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20 Best Asian Kitchen Ideas You Must Follow

The Kitchen has always be spacious, where the design is focused on functionally rather than aspect and caused kitchen to become simplified over the years. Asian kitchens have always been simple so combining this influence with a contemporary decor is a great way to obtain a simple and practical look.

Modern Japanese Kitchen

The combination of wooden furniture with steel appliances give you the peaceful of the Japanese world. Cooking on modern appliances make you feel good. Attached garden make you feel like that you are having food with nature.

Comfortable Minimalist Asian Kitchen

Meet the warmest kitchen here. Wooden kitchen always give warm and casual air to the eyes. It’s also light and functional. Here you will meet minimalist design with a little touch of mid – century. It’s really spacious and comfortable kitchen.

Simple Asian Kitchen

The main highlight of this kitchen is the table which is their in the center. All kitchen appliances are made with wood, even the floor is of wood. Steel appliances with green wall and the single lamp hanging in the middle, though its giving simple Asian feel.

Re-Created Asian Kitchen

The designer use one more cabinet to make the kitchen in U-shaped. There were no upper cabinets, but the designer make it cool with wooden cabinets. The countertop is also replaced with white marble.

Bright & Fresh

Most People think that blue with white is not a good combination. It’s wrong, see dark blue table with white marble countertop, its looking pretty awesome, Though its the main highlight of this kitchen. All white make the kitchen bright. Open windows, use plants to make the atmosphere fresh.

San Francisco Kitchen

Don’t you love the two toned kitchen. How the upper black glass cabinets with lower white cabinets are looking amazing. Don’t be afraid to use plants in your kitchen, this will make your kitchen fresh.

Rug in Asian Kitchen

Here, Blue Kitchen cabinets with white countertop on it. The Open shelving above the countertop is enough for kitchen utensils. The Interesting thing in this kitchen is the rug which is perfectly matching with cabinets and this kitchen. The wooden floor is giving the rustic feel, though you can also say – Rug with rustic feel.

Compact Kitchen

Compact kitchen are always functional. Install storage under table. Add a breakfast bar. Lighten up your palette. Instead of upper cabinets you can use open shelving. In addition you can hang your kitchen utensils, this will give you more space in kitchen.

When Black Meets Golden

Gold color is always luxurious, but with black it make more luxurious. See how the single golden cabinet making the kitchen look amazing. Light wooden walls is matching with golden. Though black tiled floor, countertop and wooden with golden touch, it’s looking pretty awesome.

Asian Orange Kitchen

Are you amazed that how Asian kitchen is mixed with orange. It gives fresh look to the kitchen. It has built-in chair and table. This allowed for better traffic and more clearance around the eating space.

Wallpaper in Asian Kitchen

Wallpaper makes your kitchen look beautiful. Choose it wisely which is suitable with your kitchen. It is durable and not easy to remove, but in moist kitchen it will damage fast. It serve the backsplash also.