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Is Lawn Care Really Necessary?

There are millions of homeowners out there who take their lawns very seriously. They cut, groom, water, spray for weeds, and work hard to protect their grass in the fall and winter months. They love the way their lawns look, and they take great pride in the fact that their grass is green, well manicured, and that their lawns look aesthetically pleasing. There are tons of these people. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, some people couldn’t really care less about their lawns. They don’t spend any time outside, and they don’t care if they have a yard full of weeks, tall grass, or a mud pit out there. They don’t have pets or children, so they’re not worried about having mud tracked in. There are also a lot of these people.

So, which one is right? Does lawn care really matter? For some people taking care of their lawn is tedious and boring, and they simply do not want to do it. They cannot even be bothered to hire the pros, like at Yard Dawgs Lawn Care. Though most of these people end up paying a price in one way or another, as we’ll discuss below in these various reasons why taking care of your lawn does matter and is a necessary thing.

Reasons Why Caring For Your Lawn is Necessary

HOA Regulations

Many people live in communities that have strict HOA regulations. HOA stands for Homeowners’ Association, and it’s basically a group of people who own properties in the neighborhood who set different standards about what color your home can be painted, what type of fencing you can have, and how tall your grass can be. Even if you don’t personally care about your lawn, it may be against the HOA regulations where you live, and you could end up owing serious fines and even facing eviction.

Province and Township Code

HOAs aren’t the only sorts of regulations with which you have to contend. Different towns in different provinces are going to have different regulations and ordinances. Many of these include things like not being allowed to have junk cars in your yard, or not being able to grow certain types of trees or shrubs near public roads. Though some of them do still include issues with your lawn, like not allowing your grass to exceed X height, or not having a lawn that’s full of dead grass. The general idea is to protect property values, but also to increase safety, as we’ll touch on below.

Safety Reasons

There are quite a few reasons that towns and HOAs want people to keep their grass short, and it’s not always to do with property values. Different sorts of bugs like ticks thrive in tall grass, and they can spread diseases and other viruses. Snakes also just love hiding out in the tall grass, along with mice and rats. When the grass gets too tall, it’s creating a whole wild, natural ecosystem there, and it’s not that friendly to people, especially kids who play. And the issue here is that one person’s tall grass can send those critters out to a neighbor’s even if they care for their lawn.

Regular Care is Just Easier

Another reason that caring for the lawn is so important is that it can be difficult if it’s not cared for regularly. If the grass is really tall and really thick, it can be a nightmare to cut through. You might be out there a long time, having to pass over and over it with a mower. The weeds proliferate like wildfire, and it will eat up your grass. The issue here is that once the weeds are gone and die out, there’s no more grass left there. So if you care about your lawn at all, then regular maintenance is very important for your lawn. If you need to hire the professionals to come in and assist you with this, it’s pretty affordable and they do a great job at caring for lawns.

Bottom line: Caring for your lawn is crucial and necessary. Whether it’s mandated or just for your own safety, you should always put some time and thought into caring for your lawn, or hire the pros to handle it for you.