Flowers That Are Just Stunning For Your Magnificent Lawn!!!

Flowers have the capacity to communicate your emotions without the need of words. When you present a single flower or bouquet to someone, you are expressing yourself. When you offer someone a flower or its colour, it might elicit a wide range of feelings in them. It may be unfriendly to some, while it may signify health and immortality to others. Before selecting a flower to express your emotions, you need to first learn about the flower’s and color’s meanings. Flowers may be utilised to beautify your house in a variety of forms and sizes. Read More

An Introduction To The Metal Fencing Kits For Your Garden

Metal fencing is one of the many types of fencing available today. Whether it is a residential or commercial property, metal fencing has various benefits over wood and other types of fencing. It is very sturdy and durable and will last for many years, which is important in these days of natural disasters and the prevalence of crime. Another benefit of metal fencing is that it can be customized to meet the needs of the owner and the desired look of the property. It can also be easily removed if the need arises. There are many styles and designs available when it comes to metal fencing, so you have plenty of options when you decide to add fencing to a property. Read More

20 Plants That Grow Without Watering (or almost)

Dromedary plants that hardly fear drought!

Global warming is forcing, varieties of plants that require little water are now the most beautiful allies of sunny gardens. To save water and keep beautiful beds in the event of restrictions, we rely on camel varieties that grow without watering, or almost!

1. Jerusalem sage

Phlomis Grandiflora, or Jerusalem sage, is an aromatic plant from the Turkish mountains. It is used in sunny climates and easily supports dry soils. Even better? With its large yellow flowers of almost 2 meters, it attracts butterflies and pollinating insects.

2. Lavender

The best known of the Mediterranean plants is also one of the most enduring in terms of drought. This is perfect since, as a bonus, lavender is beautiful, divinely fragrant, and nicely bluish. We save water, we beautify the garden and we earn enough to fill scented sachets, difficult to do better.

3. Allium

Ornamental garlic, or allium, blooms in pretty, ultra-graphic colorful balls from April to September, from white to purple, depending on the variety. No need to water it, or almost, it loves the sun and is satisfied with rainwater, even when there is little. His little extra thing? You just have to crumple the leaves to smell the garlic!

4. Oleander Read More