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15 Pocket Friendly Living Room Decor Ideas

We understand that building an entire house could be a little heavy on your pocket and you would want to spend a little on the decor or if you’re leaving at a rented place all you can do is make some changes in the same. Anything be your case, we are here with 15 pocket friendly living room decor ideas that you would want to incorporate in your own house.

We ensure that not only these ideas are cheap but also hassle-free. You may choose what fits your living room the best. You can also mix and match and amalgamate these ideas and add creativity to your living room decor


These days everything that you want in your house can be DIYed. All you need to do is research a little on the internet and start working on what can be done. This wont only make your house look attractive but also add the effect of a handmade item, different than a professionally made one. You can buy a random cart from the local market nearby and create some Art on it. You can paint, stick decorative elements and experiment with it in various ways.

Out of the Blue

You can always add a statement piece of furniture to add to the grandeur of your house. One statement piece can attract attention in a way that people start liking everything else in the house. You can always put up a variant centre table with colourful vase or a showpiece on it, or you can keep a different, unusual sofa that makes people roll their eyes around it. Are you brave enough to take the risk?

Paint it out

You can always buy a simple and plain coffee table from the market and paint it in a way that it looks fancy and attractive at the same time. Imagine yourself entering into a house that has a painted coffee table with beautiful designs on it. Would you also want your house to be one of them?

Add color

There are a lot of people who prefer entirely white houses and it is a great choice but then sometimes monochrome brings dullness. The easiest way to get rid of it is get a bookshelf made and store colorful books in a way that they make the entire wall look interesting. People shall enjoy visiting your library along with liking the contrast of multi colors with white.


Hang your curtain a little higher than otherwise to create an Illusion of your ceilings being taller. You can also change the design of your curtain every once in a while as and when you feel bored of them or you can just make little changes here and there and get rid of the ho-hum. There are little things like these that make your house look grand however curtains are a very crucial element when it comes to decor and hence they should be chosen wisely

Don’t be a hoarder

On a gloomy Sunday you might want to just sit and get rid of everything that is useless in the storage of your house in turn making it look less hotchpotch. Keeping It minimalistic is the key to great decor these days and sometimes getting rid of not needed stuff can make it look neat and attractive at the same time. But here’s a thing the living room should not also look empty. it should have just have the right amount of stuff that is needed.

Brighten it up

You can add this funky light instead of the conventional light that added brightness to your living room. Sometimes these little changes can make your living room look entirely different and attractive.  Ensure that you choose the right place for the right light to add to its beauty. You may either change the design of your light or the color effect or you can also think of a pattern of lights that create a different ambiance.


Art can be very useful when it comes to home decor especially living room decor because it is huge and you would want it to be remembered. You can always purchase wallpapers that are easily removable and you may want to change them every once in a while. Doing so it will not only make your house look attractive but also keep you away from getting bored of looking at one piece of art everyday. Apart from wallpapers and paintings you can always have a wall of cute frames that have pictures of your friends and family to make it look astonishingly beautiful and interesting. The frames can easily be DIYed or bought from the market, typically they are of the same colour as of the opposite wall to add to the contrast.


The idea lies in changing stuff that are minimalistic and attractive at the same time. You can always change the door handles, knobs and little stuff that helps you in making your work easier when it comes to management. Changing the colour of these little small things can make your furniture look entirely different.

Play with textiles

Another thing that you can very easily doing experiment with is textiles. You may change the color of your sofa or buy a rug that brings attention to the floor of the living room. You may choose cushion covers very artistically in a way that they go along with the other colors of the living room. You may also add the thematic touch to ensure alignment in the entire house

Mirror maze

If you are someone who really likes mirrors it is a great idea to get Mirrors fixed on the side walls. This will not only make your room look large but also add to the traditional effect of it. These days the rims of the mirrors are made of various textures like tiles, wood, etc. that go along with the walls of the home and in turn the beauty.

Keep it natural

Are you really fond of nature? You can always install various plants and beautiful flower vases in your living room. Even if they are small and they take less space they are the eye candy of the room. Along with the beauty, they smell really great. Hence, creating a very peaceful and aromatic ambiance.


Have you ever thought of different ways you can place your furniture in? Well you might love the way your placed furniture at present but if you are feeling that things need to be changed then the easiest thing to do is rearrange your furniture. This will not only give a new look to your living room but also make you explore the best possible way to arrange your furniture. You might end up finding more space and making management of furniture easier for you

Candle Light

Another beautiful way of changing your living room decor in a pocket friendly way is to add candles to your living room. You may keep it at places that are unusual and add to the beautiful natural light. These candles will brighten up your room along with making your room smell really nice. you might buy contrasting colors of candles with your decor or DIY your candles in a design that goes along with the theme of your home.

Magazine racks

If you are a voracious reader, you can always make more of your books and magazines by buying a beautiful rack that take up a little place near your sofa set in turn taking away the  emptiness otherwise. Magazine racks are available in various textures like glass and wood, you might want to choose what suits the interior of your living room the most. This shall also help you in  finding your favorite magazine as soon as possible along with the pleasure in glancing at them.

You may want to try all of these at your home or just some but these were the most easily available and doable living room decor ideas along with being completely pocket-friendly. We hope we made things very simple for you to understand and helped you in your research of making your home better than before.