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15 Mind Boggling Studio Living and Decor Ideas.

Have you been lately struggling to turn a little space into your studio? Studio decor is very crucial, as one needs to keep in mind his/her needs to work, as well as live. However, do not worry. We are here with 15 studio living and decor ideas that will help you in finalizing your studio decor.

After intense research and thorough knowledge of the interiors, we have come up with a complete pack of ideas in the areas that generally confuse people, or mostly questioned about. We hope you find conclusion to everything that was stopping you from getting your studio made.

Division of space.

The best way to come up segmented spaces is to use furniture to create division. Call it your kitchen area, your drawing room, or your work station. Since all of it has to be made in one single studio, the best way to keep everything in place is division of space. So that if you eat while you watch TV in your drawing room, you don’t spill your popcorn on the files kept nearby on your workstation and the best way to do is keep some furniture in between.

Bed placement.

If you are confused about how and where you should place your bed, then the best idea would be to place it against the wall. Not only this kind of arrangement shall make your studio look aesthetic but also save a lot of space. You can always keep things under your bed in support of the wall to utilise the placement in an efficient way.

Movable Dividers

Install movable dividers to restrict view from segment of your studio to another. So that once you are working peacefully, your bed is no more in your view for it to look appealing. Movable dividers are also very convenient because they can always be placed wherever and whenever required without much hassle.

Storage space planning

As studios have limited space for storage, the best way to organize stuff is to keep in mind vertical storage, so that along with everything being accommodated, the ground space that is used is minimal. Vertical drawers, single cupboards, stands, etc are the most multi-utility storage articles. But along with that we need to keep in mind, that we cannot have a lot of vertical storage items, because ultimately we need to focus on utilizing the ground space efficiently. Hence, the better drill is to install longer vertical storage items which can incorporate as much as needed.

Choice of furniture

Are you confused with the kind of furniture you should choose for your studio? Keep in mind, that the best option would be to choose furniture that has legs, because that shall help you in keeping stuff, that you wouldn’t need on a daily basis underneath. And not just, furniture that has legs, also ensure hygiene and proper cleanliness. If it possible for you to clean all the corners of your studio, it will help you in maintaining the best possible ambiance for you to work.


Always keep in mind to ensure that you enough space to walk in your studio. The lesser hotchpotch it is, the convenient it will be for you to maintain it. Clearing a pathway is very important when it comes to finalizing the interiors of your studio. Clumsy studios are not appealing and might not be the best place to live at. Proper utilization of space, and understanding its important is very crucial.

Pick your furniture carefully.

List out everything that you need to store in your studio, after which you got to figure out the amount of furniture you might need for the same. Understand the concept of minimalism very thoroughly. Keep in mind, cleaning, aligning, comfort, necessities and budget at the same time. Put in immense time to research about the kind of furniture that would be perfect for your little dream studio, and then invest in the same.


Responsibility does not only come with bigger homes. You need to ensure that your studio has only the essentials that one needs for living. Smaller spaces cannot accommodate it all. And if you are a hoarder, it is only going to go against you. Instead of collecting and storing stuff that you would not need on a daily basis, make your living easy and comfortable with keeping only the essentials. So that the space inside the studio is very productively utilized and managed.

Choice of commodities.

Another tip for creating an amazing studio for yourself is look for phrases like ‘All in one’ or “Multi-functional”. Hunt for stuff that solves more than one purpose for you. Be it a commodity for the kitchen, or something that might be useful to at your office space. Proper utilization of everything is what a studio requires and all these items completely help you be on the same lines.

Analyse spaces.

As said before, analyzing spaces is a prerequisite for any studio. Determine, the dead spaces, the spaces which do not help or cause inconvenience. They are just there. Organize other stuff in a way that these spaces can be utilized in one or the other, in order more space, and convenience. Ensure, there is almost 0 dead space for proper studio living.

Placing the mirrors.

Mirrors add a lot to the interiors, be it for any kind of a home. Skillful mirror placement is very essential for a studio. As mirrors make the spaces look larger. Choose a focal point and place your mirror at an angle that creates an illusion of depth. While this not only shall make it look like your studio is grand, but also add to the creativity of your work and thought that you have put in while decorating your studio.

Color schemes.

Creating a space which has an amazing color combination is one of the key things one must keep in mind while decorating his/her studio. As studios are smaller spaces, it is recommended to go for light or neutral color schemes, as that will add to the light in the room. Darker colors create darkness in smaller areas, and cause inconvenience to the resident. Light and neutral color not only solve the above the purpose but also add to the classiness of the studio decor.


In order to incorporate diversity, choose various textures. Textures add to the variety in the room, along with being a candy to the eye. For example, marble floors go really well with wooden furniture, or marble kitchen platform go really well with tiles on the floor. Try and make use of as many textures as possibles, by mixing and matching with various color combination that add to the contrast of the studio. Proper research is an essential part of the same, hence understand everything thoroughly before deciding things when it comes to textures.


Do not entertain a lot of decorations. Plain and simple is classy. This statement is universally true, however when it comes to studio decor, a lot of decor spoils the look of the studio. Enough space should be given to every commodity that is placed in the studio, for anybody to encapture and remember it. More the decor, less the value of the studio. The best way to make your studio beautiful, add creativity to the minimalistic decor that you choose for your studio.

Decorate with bold, dramatic art to make the apartment feel expansive.

Proper usage of art articles is one of the quirkiest things one can do, while decorating his/her studio. Eventually, art adds to who you are as person and your living. You can also decide for a theme of your studio, and choose bold art to enhance the same. Bold steps in the above mentioned point mostly make the studio look unbelievable and totally worth visiting.

We hope that all these 15 points help you sleep a little more calmly than yesterday night, however there shall be a lot more work and effort for you to put into the making of your little studio. But now that you are clear about everything that needs to be taken care of, your work shall definitely become easier and efficient.