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How to Attract Birds to Your Yard: 7 Tips to Know

Do you enjoy birdwatching and identifying all kinds of species? Do you want to attract more birds to your yard?

Americans spend $4 billion on bird feed, making bird watching a popular activity. Birds provide an excellent source of nature, and many people want to study them closer. Still, to learn the most about birds, you need to know how to attract them to you.

But if you’re new to getting birds to come into your yard, you might wonder how to do it. Fortunately, there’s some great advice to follow.

We’ve compiled the 7 best tips on how to attract birds to your yard. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Craft a Bird Feeding Station

If you want to make sure you get birds in your yard, create a feeding station.

Many people put at least one bird feeder in their yard. This gets them quite a few birds in their yard. Still, if you want to truly know how to attract birds to your yard, you should consider making a bird feeding station.

These stations should consist of several different bird feeders. They allow more birds to eat at your feeder, maximizing your ability to attract many winged friends.

You should also consider getting a suet bird feeder. These feeders haven’t been designed for seed. Rather, they use suet to attract birds. Suet consists of high-calorie nutrition that keeps birds healthy and strong. You can even make your own bird suet at home!

Many people put their feeding stations in their gardens or in the shrubbery next to their homes.

2. Use Bright Colors

Did you know that birds love bright colors?

Birds comprise one of the few animals that see in color. They use it to identify quite a few key aspects, ranging from hiding spots from predators and finding mates.

So, if you want birds to come to your yard, decorate it with bright colors. Should you choose to create a bird feeding station, you may want to make sure the area gets filled with color. You can accomplish this by getting different colored bird feeders, planting vibrant flowers, and including colorful decorations.

3. Get a Wide Variety of Bird Feed

When people start making their bird stations, they often make the mistake of getting just one type of feed. If you want to run your outdoor station on a budget, this approach serves you well.

Others find it helpful to purchase multiple types of bird feed. Different birds eat different foods. So, you will get a wider variety if you put out different types of feed. If you want to attract a certain kind of bird, research what they eat. Then, buy bird feed that gives them that.

4. Refrain from Getting Poor-Quality Feed

Many people get cheaper bird feed when they first start learning how to attract birds to a feeder. This constitutes a mistake.

Cheaper bird feed often means it contains lower-quality nutrients. This doesn’t benefit you or the birds. First, it hurts the birds by not providing them with the nutrition they need. Second, only buying the low-quality feed might not get you the variety you need to attract multiple types of birds.

So, make sure you research which types of seeds the birds you want to attract need to eat. In particular, you should focus on getting black oil sunflower seeds.

5. Install a Birdhouse

Many birds lookout for safe places to stay and rest.

To encourage them to stay around, many people place birdhouses in their yards. These houses come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. As a result, you don’t have to worry about not finding one that suits your vision for your yard.

If you don’t find a birdhouse that suits your tastes, consider making one!

Birdhouses should include a small entrance and a hollow interior. Many often include small places to perch on the exterior.

Birds who enter birdhouses often differ from the types of birds that eat at feeders. These birds prefer fruit to seed, and they love to rest in cavities. As such, getting a birdhouse allows you to see more species while giving them a comfortable space.

Still, the type of birdhouse you get might determine the birds you attract. Smaller birds require tinier spaces. Yet, you can also get houses for larger ones, such as owls.

6. Encourage Nesting

Even if birds don’t prefer a birdhouse, they still need a safe place to lay their eggs and raise their young. This gives you a unique opportunity to provide them with a safe haven and watch as they return to raise their families.

But how do you encourage them to build a nest in your yard? Put little bits of brush and other nest-friendly materials in your suet feeder. If you don’t have a suet feeder, leave it in an accessible area. The birds can take these materials and start building their nests in your yard.

7. Get a Birdbath

Birds appreciate a consistent supply of clean water for drinking and bathing. You can provide them with this by giving them a birdbath.

It may surprise you to know that researchers don’t know why birds prefer to bathe. Still, people who place birdbaths in their yards often have entire groups flocking to them.

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Want to Go Beyond How to Attract Birds to Your Yard?

Now that you know how to attract birds to your yard, you’re ready to start making your home more of a place you want to live in. Birds help you do this by making your yard a more interesting and diverse place.

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