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How Macro or Celebrity Influencer Help You in Branding and Sales

Macro-influencers and celebrities are two prime categories of influencers with a massive followers base and can give you a vast social reach. With a single post, you can visualize the outcome, and that’s the reason why big brands look forward to collaborating with such influencers. Macro-influencers and celebrities are at the top level of influencers, which means they will cost you high. However, keeping budget aside, you will get a mass appeal working with such influencers. However, small businesses don’t know how to work with macro or celebrity influencers. We are here to give you crisp yet crucial knowledge about both these influencer categories.

Macro-influencers: Influencers that have followers between 50K to 1 M are known as macro-influencers. These influencers have a high conversion rate on Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok. 

Celebrity Influencers: All influencers who own more than 1M followers are categorized as celebrity influencers. 

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Take Maximum Benefit with Macro & Celebrity Influencers

Many businesses prefer working with macro-influencers and celebrities. The prime reason is getting a reach to a wide range of people. They can help you promote your product and represent a brand appeal, building trust via influencers. Most macro and celebrity influencers have a global presence that provides the same to your business. If you are a startup or small business, these two influencer categories are highly recommended to improve your brand’s visibility. 

You already know that with celebrity endorsement comes a huge sales count. Celebrity influencers often promote fashion, fitness, or other broad categories that drive sales and awareness.

Search for Right Influencer

If you already have any influencers in mind, it’s easy to proceed without surfing multiple celebs. You just need to analyze their social presence and how their posts are delivering. Numerous third-party tools can help you track influencers’ growth and evaluate their efforts. Multiple tools give you the option to filter influencers based on their follower’s count. 

Remember, if you are not familiar with influencer marketing, it’s better to invest enough time to shortlist a celebrity or macro-influencer. E,g, Maria Liberati is a celebrity chef, Gourmand World Award winning author, lifestyle personality and host of the Maria Liberati Show. So, she will require less research compared to other popular influencers.

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Choose Right Campaign for Influencers:

It’s time to plan your influencer marketing campaign. There are multiple campaigns that you can run with influencers. Below listed are the popular campaigns.

Product Launch: Big influencers can help you introduce your new product to the market and jumpstart its sales. Once your product is set to hit the market, celebrity influencers can help you boost the pre-orders. It’s important to learn how to use product in your marketing strategy.

Brand Ambassador: If you plan for online and offline promotion of your brand, it’s good to turn celebrities into your brand ambassador. You can then use their visibility and connections to enhance your reach and build a new user base to promote your products. You can further feature them in your ads, short films, and other rich content.

Negotiate Collab Pricing:

Undoubtedly, macro-influencers and celebrities will charge a high price for collaborations. This is where you must think and make a wise decision accordingly. It’s best to negotiate a price that fits both.