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Another Moving Consideration: Should You Hire Long-Distance Movers or DIY?

Moving is one of the more common experiences for Americans with more than 40 million people packing up for a new home each year. Some of them simply go to a different apartment or purchase a home in the same city. For others, though, it means a new city in another state.

Long distance moves take a lot of forethought. Once you make the decision, though, you must decide whether you’ll DIY the move or invest in long distance movers for the task. If you’re not sure which is the right choice for you, we’ll weigh the pros and cons for you here.

DIY Pros

One of the big items on the pro list is that you control the process. You pick the truck, the packing materials, and the schedule. You also maintain control over the loading process, which helps ensure that none of your fragile items gets broken through careless handling.

Another benefit is that a DIY move generally costs you less than hiring pro movers.

DIY Cons

The DIY approach isn’t a problem-free proposition. You must figure out every aspect of the planning and execution of the move. That can prove challenging if you’re also trying to manage a job transition.

Moving involves a lot of heavy lifting. It might sound doable when you’re three months out, but you might feel differently after loading the couch, entertainment center, and 50 boxes.

Long Distance Movers Pros

One of the major benefits of hiring pros is that you’ll find easy answers when you search for “long distance movers near me” online, such as this company. You can find the best long distance movers by asking around and looking for long distance mover reviews.

Moving pros will often handle boxing up your belongings, though you might choose to pack up fragile items or sensitive documents yourself. They take on all of that heavy lifting.

It’s also on the company to manage the logistics of getting your belongings to your new home. All of this typically means a less stressful move, which is a benefit in its own right.

Long Distance Movers Cons

Professional movers also come with some downsides. You must often work around their availability, which may not line up all that well with when you want to move.

Then there is the how much do long distance movers cost issue. The average cost runs around $4300, though pricing varies by location and provider.

Picking Between DIY and Long Distance Movers

Picking between a DIY approach and long distance movers can depend a lot on your situation.

If you’re a cash-strapped 20-something who can pack everything you own into a minivan, a DIY approach makes sense. It’s dramatically cheaper. Plus, you don’t own enough belongings to justify professional help.

If you’re a 30-something family of four with a 3-bedroom home, hiring movers makes sense. You likely own more stuff than you can reasonably pack and move on your own.

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