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Top 5 Best Breathtaking Bathroom Flooring Ideas To Give Your Space A Makeover

Along with the kitchen, your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. In fact, most Americans spend an average of an hour a day in the bathroom.

So it makes sense that this little room should be near the top of your list when you decide to refurbish your home, right?

Get started by taking a look at these bathroom flooring ideas to inspire your new designs.

1. Classic White for Bathrooms

White tiles are one of the most enduring and appealing flooring ideas for bathrooms. Tile may not be the newest kid on the block when it comes to flooring, but it’s still a top choice.

White helps make any small space look bigger, which makes it ideal for bathrooms. This color also helps create a peaceful aura that turns your bathroom into a space of calm relaxation.

If you want a pop of color, you can add a pretty area rug to brighten things up.

Remember, area rugs set the tone for the whole room, so take time to select the perfect one. For the best effect, your rug should pick up other pops of color in the room.

2. Get Creative With Tiles

Get Creative With Tiles
White may be a classic choice, but there are many other types of tiles available. You can also add some flair to your bathroom floor designs with dark gray slate tiling for an elegant look.

Balck hexagon tiles create a gorgeous simplistic look, while high-gloss marble mosaic hexagon tile adds grand appeal.

3. Patterned Bathroom Flooring Ideas

If you do like the look of hexagon, you can create a floral pattern with small contrasting tiles.

Alternatively, go big to create a checkerboard effect, or add Moroccan basketweave tile designs. Bold colored geometric floors and vintage designs are some of the most popular bathroom floor ideas right now.

4. Use Terrazzo for a Luxury Feel

Terrazzo helps create a plush, spacious ambiance in your bathroom, especially when you cover your walls in it too.

The flecked pattern of this material adds just enough demure dazzle without making a small space feel cramped. Soften the hard surfaces and play up the plush appeal of terrazzo with wispy fabrics and white accents.

5. Vinyl Designs

Vinyl Bathroom Flooring
Vinyl is an easy bathroom flooring option that gives you plenty of choices when it comes to colors and patterns.

Peel and stick vinyl is certainly one of the most convenient bathroom floor ideas if you want results fast. All you need to do is clean your existing floor, and stick the new vinyl flooring over it.

Vinyl’s available in a huge range of designs and often imitates more expensive luxury types of flooring. If you tire of it, it’s easy to rip it up and replace it with something that better suits your current tastes.

Perfect Your Living Spaces

Now that you’re up to speed on the latest bathroom flooring ideas, what about the rest of your home? Are there other areas that can do with a shakeup?

Keep browsing through our website for more inspiring ideas for upgrading your home from top to bottom.