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7 Garage Door Repair Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A garage door should last you at least ten years, if not much longer than that. Because of that lifespan, it’s not a job that many people have done more than a couple of times.

That can be a problem when they don’t take their time and garage door repair errors to occur. Not only will those errors cost you a lot of money in the long run as you’ll have to replace the door and parts, but it’s also a high-safety risk as well. Garage door installation is something that should be taken very seriously from the start. 

If this is a project that’s on your radar for the future, check out these seven errors commonly made that you should try to avoid. 

1. Taking On Too Much

The first, and most common, error people make when fixing garage doors is taking on more than they can handle. This isn’t a simple job that can be done by anyone who has watched or read a few tutorials. Too many homeowners don’t look closely enough at what will be required and bite off more than they can chew. 

There is a lot of technical skill that will be needed to get hits job done, if you don’t have those it’s better to hire a professional than to attempt. An unsuccessful attempt would lead to either major damage or injury, both things you want to actively avoid!

2. Improper Tools

Once you’ve done enough research and feel confident you can handle the job from beginning to end, the next step is to gather your tools. 

A lot of do-it-yourself projects don’t turn out correctly because homeowners try to cut corners and save a few dollars by using the tools they already have. Instead, you should take the time to find the right tools to make the job go much easier and faster. 

The most important thing to obtain is a powerful screwdriver or impact gun, these will allow you to tighten the parts as much as necessary. A good ladder and clamps will also make the job much easier. 

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3. Missing Parts

With the right tools, you have half of what you need to handle replacing garage doors. The next place many people get into trouble when completing this project is to start before getting all of the necessary parts. 

Because of the way garage doors work, once you get started on repairs or replacement it’s hard to quit in the middle of the job. That’s why visiting a place like is your best bet for getting everything you need before you begin. Things like springs, screws, and door parts will all be available to you in a one-stop-shop!

Any project should begin with a thorough double-check of your plan and each part to avoid any problems. 

4. Not Factoring in Strength

As you’re picking up tools and parts, don’t forget to keep in mind the strength of the springs and the weight of the garage doors. Those things are the main aspect that makes this type of project different from others. 

When you don’t remember to factor in the strength you’re going to run into several problems as you move through the project. 

Make a plan for how you’re going to stabilize the door, especially if you need to work on it while it’s up. The more research you can do and the more solid your plan is, the more successful you’ll be in fixing garage doors. 

5. Unreliable Power Source

There are several different types of garage doors you can choose to add to your home, the most common being one with a power supply that will automatically open. These make entry into the space easy, which is why they are preferred over others. 

But these doors require you to consider their power supply when repairing any garage door damage. 

Some people forget to disconnect the power source, which means there’s excess electricity and that can be dangerous for anyone working near it. There’s also the task of getting enough power to the door for it to be able to function. The power supply is something that’s often overlooking the planning, so pay close attention!

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6. Ignoring Safety Threats

It’s been mentioned before but it’s the most common error (and the most problematic) people make, so it’s worth going over again, this project isn’t easy and has many dangerous aspects. 

The worst error you can make is to avoid taking all safety precautions, which is a common practice for DIYers. This isn’t the project to take your chances on, especially if you’re dealing with the springs. Make sure you have more than one person helping, wear all of your safety gear, and move slowly. 

If you can locate and pay attention to the safety threats posed by fixing a garage door, you’ll be able to complete the project with no problems. 

7. Missing Maintenance

The biggest error people make when getting work done on their garage doors (either by themselves or a professional) is to ignore the maintenance that needs to follow. 

There’s no point in fixing the damage, replacing an old door, or repairing broken parts if you’re just going to let the door slip back into disrepair. Every garage door should be inspected and least annually to make sure everything is working properly. From there you can listen and watch for problems and take care of them as they come up. 

This is the best way to keep your door for as long as possible! 

Prevent These Garage Door Repair Errors

Working garage doors can make a whole house more comfortable and functional. It can literally change the entire way you live in your home and the tasks you’re able to perform. 

That’s why avoiding these garage door repair errors is so important to the success of the job. When you can do that, you’ll get to enjoy your garage door, all the extra storage, and easy access to your home for many years to come! It’ll make a huge difference in your daily routines. 

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