5 Ways to Spruce up Your Outdoor Living Space

You may have heard a lot of jargon flying around about buyer’s and seller’s markets and all sorts of other terminology concerning the housing market. The takeaway is simple for most people: No matter what those terms mean specifically, it’s safe to say that homes are pretty costly! That’s basically the gist of it. Housing markets being up or down are basically issues for people selling and trying to earn a profit and for mortgage companies. As a homeowner, you may be focused on other things, such as turning your existing house into the dream home you have always wanted. Well, how would one go about doing that? One of the first places you can start is with creating an outdoor living space. Read More

Pool Design Trends Of 2020

Swimming pools are in demand now more than ever. Due to the global pandemic and state-ordered stay-at-home isolation solutions, many homes have discovered the value of staycations. The pool industry has had huge demands in pool construction and pool renovations across the globe. Other than that, there have been new trends in pool design and construction. Here are a few examples of the latest pool trends and modern designs of 2020. Read More

Do You Need to Do Lawn Care in Winter?

For many homeowners, winter lawn care is a mystery. Many people stop doing any lawn work after the onset of autumn, then work extra hard to resurrect what is left in spring or early summer. But you can break out of this cycle and spend less time labouring year-round and more time enjoying the beauty that surrounds your home. Below, we explore how to treat your lawn in the winter for the best spring health. Read More

Do Room Colors Affect Your Mood?

Do room colors affect your mood? The answer is yes. Room color psychology shows that a room’s color can impact your mood, thoughts, and the way you go about your day. While it depends on your gender, age, and ethnicity to determine how a color may affect your mood, there are common colors that generally affect everyone the same way. So what colors are they, and what do they do? Read More