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10 Most Innovative Wall Hanging Decor Ideas For Your Living Room

Are you looking for wall decor designs and ideas to refresh your living area? The empty walls of your living area do not look good and you can get the spark by styling the walls with modern centerpieces, and many more things. You can decorate your home walls according to your taste and personality and able to enhance the overall look of your home. So, you can fill the empty walls of your home with unique artwork, wall hanging decors, and many more things but make sure to choose the right things that are suitable to your lifestyle and the look of your home.

You should buy the decor piece that matches well with your room. So, you can make proper research and also able to take the help of the professionals to choose the right wall decor ideas for your living area. Your living room is one of the most important parts of your home and if you do not have much knowledge about how to decorate it then here are some interesting wall hanging décor ideas for your living area that can change the look of your space.

{ 1 } Try Wall Hanging Vertical Garden

Try Wall Hanging Vertical Garden
If your home does not have much space to build up a garden then you can try to have a wall hanging vertical garden. It will give a new and interesting look to your living space and also fill the ideal space of your living area effectively. You can color the wall with a bold color like blue that will make your vertical garden a center of attraction for everyone. It does not take much space in your home and fulfill your needs of having a garden. You can also decorate the space by placing a ladder and having some unique plant holders in your living area that give your natural vibes while chilling out with your buddies and keep your mind calm during reading your books.

{ 2 } Colorful Baskets on the Wall

Colorful Baskets on The Wall
Do you want to give a traditional yet classy look to your living space? If yes then you can choose to hang some colorful baskets on the wall. You can pick up different sizes and different designs of baskets and create a unique design by hanging them on the ideal wall of your living area. It can give an attractive look to your living area and you can easily add more value in your space.

{ 3 } Unique Metal Sheets for Décor

Unique Metal Sheets for Decor
People who want something unique and stylish for their living area wall then they can choose a unique metal sheet for décor. With the golden-colored metallic sheet, you can fill the ideal wall behind your bed and able to make your room look more stylish. You can also put some elegant and antique lamp holders on both sides of your bed that will give a stylish look to your room.

{ 4 } Hang a Fancy Wall Calendar

Hang a Fancy Wall Calendar
If you are not comfortable with the cluster of artwork on your living area walls but like to decorate it uniquely then you can hang a fancy wall calendar on the wall. You can choose an interesting and classy calendar for your living area wall that enhances the look and value of your home. You can color the walls with some light color like a peach that will embarrass the beauty and elegance of the calendar.

{ 5 } Use Hats as Wall Hanging Decor

Use Hats as Wall Hanging Decor
If you want to try something new that will show a cool and classy lifestyle then you can use the hats as the wall hanging decor. If you have a lot of hats in your home then you can collect them and able to use then as the hanging décor item for your living space. You can choose different cold and light colors hats to make the perfect decorative item and hang them above your bed that makes your living area look classy. You can also place some attractive cushions on the bed that adds more value to your space. It will look perfect on the white-colored wall that increases the beauty of the décor item. It is a perfect idea for you if you do not want to spend much money and look for ways to enhance the beauty of your living area.

{ 6 } Play With String Lights

Play With String Lights
The hanging string lights are also a perfect idea for you to enhance the look of your hall. If you have a big and spacious home then you can hang string lights on the wall that give a unique look to your space. You do not need to hang several clumsy things on the wall anymore. The string lights alone can give it a complete look. Plus, it is a truly innovative wall decor idea that can completely change the look of your home.

{ 7 } Style the Wall with Mirror

Style The Wall With Mirror
Apart from artwork and frames, you can also style the empty walls with mirrors. The bold and unique design of the mirrors can make your space look more classy and stylish. You can also put some antique pieces on the wooden shelf that add more beauty and value in your space. It can be a perfect idea for your dining hall that will surely grab the attention of every visitor in your home.

{ 8 } Hang Potted Wall Plants

Hang Potted Wall Plants
If you love plants and greenery then you can hang some potted wall plants on the empty walls. This wall decor can increase the beauty of your home. If you have empty walls in your home and you do not want to hang any artwork or mirror pieces then it is perfect for you to choose to hang these potted wall plants. You can hang different sizes and styles of pots and it will make your space look completely different. It can also fill your home with a natural vibe and attract the attention of your guests.

{ 9 } Metal Wall Art as Unique Decor

Metal Wall Art as Unique Decor
You can also try changing the metal wall art at the unique and different décor for your living room wall. Metallic wall art is something that can change the entire look of your living area. It can turn your ideal wall into a charming and attractive space where you can spend more time. You can put a sofa under the artwork that will make it the centerpiece of attraction. Don’t add any other wall décor with this metallic art so that it attracts people with its beauty and style.

{ 10 } Use Rugs or Tapestry Wall Hanging

Use Rugs or Tapestry Wall Hanging
If you want to give a traditional look to your living area and want to make it something unique and interesting, use rugs or tapestry wall hangings. If you have a small living area and the rug covers one whole wall, it gives a unique and different look to your space. You can consider some traditional ancient design rug that completes the look of your living area. You can decorate your living area with a pair of traditional design sofa and a round wooden table. It can give you a perfectly cozy space and allow you to enjoy some free time with your family and friends in the best effective manner.