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Easy Ways to Make Your House Summer-Ready

If you live in a country like Australia, summer is the biggest season of the year and the spring, summer and autumn months roll into each other making for one very long hot season. The heat of the summer sun is sometimes unbearable and can make the summer feel long and arduous, but it need not be that way. Your home can be a cool haven of rest and recovery and lovely late evenings enjoying the benefits of summertime. Here are some ways that you can make your house summer-ready. They are worth investing in as it will make a huge difference and you won’t regret it.


If you want to block out the hard sun, and have the coolness of the shade, install roller blinds Newcastle has several suppliers and installers available if you know where to look. This helps keep out the sun on the sunny side of your house and you can do this in the main heat of the day. It is also quick and easy and doesn’t require much time going around the house rolling them down. In wintertime, you will likely want the lovely winter sun to trickle in and will probably use it less. But that is the joy of roller blinds, you only make use of them when the need arises. You can still have your regular curtains up and the blinds remain largely out of the way and out of sight.

Screen doors

Screen doors are a lovely way of being able to keep the door open but still blocking out the sun. The breeze can move gently through your home and cool your place down, but the screen keeps out the dust, the flies and mosquitos and still serves as a bit of a security barrier. Install a screen door on your main entranceway, but also possibly one or two other doors that lead to the outside so that you can have all the doors open and a nice draft flowing through.

Veranda awnings

Veranda awnings
If you have a veranda, put up an awning of the slanted roof to stop the sun blasting into the living area of your house. You can keep the sun off the walls of the house by having a veranda roof and it also means you can enjoy sitting outside underneath it. Summer is the best time of year to sit outside and have a cup of tea or a beer on the veranda while you enjoy the heat ebbing away as the sun goes down over the horizon. It also serves as a great spot to have a barbeque with friends.

Extractor fans

If you place some small extractor fans in the house, it will suck the hot air out and move the cool air in. You can order or paint extractor fans to be the colour of your roof, so it doesn’t stand out so much and be an eyesore, making your house look like a factory. But essentially it is the same thing that factories use as it is way too expensive to run an air conditioner to keep the place cool.