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15 Interesting Home Decor Ideas To Steal For Your Apartment.

Do you want to make some changes in your apartment or your rental home, and you are clueless about it? We totally understand redecorating our home can be quite a task, and can go totally against what you had assumed. Hence, we are here with 15 amazing ideas for various kinds of homes, choose what fits your expectations the best. You may also club two different ideas and innovate something unique.

So that nothing in your rental goes haywire and you also add your personal touch to the home.

Attention Grabbers

If you are looking for an idea to steal that grabs everyone’s attention, install statement pieces. For example, your house is painted with neutral colors, purchase a nice dark colored floor mat that takes away the visitor’s attention and add a whole new contrast to your otherwise boring home. Attention grabbers are mostly bold decisions, but if you are wise enough to get them right they can be the best.

Let Art Triumph

Are you an art lover? Either way, you can do something artistic with the plain walls. Get beautiful, contrasting photos fixed. If you have a rented home, you may look for something temporary that adds to the look of your posters. These days monochromatic posters are in trend. You can also get sketches of your family members made/printed and add memories to your home.

Quirky storage spaces

This is useful as well as a smart idea to change how your home looks. Search or innovate unique storage ideas that accommodate your storage and also fill up empty, boring spaces. You may also install storage spaces of different textures and create a beautiful ambience at your home. For example, you may work along with plastic and contrast it with wood, or DIY a shelf with cardboard and keep a glass underneath it. There are various quirky designs of the same available on the web.

Flooring and details.

Add contrasting rugs to your carpet. This will not only make your room look aesthetic, it will also add to the nicely cushioned floor at your home. This idea comes with an added advantage of being pocket friendly, so all the candies are yours. If a carpet is not installed, you may get one of a shade lighter/ darker to your wall color. This will give the classy look that your apartment needs.

Add to the shine

If you have recently changed your priorities and have developed a liking for shimmer and shine, you can work along with mirror decoration across its rim. You may also look forward to understanding the proper placement of the mirror. The rim of the mirror can be decorated with tiles, lights, ribbons, wood, etc according to what suits your pockets. You may also match the color of the rim with the wall opposite to the mirror.

Non permanent beauties

This is especially for the people who are living in rentals. We understand that the interiors of your rental might/might not look interesting to you. To add your own touch, and turn someone else’s house into your home. You may take help of plain cloths, candles, vases, showpieces, stickers, etc. All of these can also be monochromatic/thematic.

Dine with comfort

Gift yourself the dining table of your dreams. These days complete glass dining tables are in trend, however choose what fits best for contrast with other textures at your home. Placement of the dining table is another thought worthy thing to keep in mind. The place must be spacious and eye catching at the same time. To add more effect to the dining table you can always get beautiful paintings/artworks fixed on the walls around it.

Make indoors feel like outdoors

You may also use a few commodities, that are generally used for outdoor purposes to add uniqueness to the interiors of your home. For example, tree trunk stools, plastic tables, huge pots, etc. These kind of commodities shall also be pocket friendly and easy to shift. You can keep changing the placements and feel new, every time you do the same. This will not only make your home look a little different but also add the touch of outside for you to always feel pleasant inside your home

Turn the tables

Turn the tables, we do not mean, literally. Although it depends on you! You can always turn the tables by making weird places of your home, your most favorite ones. You can use curtains, or place chairs and make that place turn into a study, or a smaller version of drawing room. You can do all of this, where there are dead spaces, or storage rooms, etc. Place some beautiful showpieces or flower vases in the center. You can also use some beautiful light to make the ambience of the place much better.

Transformation through curtains

Curtains are one of the most integral parts of interior decor. There are various perks of fixation of curtains too. They can entirely change the look of your room, and there are a variety of curtains when it comes to their types, textures, designs and shades. It can give life to a supremely monotonous room, and add color to it. Find the perfect drapery for your room and Bingo! You can also change the way you got your curtains fixed, once in a while.

Space Management.

Along with all of the above we also need to learn to manage our storage space and its utilisation. The best way to go along with managing it is buy a multi purpose storage shelf. It is capable of accommodating both your dishes and books at the same time. It also takes lesser ground space, along with looking extremely amazing. This shelf could be in contrast with the floor or matching with your walls, depending on what you like better. Other storage spaces, that have smaller drawers accommodate various kinds of storage and look really nice at the same time. The little contrasting drawer handles are an absolute eye candy.


You may buy simple hampers and use them in different ways along with just keeping clothes in them. If it is small one you can use it like a vase, you can store toys. You can also make DIY hampers and make some interesting designs on the same. You can keep it to store umbrellas or some onions and potatoes. Depending on how you wish to utilise it.

Hidden Storage

We tend to have a lot of things that we possibly do not want the world to see. Things like toothbrushes, etc in the bathroom that don’t add to the glamour of your home can be kept in storage spaces behind the mirror. Or we can get hidden compartments built inside the wall to keep our jewellery and other small things. Different kinds of places that can accommodate your shoe collection is another surprising element that can be added to your home.

Light the Light

Along with curtains, another important parameter for amazing interiors is lighting. Great lighting can completely change the look of your room. It need not be hardwired fixing only, there are various kinds of lights available that can absolutely turn your room into an awe-worthy one. You can fix designer lamps or series lights along empty bottles or photo frames on the wall. You can also install lights on the rims of your furniture. Various other mind blowing experiments can be done when it comes to fixing of light,

Hoard but secretly

You can place your furniture in ways, that it leaves dead space between itself and the wall. You can turn that space into a very helpful one by storing stuff that you might not require on daily basis and looks very beautiful. You can also keep your stationery in places like these in beautiful boxes. If you DIY them, you can make them in ways you want it to look.

These were 15 ideas that we stole for you to steal for your apartment. We hope they will be useful to you in one way or the other. And you will be able to turn your humdrum home into I-want-to-stay-here-for-long kind of an apartment.