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How, When, and Where to Hang a Birdhouse

Did you know that installing a birdhouse can help rid your yard of pests? It’s true! Birdhouses attract predatory birds like swallows who feast on mosquitos and other pests.

If you suffer from pest problems then consider installing a birdhouse in your outdoor space.

Hanging a new birdhouse doesn’t have to be complicated. Read our guide on how, when, and where to hang your new birdhouse.

Thinking About Getting a New Birdhouse?

Summer is finally here! Kick off the season with a new addition to your outdoor area. A birdhouse is an inviting way to add to the biodiversity of your front or backyard. 

Like any home, birdhouses range in size, design layout, and style. There are a plethora of avian habitats available on the market. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for a birdhouse design:

  • The amount of space available for your birdhouse
  • The type of aesthetic you’d like your birdhouse to have
  • The type of birds you are trying to attract

Keeping these 3 things in mind will help you dream up the perfect birdhouse design for your outdoor space.

Custom Birdhouses Vs. Birdhouse Kits

Now that you know what to consider, it’s time for you to make choices about how to obtain your new birdhouse. How complex is your design? If you desire a simple birdhouse then this could be a do-it-yourself project. 

However, getting a custom birdhouse does not mean that you have to make it yourself. It is possible to custom design birdhouses and have them built to your specifications as well.

If both the design and construction process is too much to handle then there is always the birdhouse kit option! This is an especially great idea for families looking to add wildlife to their outdoor areas. 

It is even possible to purchase wooden birdhouses without paint or finishings. This way you can enjoy painting the birdhouse yourself. You can always buy a premade birdhouse that is ready to hang when it arrives.

How to Hang a Birdhouse

Remember, this structure will become a bird’s home so it’s very important that the birdhouse is well-supported. Your birdhouse must be made out of sturdy materials that will not disturb the birds while they use the structure.

Ensure that all of the birdhouse pieces fit together and are well fastened to their line of support.

For example, if your birdhouse is hanging on a tree then make sure the rope or chain is thick enough to keep the birdhouse stable while being used. 

If your birdhouse is wall-mounted then make sure that the hook is strong enough for the weight of the birdhouse and the birds who will live there.

Choosing the Best Birdhouse Plan

Birdhouses can vary in size due to decoration details or the species of bird they are designed to attract. Birdhouse plans can include rooms for multiple bird families, bird feeding stations, and perch.

The birds will appreciate any home where they comfortably rest. Your aesthetic options are endless. Birdhouse designs can be made out of wood, clay, glass, and many other materials. 

Some birdhouse designs even try to mimic natural birdhouse shapes. Organic birdhouse designs make your yard feel like an avian sanctuary. You can browse a variety of organic birdhouse shapes at

When to Hang a Birdhouse

When hanging up your birdhouse it’s important to create a sense of calm around the environment where the birdhouse will be located.

Try to hang your birdhouse in a quiet place and do your best to do so in a calm way. The tranquility around the birdhouse installation will help birds know that they are in a safe place where they can raise a family.

It’s a good idea to hang your birdhouse around midday. The noise of your birdhouse installation will be watered down by the normal noises of a midday afternoon.

The Best Season to Hang a Birdhouse

Hanging a birdhouse is a great idea any time of year. However, if you attracting birds for a specific reason then there are some essential timeframes to keep in mind.

If you are hoping for a mating pair of birds to call your birdhouse home then consider hanging your birdhouse during the Fall or Winter. 

Mating bird pairs typically begin to pair in the Springtime. Hanging your birdhouse early gives lovebirds a fair chance at finding their new home.

If you are hoping to give birds a good home for the harsh winter then hang your birdhouse in the late Summer and Fall. Hanging your birdhouse up at this time helps young birds find their first home.

Springtime will be a busy season for your yard with the installation of a new birdhouse. Make sure that you install your birdhouse a season or two ahead of schedule so that your birdhouse has plenty of time to become familiar territory.

Where to Hang a Birdhouse

A Birdhouse is a great structure to place anywhere birds have access to. Calm, slightly hidden areas are a great choice if you are trying to attract young bird families.

There are many resources that can help you design a bird habitat that is tailored to a specific species of bird.

For example, some species of birds prefer darker or damper areas than other birds. Research about your desired species of bird and select a design that is complementary to the bird’s needs.

Check Your Birdhouse Resources

Now you know how, when, and where to hang a birdhouse. You are ready to find your dream birdhouse to enjoy this Summer. 

Check our blog regularly for the latest avian updates on how to make your yard a bird sanctuary every season.