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Pool Design Trends Of 2020

Swimming pools are in demand now more than ever. Due to the global pandemic and state-ordered stay-at-home isolation solutions, many homes have discovered the value of staycations. The pool industry has had huge demands in pool construction and pool renovations across the globe. Other than that, there have been new trends in pool design and construction. Here are a few examples of the latest pool trends and modern designs of 2020.

  • Smart Lighting

Instead of using the traditional one colour design for your pool, many people have switched to the use of multi-coloured LED lights to enhance the ambience of the pool area. Furthermore, these lights can be controlled through an automation system that is remote controlled or adjusted by a smart device. This can adjust the brightness levels and switch between different colour patterns among other creative settings.

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  • Built-In Ledges

Pools are no longer just reserved for swimming. They are also a great place for hanging out with family and friends while still being able to enjoy the cool water. These built-in ledges can be place holders for potted plants or holders for small water features. They also provide privacy as you swim.  In 2020 this feature becomes more elaborated with a sunk-in outdoor kitchen next to the pool with the ledge acting as a counter-top with in-pool bar stools. 

  • Plunge Pools

As backyards get smaller, plunge pools have become an emerging trend for most homes. Most plunge pools are custom designed to suit any yard with luxurious finishes. Plunge pools are also highly versatile and can be installed in-ground, aboveground or semi in-ground, making them the perfect solution for limited access and sloping landscapes. You also have the option of adding water features along the walls and swim jets to enhance your swimming experience.

  • Dark Interior Pool Finish

White and light blue will always be a favourite. However, dark finishes are becoming more popular because of a natural vibe that looks like a lagoon or even an ocean. Dark pools retain light and heat better, which will help cut down on heating costs. Dark and debris that make their way into the pool will not stand out against the dark background. The cutting-edge style also adds a modern look that complements the surroundings or even your house’s architecture.

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  • Water and Fire Features.

Waterfalls have always been a modern feature in many pools. Firepits add a visually appealing aesthetic too. But the water and fire feature combo enhance the body’s senses as they provide a sound and visual relaxation while thrilling to touch or feel. The features are sure to add beauty and excitement to your pool.

  • Smart Pools

Pool maintenance has become easier than ever with the use of robotic cleaning systems—which is a smart pool pump that automatically removes all kinds of debris from the pool surface. These relieve you from the hassle of the tedious cleaning process and saves you more time to enjoy and join in the fun with friends and family. Pool automation systems allow you to control this and many other functions of your pool all with just a touch of a button.