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20 Modern Kitchen Ideas You Must See

Now a days kitchen design is all about timber veneers, colors, contrast, metallics, contrast and the industrial look.

Modern kitchen design is sometimes broadly categorized as any style that’s less traditional and more contemporary—but in fact, all modern design has specific roots in terms of its time period, style and inspirations.

Whereas traditional kitchen styles often focus more of their design on natural materials for cabinets, countertops, floors and furniture, modern kitchen designs depart from this aesthetic fairly frequently, often featuring man-made materials like laminate, ceramics and molded plastics. That’s not to say that modern kitchens can’t, shouldn’t or don’t feature man-made materials—they almost always do, and often to great effect. Granite countertops, sleek hardwood floors and expertly designed wooden furniture featuring the signature curves and angles of modern design can often be found in modern kitchens.

Finally, furniture choices can contribute greatly to any modern kitchen design. Tables, stools, chairs and benches are available in an array of angular and flowing designs. Materials like wood, plastic and metal are employed in a modern or industrial style, often featuring bold and bright colors that can add great visual interest to any elegant and efficient modern kitchen design.

Let’s Have a look at the best kitchen style of 2018

Vibrant Colour Schemes

Vibrant Colour Schemes

The use of colour in the kitchen is extremely important and should reflect homeowners
Vibrant colour schemes will continue to be popular for 2018 with a focus on both Scandinavian application – pops of bright colour – or complete maximalism –with colour clashes

Multi – User Kitchens

Multi - User Kitchens

Multi-user kitchens for those abled-bodied and less abled is an increasing wish for many homeowners with huge advances in moveable worksurfaces, appliances and tables,’ reveals Kitchens International.

Unpolished Timbers & Veneers

Unpolished Timbers & Veneers

These unpolished materials add texture and intrigue to the kitchen and when working in a bespoke manner can be used for everything from statement wall veneers to unique cabinetry and shelving.

Industrial look – Heavy metal & Concrete effects

Industrial look - Heavy metal & Concrete effects

Look out for industrial style features such as concrete effect finishes – The trend for concrete-sprayed doors or concrete effect doors will continue to grow.
With Heavy metal, even storage is coming out of the cupboard and when features unite with function, you create kitchens with purpose.

Kitchen with Prep Sinks

Kitchen with Prep Sinks

A prep sink typically is separated from the main sink so that more than one cook can be working in the kitchen at the same time. Often, they are installed in the island for maximum functionality.

The Smart Kitchen

The Smart Kitchen

Smart appliances are developing at a rapid pace and anyone considering installing a new kitchen in 2018 should really not do without a boiling water tap – seen as a necessity in today’s living; wifi ready appliances – allowing us to control our kitchens from afar; and steam ovens and vacuum drawers – this makes cooking quicker, easier and contains the flavour in the food

Multiple Ovens

multiple ovens

These days people are busy in their lifestyles and it make sense to cook multiple dishes simultaneously.
Multiple ovens can even create a statement look as shown here, where three eye level Gaggenau ovens have been placed in tall wall cabinets to contrast with the original stonewall.

Layers Of Lighting

Layers Of Lighting

Layers of lighting is key to any good design. The traditional line of three pendant lights continues to be popular and always looks stunning in a rectangular kitchen.
Lighting under cabinetry and counters is an easy way to change the atmosphere of a room. Concealed LEDs can be placed under the worktops to transform a kitchen into an entertaining space

The Blue – Kitchen

The Blue - Kitchen

From cobalt blue to powder blue and teal, blue is the colour of the moment when it comes to kitchens. Darker shades of this versatile hue will prove to be the most popular.

Bright & Airy

Bright & Airy

Light wood shelving brings warmth to a sleek design.
Open shelves display cookbooks, glassware, china and art, enhancing a sense of airiness.

Cook like a Chef

Cook like a Chef

Chefs organise their kitchens depending on what sort of meals they’re cooking: vegetable preparation, baking, breakfast, etc.
Add on herb racks and a rail with butcher’s hooks for pots and pans.

Creative Corners of Kitchen

Corners of kitchen

Even tiny spaces are great areas for kitchen storage, and these minimal-style floating shelves make a cool feature.

Vintage Shelving

vintage shelving

Cute, country-style shelves look even more adorable with little hooks for tea cups. This adds to the display aspect as well as providing an excellent storage option.

Organised with woven baskets

woven baskets kitchen

In a busy family kitchen, storing crockery and cutlery in baskets is a great way to stay organised and still keep your space looking neat and tidy

Save Money – Remove cabinet doors

no cabinet doors


The easiest way to update your kitchen without going through an entire remodel is to remove the doors from existing cabinets. To add more of a wow-factor

Kitchen like a coffee bar

kitchen like a coffee bar

If you wake up every morning in need of a cup of coffee, consider using open shelving to create a coffee bar in your kitchen. This project can be as simple as adding a couple of shelves above the coffee pot or as elaborate as the setup shown here.

Larder Shelving

larder shelving

The classic storage solution for a kitchen is a simple shelving system, with different heights and depths for maximum flexibility. But this modern larder unit in laminate also features six fabulous drawers in different depths, all integrated behind floor-to-ceiling doors. Perfect for storing dry goods and any fresh fruit or veg that you wouldn’t want to keep in the fridge

The Modern Clock Shelving

modern clock shelving

A freestanding unit allows you to adjust storage as your needs change, plus you can take it with you if you move house. They’re ideal for dining areas, too. Look for dressers for different widths, shelving units or more quirky solutions, like this one featuring a clock.

rustic kitchen

Use mixed materials to complement your shelving.Here, wooden worktops, stone floor tiles and wooden cabinets and hanging utensils bring a hard-working utilitarian feel to this kitchen while the retro-style.

The Raw Look Materials

Raw look materials