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8 Creative Privacy Screen Ideas For A Secluded Retreat In Your Garden

You and your family can enjoy long hours of sunshine during the summer or winter seasons. People living in the northern hemisphere and near the tropics enjoy the sunshine in winter. The summer months for these people are too hot and humid and unhealthy to sit outdoors. People living in the Mediterranean climate like to stay outdoors in the summer season to enjoy the sunshine. Residents of the UK and the USA stay outdoors in autumn, spring and summer. Meanwhile, residents of Australia and New Zealand enjoy their winters in the sunshine. You do not have to pack up and leave your home to enjoy hours of sunshine. A privacy screen allows you to enjoy an outdoor meal or drink with friends and family, or entertain guest without the prying eyes of the neighbors. Here are 8 creative privacy screen ideas for a secluded retreat in your garden.

{ 1 } Repurpose Old Window Shutters Or Doors

Repurpose Window Shutters Or Doors
Repurposing Old Shutters As Shutter Privacy Screen For Use In Backyard By New House New Home
You have some old window shutters or doors made of strips of wood. You can utilize these for creating a privacy screened partition in your garden. This would prevent your inquisitive neighbors to peep into your secluded retreat in your garden. From the space in the shutters or doors, you can hang three transparent bottles. These are used for holding water and fresh seasonal flowers or artificial silk flowers. At the base of the shutters or doors, you can place flower plants and shrubs. Adjacent to the partition, you can place a deck chair and other chairs for sitting comfortably.

{ 2 } Use Bamboo or Wood Pallet Screens

Use Bamboo or Wood Pallet Screens
First of all, thinly cut the bamboo or wood pallet. Vertically place either of these thinly cut bamboo or wood pallet. Ensure there is absolutely no space between any of the thin bamboo or wood pallet. Once completed, the constructed screen is ideal for privacy because no outsider can peep in. On your side of the screen, you can hang Orchid plants at regular intervals. Orchid plants do not need any watering for thriving. At the base of the screen, you can plant some evergreen shrubs or climbers. The exposed grounds you can cover with lose grey colored gravel and stones. You can also use matching cemented pots for plants on the grounds.

{ 3 } Install Faux Green Walls

Install Faux Green Walls
You can install green walls that are covered with artificial evergreen climbers and other plants. Some of the most popular artificial climbers include the English Ivy, Ivy or Money Plant. These plants do not require any watering or maintenance as essential for live plants. When the green walls look dusty, you can use water from a hose pipe to wash it. You can always install these user-friendly artificial green walls to enclose your private space. Just leave the top open for the sunshine to stream into your private enclosure. Enjoy sitting out for sunbathing and more with your family and friends.

{ 4 } Plant Vertical Gardens for Privacy Screen

Plant Vertical Gardens for Privacy Screen
Vertical Living Walls As Privacy Screens By Better Homes And Gardens
To create a privacy screen, you can plant vertical gardens that are the latest trend. First of all, you have to purchase a suitable frame. To this, you have to tightly attach plastic sheets with screws and staples. Also, to the same frame, you have to attach the fabric such as jute or felt. The ideal fabric always retains water without rotting roots of plants and shrubs. Fill the fabric containers with enough potting soil and either sow seeds or plant saplings. Depending on sunshine on the vertical garden, you can select plants growing in the shade or bright light. You can opt for indoor plants that purify the air as recommended by NASA. While the plants thrive, you have to guide them to grow vertically at all times. You need to water your vertical garden regularly so use the irrigation system with a timer.
Feed the plants occasionally to keep them looking healthy. Use the fertilizer injector that is compatible with the frame of your vertical garden. You can use two frames side-by-side for creating your privacy screen in your backyard.

{ 5 } Use Climbers And Vines For Cover

Use Climbers And Vines For Cover
If you want to grow climbers and vines for your privacy cover, you can also use a wooden frame with a see-through net. The top of this frame should be at the same height as the perpendicular wooden wall. At the base of this frame, you can plant climbers. You can make many choices from English Ivy or other Ivies, Money plants and others. You can plant several similar climbers next to each other. While those climbers grow, you have to train them to attach to the net. These climbers grow densely and create a natural green screen purifying the air.

{ 6 } Outdoor Curtains For Privacy

Outdoor Curtains For Privacy
In their backyard, some people are lucky to have a wooden built-in patio with a roof. The roof adds protection from the rain and hot sun. This allows people to make seating arrangements on the patio. On one side, you can place hanging baskets of decorative plants. On another side, you can grow flowering plants. You want to enjoy the plants and flowers. Right under the roof, you can hang iron rods covering two sides. These rods are similar to those you use for hanging shower curtains. You can always pull the white curtains made of lace or plastic whenever you desire. This curtain provides privacy to you, family and guests.

{ 7 } Tall Trees Like Bamboo For Cover

Tall Trees Like Bamboo For Cover
Tall Bamboo Trees In Large Planters Provide Cover For Garden By Bamboo Garden
In addition to the wooden fence, you can grow tall trees such as bamboo for cover. Fill large wooden boxes for holding thin Chinese bamboo trees. These trees grow vertically and very tall. Soon, you would have a natural cover that would also help purify the air.

{ 8 } Use Trellis or Wooden Lattice Walls

Use Trellis or Wooden Lattice Walls

If you have a small seating area in a corner of your garden which you use for entertainment, you would wish for it to be private and protected from the neighbors’ eyes. One way to create a privacy screen in the garden is to place trellis or wooden lattice walls in the seating area. You can grow climbers that have light violet and deep purple colored flowers. The decorated wall works as an elegant privacy cover.