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5 Great Landscaping Tips for Your Garden

A beautiful yard might make your neighbors jealous, but did you know it can also add value to your home? Gorgeous landscaping can increase a home’s value by around 10-15%, so it’s worth the time and effort!

However, do you know how to landscape your yard and keep it looking amazing, season after season? Luckily, a landscaped garden is easier than you might think!

To learn more, keep reading to find five landscaping tips to keep your home looking green, lush, and inviting.

1. Keep It Simple

If you’re new to landscaping, don’t overthink things! A simple design is often best—not only is it easier to create and plant, but it’s also easier to maintain.

You don’t need to build an intricate English garden, for example. Instead, a tidy, neat lawn, with manicured flower beds, might be all you need to transform your yard.

When designing your garden, think about how much time you’ll want to spend on lawn upkeep, keeping in mind that many plants, like roses and hedgerows, are labor-intensive and will need plenty of time and pruning to look their best. 

2. Consider Your Climate

One of our top tips for landscaping your garden is to plant flowers, trees, and shrubs that are designed for your climate. Look for hardy, resilient plants that can withstand heat and humidity, if you live in a hot climate, or frost-proof plants for colder climates.

This will give your new plants the best chance of thriving and growing in their new environment.

3. Keep Your Garden Hydrated

To keep your garden looking its best, you need to think about hydration! Whether you install an irrigation system or pull out the hose each week, your plants and grass will need enough water to stay healthy and hydrated.

However, if you live in a very dry climate, abide by any drought regulations when it comes to wearing your lawn.

4. Set Aside Some Time Each Week for Gardening

Here’s a secret—gardening doesn’t need to take up too much of your time! You don’t need to devote each weekend to toiling away in your yard, as an hour or two each week should be enough for mowing, weeding, or watering.

If you set aside an hour each week, for example, your garden will look amazing with minimal effort.

5. Create a Focal Point

When it comes to landscape design, a great tip is to design your garden around a focal point. This could be a water fountain, garden shed, or patio—anything that will add interest and variety to your yard.

Design a Beautiful Garden With These Landscaping Tips

Ready to transform your yard? With these landscaping tips, you can not only design a gorgeous garden, but also keep it looking beautiful over time.

To get started, think about how you’d like your yard to look, then do some DIY or hire a landscaping company to bring your vision to life. You’re sure to love your spectacular new yard!

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