you are looking to have something unique and beautiful,
then this Small kitchen with balcony can be a perfect idea for any home.


Three Colourful Hanging lapms

Three Colourful Hanging lapms

The three hanging lamps with cute different color here are really a dominant part of the whole kitchen design. No matter how bad the design is, it will always look good with the brown brick wall.
A brick wall can be matched with any other ornament even though they are not coming from natural ones like wood or stone. When all the wall and table are covered with the same brown color, it is important to have just a few kinds of stuff with shocking color.It gives a different impression.


Rug on Floor

Rug on Tiles

Rug in the kitchen ? There is no harm at all. For some people who like it would be comfortable to have one.
Especially it will keep the feet warm. This is also a new style that you may try in order to make your kitchen look different than usual.


Bright colour ideas

Bright colour ideas

Not all kitchen should have a bright color, some can also go with dark kitchen designs.As you can see here, though almost all in black and gray, however, the kitchen stuff can have bright colors like blue or red. You will not miss the eclectic which always surprises you with something contrast.


An open Kitchen

Open Kitchen

What would you do in this big kitchen? Do not worry, though they are big they are easy to take care, easy to clean and to maintain. The simple design with almost no decoration except the big clock on the wall, would not give you a hard time to clean it up.


Concrete Wall Design – Kitchen

Concrete wall kitchen

Small kitchen design planning is important since the kitchen can be the main focal point in most homes. The unique one that makes the eclectic kitchen look different is the wall. Not only the color but the way they painted it. It is just like when you paint the cloud in a gray color. It does not need too much cost to make something different when you are creative.


Bar Style Kitchen

The little bar in the kitchen does not always have to be placed in the center. If you only have little space, it can also be put against the wall also.


Natural wood table in kitchen

Natural wood table in kitchen

With all white color and clean, you can not imagine that this is actually a kitchen. It looks so hygiene and neat for doing a messy thing like cooking, but it is actually the one. With the big artistic and natural wood in the center, it made it the perfect balance.


Kid’s Special Kitchen

Kid's Special Kitchen

This eclectic kitchen might be the one you need especially if you have a kid. You can let them play in the kitchen while you are cooking so that you can still monitor their activities instead of letting them play alone in their room. They can also smell the nice food you make while doing their own work.


Unusual black accents

unusal black

The unusual black accents (upper cabinet decals, lower cabinet handles and shelving) in this simple kitchen effectively draw the eye and create visual interest.


Mix Textures

mix textures

Incorporating both rough and smooth textures adds interest to an interior, especially when you choose a simple color palette. “Consider shaggy throw rugs or pillows, nubby or thick, weave fabrics on furniture, rough wooden treasures or furniture, and soft, smooth finishes on iron or other metals


Eye – catching colour fields

Eye-catching swaths of your favorite color as a kitchen tile backsplash or floor are an effortless way to incorporate personality into your design. Fresh white cabinetry helps to let the beauty of the hue shine through. It’s also a wallet-friendly decorating solution for those on a budget.


Pattern power – Kitchen

The allure of pattern is hard to resist, and this eclectic kitchen is no exception. Against a spare, black and white palette, the colorful floor offers a tropical contrast to the kitchen’s urban-inspired design.


Patchwork Style

In true eclectic form, this kitchen backsplash manages to create a patchwork of colors and patterns for a fun and unforgettable design.And sometimes, the hardest part about picking tile is just choosing one!


Wallpaper in Kitchen

Wallpaper is one of the easier way to give your kitchen some glamour.


Add Appliances of your choice

Incorporating sinks or stovetops into the surface of the island is one way to spread the workflow throughout the kitchen. Installation can be tricky, so pay attention to details like ventilation and plumbing.


Purple Passion

These colorful, artistic clients wanted anything but what the masses were doing. Favorite family colors, purple and orange, and their penchant for Moroccan were to be used.


Well Organized Style

Do you ever look at pictures of super neat pantries and ultra organized kitchens and think.When it comes to kitchen organization, don’t sweat the small stuff. We’ll show you all the tips and tricks you’ll need to get your kitchen back on track and clutter free.