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15 Innovative and Jaw Dropping Window Decor Ideas

Have you ended up confusing yourself when it came to choosing the right kind of window decor for your beautifully made home? There are a variety of Window Decor ideas, that might have come across you, eventually landing you in more confusion. We are here with a few window decor ideas, that will help you in clearly understanding the difference between something that shall suit your home and the rest.

(1) Treat multiple windows as one by framing them with drapes

If you wish to add more classiness and simplicity to your wonderfully made, multiple-windowed room, then this is one of the most common techniques that is used for window decor. One single cloth of curtain is used to frame the entire set of windows, creating a decent, world-class look. This shall also make your living easier, as you will have only one huge curtain to take care of, for all your windows.

(2) Hang sheer curtains from a rod for a delicate and soft effect

Hanging curtains from a rod that may/may not be contrasting with your curtains are one of the trendiest ways of decorating your windows. It gives a proper delusional effect to anyone who visits your room, in turn creating a lasting impression.

(3) Try valance

Valance adds to the design of your curtain. They are available in a variety of design and color. They are a little piece of cloth other than your curtains which are fixed in various ways on the curtains to add to the authenticity of your room.

(4) Try window scarf for elegant draping

A window scarf is a translucent piece of cloth, that is draped around the window to give it a better look and design. It can be draped in various ways. However, it doesn’t completely do the work of the curtains. Curtains entirely block the light from coming in, whereas the scarf is made of thin cloth, to increase the elegance of your room. These can be in contrast with your wall color and used as an alternative to curtains.

(5) Use Roman shades

Roman shades work as curtains but are designed in a different way. They are shades that are fixed above the window, and we need to sort of pull it down in order to cover the windows. They come in various sizes, colors, and design. They look magnificent when fixed at formal places or classic homes.

(6) Paint Your Window Trim

Window trims sometimes look really simple and do not add charm to the window decor as needed. However, painting them is one of the easiest techniques to make the windows look perfect. Not only it adds to the beauty, this also ensures safety as painting the window trims avoids rusting of the metal. Generally, the window trims are painted

(7) Try Whimsical Window Curtains

Whimsical window curtain is a designer cloth that is made in a certain pattern and adds to the interior of your home. For example, the entire curtain when seen, edge to edge has a certain pattern printed or handcrafted. These kind of curtains are best when your house has thematic interiors.

(8) Choose Ruffled Curtains

Ruffled curtains are a very different kind of curtains, whose cloth has frills. They are like a waterfall that is falling from above the window. These are an eye-candy to look at. Various kinds of cloth materials and textures are used to stitch these curtains, and a lot of effort is put into making it. These are more often prioritized for kids’ room or royal halls.

(9) Go Bold with Color Accents

If you are a person who falls in love with a variety of colors, this is what you should do. Understand deeply the contrast, brightness and various other elements of color and experiment with color accents. Because even if the design of your curtain is simplistic, the choice of proper color can live up to your expectations.

(10) Opt for soft neutrals Color

Neutrals colors are a done-done deal when it comes to interior designing. Colors like white, ivory, beige, taupe, black, etc are the most accepted colors with no risk. There is a very less possibility that these colors make your room, a disaster to live in. They mostly go along with all the colors and add to the royalty of the interior.

(11) Botanical Blinds

When various botanical designs, like various plants, flowers and nature related things are printed on blinds, they are known as botanical blinds. If your room doesn’t have a particular theme, and you are really interested in adding some touch of a thematic impression to it, then these are the sort of blinds you should opt for. They are both classy and fancy at the same time.

(12) Go Modern with Geometric Curtains & Drapes

These days geometric curtains and drapes are back in trends. From various beautiful bedsheet designs to curtain designs there are a variety of geometrical designs that add to the look of your home.

(13) The Rococo Style of 18th-Century France

Do you dream of having a royale home? What if you have something from the oldest of the cultures of France? Well, another window decor idea is the Rococo Style of the 18th century. Wherein the curtains are placed in a very royal pattern, in turn making it very authentic

(14) Shimmer Gold Grommet Curtain

Straight curtains that fall directly and are made up of a thick cloth, look very stylish and give an elegant look to your home decor. There are rings in the rim of the curtain through which the curtains are fixed inside the circular rods.

(15) Mix and Match Furniture Pieces

Curtains in accordance to your furniture is another brilliant idea that you must put in effect for your window decor. In contrast and combination with colors, patterns, and designs the curtains are designed that add to the appeal of your room.

We hope that these ideas help you in making your windows shine and look as beautiful as they can be.

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