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Las Vegas Living: 5 Incredible Benefits of Buying a Home in Vegas

It’s a joke on its last legs that Las Vegas is a destination but not a home. Thousands of new residents move in each month while millions visit for a few days. That ratio might continue to lend credibility to the old adage.

Regardless, for those who have chosen Las Vegas for living full-time, there are many benefits. The city functions like any other touristy location with the locals both benefiting from and gently ruing the visitors.

For concert lovers, entertainment lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts there is no end to the appeal. Living nearby makes it easy to pick and chose what to participate in. 

If you’re looking to make a move and purchase a home, prepare to put Las Vegas on the top of your list. 

Why Choose Las Vegas Living?

Picking a permanent residence isn’t exactly a dart-throw kind of decision. You need to consider what is important now and what will be important in the future. 

For some this is advancement in career, for others, it is where to raise and foster children. For a few, it is all of the above.

1. Opportunity

The job market is strong in Las Vegas. Not just growing but steadily growing year after year.

This is partially owed to the generous tax rates that draw in businesses. In the past decade warehouses, delivery hubs, and consolidated call centers have all bolstered the market. 

The hospitality industry always needs new bodies to accommodate the ever-expanding number of resorts and hotels. Ditto for the construction industry building aforementioned structures.

To educate and house all of these citizens means an increase in schools, parks, and associated sundries. Whatever it is that you do or want to do, it exists in Las Vegas and there’s competition for more of it. 

2. Weather

While the summer temps can be a bit much with a month in the 100+ range (if not two months) the rest of the year benefits from a lack of freezing temperatures and snowy days. 

Winter, Spring, and Fall see hundreds of outdoor activities and venues offering recreation to all takers.

It’s not too far above sea level, making breathing easy for those whos struggle with some of the surrounding mountain towns. 

Finally, it’s a dry climate offering relief from the many ills that come with wetter climates. In particular, insect populations are kept down. Flying insects such as gnats and mosquitos are virtually unheard of, making that mid-autumn stroll that much more comfortable.

For those hot summer months, you’ll enjoy some of the lowest utility rates in the country to keep you snug indoors. 

3. Convenience

Do you ever wake up with a 3 am hankering for something and have to fight yourself back to sleep because there’s no way of meeting that craving? 

That isn’t a thing in Las Vegas. Whatever you want, it is open somewhere in the sprawl. 

More importantly, it is for sale in more than one location and an hour’s drive at most. 

Don’t want to leave the house? Delivery also runs 24/7 and can be at your door in that same hour. With hubs for major distributions in the area, you can also have packages delivered in hours instead of days. 

The next time you desperately want a new bird feeder from Amazon, you could have it in 2 hours. 

Neighborhoods in Vegas aren’t planted wherever, they follow grids and communities. This ensures that conveniences stay convenient and noise pollution keeps to a minimum. Despite existing in a desert, Las Vegas has some of the best water management and availability in the world. 

Planned communities mean self-contained areas that look and act like small towns nested with the larger structure. If the idea of big city living is too much, it’s easy to find a simpler, quieter life as well. 

4. Affordability

Living in Vegas eventually means buying a home in Vegas. It’s a good thing that housing prices are not only affordable but tiered. 

Space is not at a premium as the valley expands, meaning your cost per square foot is well under areas in California, Arizona, and even Utah.

Median family home prices start at $280,000 with smaller condos going for $175,000. The price of homes is contingent on location and size but less drastically than other places thanks to coordinated city planning.

Of course, if you want a bigger home or one right on top of a water feature, those are also available. As seen in this list of Las Vegas Homes By Leslie, the choices for home style, price, and location run the gamut.

5. Adventure

There are lists of lists of things to see and do in Vegas and the surrounding area. These range from the typical to the obscure and despite a certain lingering notion from the 70s, it’s a very family-oriented area

Adventure is one of the signature benefits of living in Vegas, from its inception. Anyone with any kind of interest will find an activity. 

The entertainment has moved from The Strip outward, with festivals, art exhibits, museums, and interactive parks. Weekly hiking and mountaineering groups meet in the nearby Mount Charleston. 

Water sports and boating exist at nearby Lake Mead or Lake Las Vegas.

And of course, the food. Tastes from around the world dot the valley in the forms of ritzy casino eats and hole-in-the-wall local favorites.

The area features Minor League Baseball, a brand new NFL stadium, a moto speedway, and an NHL team. That’s if you like professional sports. You’ll also encounter over 50 golf courses and pick-up leagues sponsored by local businesses. 

Wow Yourself

Each of these benefits to Las Vegas Living stands on its own but they also combine to make for a diverse and robust experience. 

Where you live becomes a part of your identity and few cities wear theirs with as much pride as Las Vegas (and without the smug of that New Yorker crowd). 

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