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The Ultimate Moving Check List – Who You Need to Call

Moving can be a stressful time. Not only do you have the physical stress of packing up all your belongings and shifting them from one location to another, but you also have the mental and emotional stress of leaving a place of comfort and getting acclimatized to another.

In this article, our goal is to take off some of that stress. That’s right — we’ve got together a pristine moving checklist that you will need to ensure that your new place is ready for you to start living in on the day you arrive.

Call Your Movers

The first people to call are your movers. There are lots of moving companies out there, nationwide and local, so be sure to take your time to research who is really good in your specific area.

But before your movers arrive, it can be helpful to have a majority of the things you need to take packed up and ready to go. 

From the kitchen, that includes appliances, silverware, dishware, food pantry items. From the bedroom, that includes linens, clothes, miscellaneous items you keep on your stand. The living room includes wall decorations, curtains/drapes, and other loose items that you have laying around.

Declutter as much as possible (check out these ways how) to make the move smooth.

Don’t worry about the big things like furniture — that is what your movers will take care of the day of.

Change Your Utilities

The next thing to consider is changing your utilities. All too often, someone will move into a new house only to discover that they haven’t changed their utility providers over, meaning that they are without water or power or such for a few days (or in the worst-case scenario, weeks!).

Be sure to change your utilities ahead of time. The big things to consider are water, power, gas (if any), and trash.

Legal Address Registrations

Last but certainly not least, you’ll need to change your address on legal registrations. The first one that will come to mind is the address on your driver’s license, but truth be told, there are a lot more that you need to change.

The next most important one is the address on your financial documentation. Correct the address on your bank accounts, your credit cards, and your investment portfolio accounts. 

Other places that you’ll need to update your address include your health card, vehicle registration, insurance, schools (if any), and, of course, your employer.

With modern systems, you should be able to easily update your address online in most places. But for specific government-related things (like your driver’s license), you may need to do it in person, which can consume a lot of processing time. So be sure to get ahead of it ASAP.

The Moving Check List You Need to Save

There you have it. Equipped with this moving checklist, you should now be far less stressed about your move since we have crystallized for you exactly what you need to do!

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