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20 Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas To Follow

Ah! A perfect kitchen is everyone’s dream. It is an ideal excuse to get your chef’s hat and apron and prepare something delicious. If you’re someone who loves to spend time in a complete kitchen with a gorgeous setting, then do go through this article. In this article, we will discuss top contemporary kitchen ideas that you ought to get. Get your kitchen a perfect look and feel.

You can either go for a simple, modern, traditional, classic kitchen interior. It all depends on your taste and desire. The best way is to sit back and relax, and just read this article and ask an interior designer to help you out with your dream kitchen. Get mesmerized by own kitchen. Not only would want to stay more, but you’ll want to cook and get your photography skills in good use.

White-Brown Kitchen

If you love the idea of having your kitchen decorated with a white and brown theme, then this kitchen idea is just meant for you. You can have a wall-size hash brown kitchen cabinets. A beautiful, simple kitchen cabinet is perfect for anyone who wants to store every kitchen item in an organized manner. If you love new lightning that has a touch of a traditional theme, you can then go for ceiling lamps. You can get a set of kitchen stab on a full table with white marble. You can decorate this further by adding hash brown stools. Make sure they fit comfortably under the slab table. And yes, do not forget to add some potted plants here and there, and you’re good to go.

Luxurious Kitchen

Want that kitchen that everyone talks about? This is a perfect kitchen idea for anyone who’s looking for a touch of modern luxurious arrangement. The kitchen is quite extensive with space for an ideal sofa and TV set, and also, a dinner table set. Wow! Isn’t it?

An entire wall is dedicated to a perfect kitchen cupboard that has the microwave, a set of coffee mugs, and also, a fridge. And then as you go further, you can see a stove and a chimney above it. And next to it is a wall dedicated to various oven and a cupboard. And the best thing about this kitchen is the wine collection. The wine collection is stored in a huge glass wall. And yes, there is a full slab table with marble theme with few modern chairs. Add some fancy showcases, and you’re good to go.

Dark Desert Brown Kitchen

Dark desert brown is a new type of brown that is currently trending in the American kitchen decor. In this particular kitchen, you can see that the entire kitchen is decorated with white marble such as the wall and the kitchen counter. And you can also find a wide window with a suitable sofa cushion with a cream color.

The wall is made from marble and has desert brown kitchen cabinets covering half the wall. You can find the electric stove under these cabinets with some glass spice containers. The kitchen counter parallel to it also has the marble theme with a perfectly shaped washbasin and faucet set. And yes, these are further decorated with brown desert stools. And lastly, we have some modern and unique looking ceiling lamps. These do attract anyone’s eyes.

Apartment Kitchen

You’re definitely a lucky one if your kitchen has a wide glass window with a black theme. You can get a white themed kitchen with white themed walls and cabinets. Dedicate an entire wall to beautiful white cabinets with some open spaces with an installed fridge. Install an L- shaped kitchen counter and slabs with a wide steel washbasin that has a tall faucet.

You can also get an excellent oven with a blue themed metal chimney on top of it. And yes, do not forget to add a dishwasher somewhere near the washbasin. And yes, lastly get a dark wooden plank on the floor.

You can further decorate this kitchen with some potted plants and flowers. Take advantage of the large window and get your kitchen the perfect aroma of freshness. Get an all-black or all- white cutlery, and crockery set to make your kitchen complete.

Celebrity-styled Kitchen

Looking for a luxurious, celebrity-styled kitchen that is, eye-catching? Well, if so, this is the perfect kitchen style for you. In this kitchen style, you have a complete set of dark brown cabinets followed by a champaign-white marble themed wall and kitchen counter and slabs. You can have some excellent collection of modern ceiling lamps.

You can find a tall glass cabinet dedicated to the wine collection. The adjacent walls have been installed with a complete set of dark brown cabinets. One of the walls has few cabinets on the top with fridge installed under it and a small space with a potted plant. And wall next to it has two tall cabinets at the corner of the wall with a glass storage system, and the other has few ovens. You can find a wide length champaign-white marble counter tops on a brown table. You can add some white-themed flower vases to it, and you’re good to go. And yes, don’t forget to add some champaign-white themed stools. And lastly, add a small 4-seated metal themed dinner table set.

Charcoal & White Themed Kitchen

Charcoal theme kitchen is a new trendy style loved by many Europeans and Westerns. It just puts the classic modern trend to its right place. In this kitchen style, the walls and the ceilings are painted white. The kitchen floor has beautiful charcoal themed wooden planks. It looks gorgeous with a perfect wooden -charcoal themed dinner table set. The dinner table has a massive block of wood that is fixed on the charcoal colored legs. And this table is surrounded by charcoal colored chairs.

The kitchen also has its own fireplace. A wall is wholly dedicated to the fireplace. It has a slushy wooden texture with black fireplace. The best part is that you can store wooden blocks next to them. And when it comes to the place, there is a charcoal colored sofa set right in front of the fireplace.

We have a three to four-door kitchen cabinets right above the kitchen counter and slabs. Just add some potted plants, and some scented candles on dining table, and you’re good to go!

Charcoal Themed Kitchen

This another perfectly classic yet modern kind of kitchen decor. The walls, cabinets, fridge, and even the lamps have the charcoal color. It looks a dream come true for anyone who loves the dark, gloomy color. It is beautiful how it has transformed the kitchen into a perfectly eye- catching place.

Well starting off, the walls have wide wooden planks with the charcoal color. And it has charcoal themed cabinets with glasses. You can see the cutlery inside quite clearly. The fridge has a blackboard themed color, and yes, you can enjoy creating the classic look with white chalk.

The kitchen slabs, however, have a white marble that stands on wooden cabinets and drawers. And parallel to it is the dining set that has the same theme has the kitchen slabs. Get some charcoal themed vases for the kitchen counter, and you’re good to go!

Don’t forget to add light colored wooden planks for the flooring. And yes, add some stools to the kitchen set too.

Wooden Themed Kitchen

Wood theme is just something that every decade has, and it gets better and better with a slight change in color and texture. If you want a wooden themed kitchen with, of course, other added colors, then this is suitable for you.

In this kitchen, the slabs and the countertops are white with marble while standing on wooden cabinets. You can decorate it with a few dark wooden themed round stools. You can add some salt-pepper stands, a tall vase with potted plants. The adjacent wall is decorated with black marble in cut perfectly in planks. The wall has wooden themed shelves, where you can keep some book and even potted plants if you’d like. The kitchen countertops and slabs under these wooden shelves are all-white. The cabinets installed in these areas are again, all-white, and perfectly blends well with the surrounding. Just get the flooring with a hash brown wooden planks, and you’re ready to set foot in the kitchen. A perfect wooden theme kitchen!

White and Light Brown Kitchen

Looking for a perfect kitchen with white and light brown theme that suits your taste? In this kitchen idea, you can enjoy the kitchen at a next level. It has a perfect set that may want you to stay there a little more. It has an ideal view of the garden due to a tall glass window. This kitchen idea is suitable for any small condo with a beautiful view.

You will find a wide length table with marble finishing and a small sized wash basin. This table also has a small space where you can keep all the recipe books along with magazines. You can get some adjustable stools to add them to the table.

The walls of the kitchen are painted all-white and have light wooden themed cabinets with stove area. All you need is too add some potted plants and flowers and enjoy the aroma of the freshness all around. The best part about this apartment is the stairs next to it that leads to a room. Anyone who loves living all by him or herself would undoubtedly fall in love with the condo.

All-white Kitchen

If you adore the color white, then this kitchen idea is meant for you. In this kitchen, you will find almost everything white starting from the walls to cabinets.

The kitchen cabinets installed on the walls are beautiful with the white theme. An entire wall dedicated to the tall and spacious cabinets. These have a middle space for the baking area where you can keep the mixer along with a coffee pot. You can even enjoy the cooking process as you’re making pizza, cakes, and all. On the right side, you have two adjacent ovens with some cabinets on the top. On the left side, you have the fridge with some cabinets on the top. You can find the stove area parallel to them. You have a perfectly U-shaped stove area installed with beautiful white themed kitchen countertops and slabs sitting above the cabinets and drawers. You can also find a separate white cabinet on the top of this area with a chimney in the middle; right above the stove. The best part is a separate area for books and magazine. Just add some funky looking flooring, and you’re good to go.

Classic Wooden and White Themed Kitchen

Dreaming of a perfect kitchen with white and wood theme that also, has an ideal classic touch? Well, if so, this is the right place! In this kitchen, you will be amazed how it looks stupendous from every angle.

The walls have a white marble theme with desert brown cabinets on the top. These cabinets are neatly installed and look perfect even to touch. They have this sleek texture that mesmerizes anyone who’d be in the kitchen. We have a stove area just below the cabinets. You can add a coffee pot, with ingredient glass jars, followed by a pasta store flask.

And right parallel to this is the countertop decorated with white marble standing on the wooden table. The countertop has its own wash basin with a tall faucet. You can add a potted plant on this countertop with some additional decor. Just have the walls painted white and get the wooden flooring, and you’re good to go.

White Marble Themed Kitchen

If you are fond of white marble and how it everything beautiful, then try getting this themed kitchen. You can see that the walls have the marble touch to it. The main table is also, a kitchen countertop also has the marble theme. The best part about this kitchen is the black cooking area. You can have a massive chimney right above the stove, and make sure it is of a white theme. The left and the right side of the cooking area has the tall black cupboards. The stove area has a beautiful set of black cabinets. And just adjacent to the left closet is an all- white shelf entirely dedicated to the cutlery set.

You can also, find a separate area that has a kitchen countertop touch with its own faucet set. This, however, has a couple of drawers instead of cabinets. You can add some potted plants and even few books to it. And you only need a perfect flooring, and you’re good to go.

Maple Wood Theme Kitchen

The maple-colored wood is one of the trending colors. It has a rose shade and looks perfect with the modern kitchen ideas. In this kitchen, you can see a wall with rectangular tiles. And on this wall, you can find two tall cabinets installed right under the ceiling. The kitchen cabinets and drawers under them have a simple white marble finishing.

You can see a wall is painted with maple color and has a matching tall yet slim cabinet with a perfect set of the cutlery set. And in the middle of the kitchen, there is a two-seated table. If you have a free wall, you can ask the designer to create a cabinet like in the wall. Paint it white and add colorful showcases in them with a perfect lighting system hung on the parallel wall.

Outdoor Themed Kitchen

Are you a nature lover? If you love the nature, the sound, the smell, then this kitchen idea is ideal for you. In this kitchen, instead of all wall facing the outside, why not just get rid of the wall. You can do this especially if there is a garden that you can enjoy every time you prepare your food.

In this kitchen, the walls are painted white and have a beautiful collection of cabinets hung on the wall. The cabinets and the drawers installed is of navy blue and has a white finish on the countertops. The combination of blue and white in the kitchen looks gorgeous and quite calming. You can have some potted plants and can grow herbs for your dishes. Want to be organic, get this kitchen style!

All-white Themed Kitchen

If you love the idea of having a completely white kitchen theme, then this is the best style for you. In this style, the walls and ceiling are painted white. You do have this one wall painted with charcoal-brown theme colors. It looks incredible with tall white cabinets.

The kitchen has white cabinets installed on the walls, and the cabinets installed below has a charcoal color finishing on the kitchen countertops. And the most beautiful thing is about the table in the middle which also has a charcoal themed marble finishing with the wooden bottom. This fantastic piece of kitchen furniture has the sides wholly dedicated to the wine collection. You can finally add something unique to this kitchen, few black ceiling lamps.

Luxurious French Kitchen Theme

Want that French design for your kitchen? Well, this is a perfect theme for your kitchen if you like the French touch! The kitchen is enormous as you can see and has a beautiful butternut wooden finish on its ceiling. It looks stupendous.

There two simple butternut wooden cabinets that have an excellent collection of the utensils. The cabinets below it have unique yet beautiful countertops. The color, however, is of a lighter shade. And the faucet has this fantastic golden shade and looks exceptionally well for the design.

There is a seating arrangement right in front of them with the same design and touch. You can get wooden color stools to upgrade the look. And parallel to it, is a black themed dining table. Get some flower pots and potted plants, and you're ready to go!

Sleek and Modern White Kitchen

Want that glossy, sleek and modern look for your kitchen? Well, this kitchen is perfect for anyone who loves the contemporary style.

It is quite amazing to see this kitchen merely breathtaking with the addition of a few windows. You have an entire wall dedicated to the kitchen decor with all white doors, cabinets, and drawers. There is a separate section for the oven, and if you love baking, this is heaven for you!

The table parallel to it also has the most beautiful, glossiest white touch that makes everything perfect. The table is vast, and so family members can enjoy spending time together while their mouth is being pampered with delicious food. And finally, the one thing that makes everything right in its place is the all-black floor.

Elegant Styled Kitchen

If you are a professional and want that business elegance even in your kitchen, this is the perfect kitchen for you. It has a simple yet ideal touch. This kitchen also has an all-white theme to it. The cabinets are aligned together from one end of the wall to another and give a perfectly sleek look.

There are two tables parallel to it. The nearest one has an oven area with a beautiful white marble finish. The one right in front of it has an additional table with a black finish and has six beautiful brown leather chairs.

You can also have a similar style table at any corner and add books and magazines to it. You can further decorate with a few potted plants and flowers. And lastly, you can add some unique looking ceiling lamps to it.

Kitchen Design for a Big Family

If you have a big family and love spending time with them while you have a blast eating, then this kitchen ideas is just for you. In this kitchen, the wall and ceilings are painted white. The kitchen counter has a beautiful white with a grey design marble finish. The cooking area has all-white cabinets and drawers with a perfect oven in between.

You can see a black modern yet classic 10-seater dining table with all the white chairs in the corner. The ceiling as you can see has black hanging lamps.

If there is any further space, you can add a simple coffee table with seats, and you’re ready to go.

Hazel Brown Themed Kitchen

Love a nutty brown hazel color in your kitchen? Well, in this kitchen you can see a perfect modern yet classic cabinets hung perfectly on the wall. The countertop is again furnished with beautiful white marble sitting on hazel brown cabinets and drawers. The similar color furniture looks gorgeous in this kitchen. You can see a light colored table parallel to them with a marble countertop and with beautiful white chairs. This is the food preparation are and looks simply amazing.

The best part of the kitchen is that it has a space for the dining area with similar colored dining table. It is a perfect kitchen for anyone who loves cooking and baking while spending time with the family.

If you are looking for changing the kitchen interior, then try consulting your designer with the given ideas. Choose the best one that is suitable for your home type. Love your kitchen and enjoy spending time while you cook and bake anything!