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10 Cheap Home Decor Ideas You Should Follow Even If You Are Rich

Are you looking for giving your home a new Avatar, keeping in mind the budget constraints? Voila! You are at the right place in this virtual world. We are here with amazing home decor ideas, keeping in mind, a common man’s budget, in turn a try to make your living experience uncommon and worthwhile You can proudly keep your pockets full, and reorganize your heavenly abode at the the same time.

Reorganize your furniture

Analyse where and how the furniture is placed at your home, along with understanding the spaces the available. See, if you can work out with shifting some furniture in a way, that the look of your home completely transforms. You can experiment with sofa, TV unit, and your wall clock. See how things work, if you like it, change things accordingly in your bedroom.

Place vases or bowls of green plants

Search for empty spaces at your home, that will look highlighted and all lit to brighten up your home, once you place some beautiful vases or bowls of green plants on them. You may also replace old show pieces with these beauties to add to the beauty of decor. You can also place them in a way that they form a certain, noticeable pattern, as symmetry shall enhance the appeal.

Invest in Quality Lights

You can also invest in a variety of lights that shall add glow to your otherwise not so bright home. Thematic lights that are of the color which contrasts with your wall, and create a totally different ambience are highly recommended. These days those small golden glow lights are in trend, that make your home look completely hotel-like.

Use neutral hues on the main floor.

If you are a fan of classy, you might have an idea that neutral colors go really well with everything. They let the other bright colors in the room dominate, along with maintaining the contrast. So if you place a huge wooden pot, somewhere in one of the corners of the hall, its look will elevate if the color of the floor is neutral.

Light paint makes a room look larger.

We need to understand that the choice of colors play a pivotal part in the home decor. And not just that, the scientific understanding of colors add to the effect of how will the final product be! Getting your home painted with light colors makes your room look larger and grand. If you then place mirrors at right places, keeping in mind the focal point and the angle, it shall add to galore of beauty present in your room.

Add different sizes of framed art, photo, pottery, or posters.

If you do not want to invest in changing the mainstream things at your home, you can always install artistic stuff, could be thematic or not for a complete makeover of your beautiful home. Replace show cases with huge paintings on the walls, you may install some pots in the empty corners. If you have a little area on the wall, or a small wall that will look great if you add your family photos or other frames, please do so. You can also look forward to interesting posters that can also be inspiring.

Place curtains at the highest point of the wall.

You can also change the way your curtains are placed otherwise. To add to the grandeur of your palace you may place curtains at the highest point of the wall. If you have a limited budget set, you may also invest in new curtains, that go along with the walls in your room, in accordance to the ongoing trends. Research well with the kind of curtains you’d want to invest in and ready…set…go…!

Paint the ceiling lighter.

Another simple technique that might change how your home looks, is get the ceiling painted. But keep in mind that that the color that you choose is lighter than the color on your wall. This is because when you get your ceiling painted lighter than the color of your walls, it makes the room look higher, and in turn larger. Lighter colors also keep the room cooler, and make it look classier.

Hang string lights.

String lights are really cheap and affordable, however the kind of look they give to your home is incredible. If you have a wall with photo frames, or a nice empty bottle, you may string lights around it. They are totally harmless and totally worth it all. There are various other DIY things that you can create using string lights and other waste kept at your home.

Make a hanging shelf.

Hanging shelves are quite cheap along with having the power of adding a mind blowing effect to your home. And if you are also looking for some extra storage space, this is the option you must go for. You can decorate these shelves in various ways, colors, designs and patterns, according to what the interior of your house demands. Along with that you can place beautiful, appealing stuff that will enhance the beauty of it. You may also choose a contrasting texture of what you build your shelf with. So that it goes well with other textures nearby.

We hope that you got some ideas that will help in giving your home a totally new look, within your set budget and you are totally looking forward to executing whatever you think your (new) home should look like. There is no shortcut to heaven, but there are definitely some, to make things feel like heaven.