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Modern Minimalist Wedding Invitations you’ll Love

Is your wedding around the corner? Then you must be thinking about the wedding invitation. Many people think that a wedding invitation is not as important as the wedding arrangement. Undoubtedly, it is to be considered at the end, but to decide on a wedding invitation one has to think and ponder a lot. You cannot choose a random wedding invitation card. The reason for that is the type of guests you are expecting, and the type of wedding you are planning. 

Currently, choosing a wedding invitation and creating one is very easy. It was not like this before, all you need to do is search for the wedding invitations templates. These are easily available on the internet. 

In this article, we intend to share with you a few templates that are trending. You can choose some of these for your wedding. 

Pictures and collages 

If you and your fiance want everyone to have a look at you two as a couple; then it would be great to paste your pictures on the card. If you do not have some good pictures of you two together, then you can go to a studio, and get some great pictures. These can be some theme pictures. However, if you two are living away from each other, then you should try making some collage. These colleges would excite your family members and friends and they will plan for your wedding. It can help for those who have kept their engagement a secret, and now using their pictures as a couple can make people wonder. 

Destination and venue 

Destination weddings are a trend now. People do not want to attend a boring wedding, and the only way to attract the new generation to your wedding, we have the option for a destination wedding. So when you are inviting people to a destination wedding, then the ideal way would be inviting them through a card with the pictures of the destination. 

All you need to do is get a few pictures of the venue, and then paste them on the front page of the card. 

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Simple card 

As many people do not wish to confuse the guess, thus they prefer to have the simple cards. You can create simple modern minimalist wedding invitations with a reliable application. One should first search for some great applications, and then think of the design. While searching for such applications you should check if they have the tools to create a simple card. 

When we create a simple wedding invitation, we need to focus on the colours, shades, fonts, and the words we are mentioning on the card. As there will be no design on these cards, thus, the only attractive thing on such cards would be the font and the colours. 

Everything on one side 

We all need to mention some details on a wedding card. However, most of the wedding cards have these details at the centre. This style is a bit too old fashioned. If you wish to have a different wedding card, then you can try a different style. It will be the same font, adn the same colours; however, everything must be written on the right side. If you are writing in english, then putting everything on the right will give it a unique look. If it is a different language that is written from the right side then you can try putting everything on the opposite side. For such cards, you should choose a bold colour base, and a light colored font. Black or grey base colour, with off-white or yellow font will be a great idea. 

Circles and waves 

Those who do not like complicatedly designed cards can try the simple waves and circle design. This design would have two spaces. One with a large circle where you will mention all the details for the wedding. Outside the circle would be waves, these waves would give a unique look to the card. You can also try lines, as it will have a modern touch but in a very simple way. 

Mosaic designs 

Mosaic designs are great if you have a good sense for colours and shades. You can try making a bordered square, and paste the mosaic designs around it.