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5 Garage Flooring Ideas for New Homeowners

You’re building your first home and wondering what to do with the garage floor. Well, check out these garage flooring ideas.

Many homeowners with garages either neglect the space completely or do not use it to its full potential. When you make turn your garage into an area that you value, you can do so much with the area.

If you are thinking about redoing your garage, you should consider changing your garage flooring. Here are some garage flooring ideas depending on what you want to use your garage for.

1. Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is one of the best garage flooring materials because it is a cheaper option. If you use your garage for recreational activities that do not require heavy-duty tools or vehicles, then you should consider vinyl.

You can choose a classic tile or wood design for your vinyl flooring. It is easy to clean and relatively stain-resistant, so you know that it is a durable choice.

2. Epoxy

Another choice that is in a reasonable price range is epoxy paint. You can either do multiple coats of epoxy paint on your garage floor or use it as a sealant for other materials like concrete.

You should not get epoxy flooring if you live in an area prone to excess moisture. The installation process is more labor-intensive as well. However, the durability can be worth it if epoxy suits your needs.

3. Concrete

Most standard garage flooring options involve concrete, so you may already have concrete flooring when you move into your home. Concrete is resistant to mold, so you will not have to worry about moldy floors with wet weather.

To make your concrete look more stylish or unique, you should consider using a concrete stain. You can also use a concrete sealer to help protect the original concrete flooring.

4. Carpet

Carpet is not a common option for garage flooring, but you should think about it if you do not use your garage for traditional activities. It is great for aesthetic appeal in a room.

For instance, if your garage is a spare bedroom area or a recreational area, then carpet is a sensible flooring choice. However, if you park your car in the garage or use it for construction projects, then try a more durable material.

5. Lock-Together Tiles

If you use your garage to work on vehicles, then you may need an option made of plastic that can withstand pressure. Lock-together tiles are easy to install and can withstand the weight of car parts.

In addition, lock-together tiles do not change shape when the temperatures increase or decrease. It may be easier to put these tiles over your original flooring, rather than rip it up and replace it completely with new material.

Find the Perfect Garage Flooring

You do not need to spend a lot of time looking for garage flooring that suits your needs. With these garage flooring ideas and many other options, you should be able to get your dream garage together in no time.

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