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Top 5 Bonsai Trees & Plants for your Home Décor

It has been researched that the presence of houseplants is a good sign of eliminating stress and negativity. It is the reason why most people are inclined towards the concept of home gardens by actively incorporating plants and trees as part of their home décor. A bonsai tree is a perfect inclusion to your house interior as it can add more color and glamour. In the past few years, it has been observed the demand for bonsais has increased, especially in the urban areas where people have realized the value of houseplants.   

Indoor bonsai plants are available in different varieties, which can be selected according to your home décor. Interestingly, there are bonsais suitable for indoor and outdoor locations, which can be bought from any nearby nursery or online plant dealer. To enhance the look of your house, you can check out the top 5 bonsai trees that are trending these days.


People do prefer Juniper as an exquisite choice for an indoor bonsai tree. Having a Juniper bonsai plant is useful for beginners as they can learn different care aspects of a bonsai together with their growth patterns. This variety of bonsai is low on maintenance and can be positioned in your hallway or garden. Try finding a sunny spot that receives proper shade in the plant’s afternoon time to grow without any hindrance. During the spring season, Juniper bonsai plants look extremely attractive.


Having an Olive bonsai in your living room or bedroom can prove to be a healthy choice. Not only are they attractive, but function as a natural purifier. Olive bonsais have a smooth trunk supported by a weak branch structure. This makes the bonsai plant appear too delicate yet exciting. For avid gardeners, growing an olive bonsai tree is not much of a task considering the plant receives indirect sunlight during the morning and evening hours.

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You can quickly transform the Boxwood plant into a gorgeous bonsai that can adapt to any size. The best part about Boxwood bonsai is its low maintenance attribute, which makes it a popular home décor option. Being an outdoor houseplant, you can conveniently position this bonsai in the balcony, garden, or porch. However, during the winter season, as the temperature dips, make sure you place the plant somewhere where the cold drafts do not play spoilsport.

Snow Rose Bonsai

Snow Rose Bonsai or Serissa Japonica is famously known for its small, eye-pleasing bunch of flowers that are quite vibrant during the spring season. The most impressive aspect of Snow Rose bonsai is its flowering phase that is active across all seasons. You can spot white or pinkish flowers, which are perfect for escalating the look of your home décor. Snow Rose bonsai is also called the “tree of a thousand stars,” thereby highlighting its radiance, which can easily uplift your living room or office’s appearance.

Chinese Elm Bonsai

Chinese Elm is a well-known bonsai species for home gardens. These dwarf trees easily maintain and exhibit rapid growth, especially during the spring and summer season. Chinese Elm does not get affected by overwatering, making it an excellent bonsai option for beginners. You can place a Chinese Elm both indoors or outdoors, depending on how you want to manage your house interior. It is important to remember that this bonsai requires repotting once every two years. As the plant grows in age, it changes color that is indeed a majestic aspect of the Chinese Elm bonsai.

The bonsai selection should be made based on certain factors such as sunlight, flowering, pruning, watering, etc. The bonsai trees mentioned above are ranked among the best houseplants you can have for augmenting the look of your house. You can pick gorgeous-looking indoor bonsai plants online.

In case you are looking for more stylish varieties, try searching for a popular online plant provider. You can gain access to a broad catalog of bonsais, which can prove appropriate as per your home décor plan. Ensure you check the authenticity of these online plant websites and select the ones that are confident with their return policy. Such actions are helpful in simplifying your search and saving you from fraudulent activities when it comes to buying attractive bonsai trees.