People use specially designed vanity in bathrooms. They wish to extend storage spaces, easily clean, adapt user-friendly modification and more. However, more often than not, they have to compromise on the style, function, or storage when choosing a bathroom vanity design. Vanities with ample storage don’t fit in a small bathroom and small vanities don’t give enough storage or function. You should look for compact bathroom vanity designs that provide clever storage solutions to fulfill your needs. Here are the 15 different vanity designs that look beautiful and also increase storage.

{ 1 } Classic White Bathroom Vanity Design

Classic White Bathroom Vanity Design
Bathroom Vanity With Open Shelving By Ashley Whittaker | Photo By Studio 511
In the classic white bathroom, you can place an old fashioned white colored bathtub. Start from the ceiling to the level of the taps of the bathtub. Above the bathtub, you can add 5 rows of open shelves for storing folded bath-towels. Perpendicular to the bathtub and adjacent to the open shelves, you can design vanity storage. You can add a set of 4 white colored drawers. Adjacent to these, you can place a 2-door cabinet. You can use drawers and cabinets as extended storage. There is slight space under the vanity design for easy cleaning.

{ 2 } Simple Rustic Vanity With Open Shelf

Simple Rustic Vanity With Open Shelf
Rustic Drawer With Open Shelf Design By Cabinet Designers Inc
There is a black colored granite countertop supporting modern sink and taps for water supply. Under this, you can add rustic vanity design with wooden finish. There are two rows divided into two distinct parts. On top, there is a set of 3 drawers. While on the bottom there is a single rack for open space. The same design is repeated on the adjacent side. The drawers and the racks are ideal for extended storage. There is enough space under the designed vanity for maintaining easy cleaning.

{ 3 } Contemporary Vanity With Compact Storage

Contemporary Vanity With Compact Storage
Extra Storage Cabinets On Top Of Sink In Historical St. Paul Renovation By Fluidesign Studio | Photo By Seth Benn
There is a granite countertop holding the two sinks with taps for water supply. Above this, against the wall, you can add two contemporary cabinets with glass mirrored doors. In the middle of these cabinets, you can add three open shelves for storing or decorating your bathroom. Below the countertop, you can add a set of four shelves touching the floor. On either side of these drawers, you can add a 2-door cabinet along with a bottom drawer. Below these drawers, there should be enough space for easy cleaning.

{ 4 } Extra Storage For Contemporary Vanity

Extra Storage For Bathroom Vanity
Sleek Storage Solutions For Small Vanity By Sicora Design Build | Photo By Farm Kid Studios
Choosing a bathroom vanity is much like choosing the right dining table for your dining room decor. You have to think of all factors like space, style, design, storage, materials, etc. Under the white countertop supporting a sink and water supply, you can place contemporary storage vanity. This comprises of wooden cabinets and drawers. You can add sleek storage space providing you with expanded storage. However, you should ensure there is enough space underneath for easy cleaning.

{ 5 } Many Cabinets In White Vanity

Many Cabinets In White Vanity
Small Space Vanity Extra Storage In Pasadena Remodel By Barbara Schwarz | Photo By Amy Bartlam
You find you have a bathroom where there is a separate standing sink with water supply. You can use one of the walls to design several cabinets in white vanity. In the middle, you can place a mirror for dressing. Below the mirror, you can have 3 small drawers one next to the other. Under these, you can place your wooden stool for sitting or storing. On either side of the mirror, you can add drawers one on top of the other. Under these drawers, you can also add a 2-door cabinet. These drawers and cabinet provide enough storage space.

{ 6 } Gold Finishes For Grey Vanity

Gold Finishes For Grey Bathroom Vanity
Organized Vanity With Heavy Storage In Manhattan Beach, CA By LA Design Build
You use grey colored vanity filled with numerous drawers and cabinets for storage. The whole bathroom has a melancholy impact but, gold coloring can be used for highlighting. Add gold color to all the metal works. These include handles of all drawers and cabinets, the frame of the mirror, and taps of water supply.

{ 7 } Creative Vanity Design In Bathroom

Creative Vanity Design In Modern Bathroom
Innovative Vanity Storage Ideas By Fraley & Company | Photo By Blackstone Edge Studios
Your bathroom is small and has an isolated standing sink with a mirror above it. You want to save lots of storage space as you possibly can. Here is an idea of applying a special creative vanity design. Adjacent to the sink, you can place a wooden vanity box with open shelf spaces. Starting from the top, this box has four rows of opened shelf spaces. Below the level of these rows, you can place a long horizontal rack for hanging hand-towel. Below this level, leave the vanity box intact. However, use the other adjacent side to create three open shelf spaces for storing items.

{ 8 } Open Shelving In Rustic Bathroom

Open Shelving In Rustic Bathroom
Rustic Open Shelf Bathroom Vanity By Barrett Studio Architects | Photo By Michael Shopenn
You can use this rustic design even in your most modern bathroom with a white colored box sink and water supply. You can create several plies or wooden shelves with partitions. These can be created against one of the walls of the bathroom. Also, these can be made below the level of the countertop. You can use the open storage to keep folded towels and more.

{ 9 } Storage Bins And Wood Cabinets

Storage Bins And Wood Cabinets
Wood Cabinets And Rattan Baskets In Vanity In Schulle Remodel By Kevin Stewart Architect
Under the white countertop, you can add 1-door cabinets alternating with top-and-bottom rows. These are made of wood. The rows are used as open space shelves for storing woven baskets or storage bins. You can store folded towels and other necessary items in these storage bins. Additionally, the cabinets can be used as extended storage space.

{ 10 } Compact Vanity With Heavy Storage

Compact Vanity With Heavy Storage
Small Bathroom Vanity With Side Cupboards In Modern Bathroom By 309 Design
The compact vanity with heavy storage space comprises of countertop supporting two white sinks and water supply. Under the countertop, there are four drawers right at the center. On either side, there are 2-doored cabinets and a single drawer. The compact vanity stands on a frame with legs making a slight space under it for easy cleaning.

{ 11 } Grey Vanity Design With Extra Storage

Grey Vanity Design With Extra Storage
Smooth Fixtures And Smart Storage In Westlake Home By House Of L | Photo By Jason Miller, Pixelate Ltd.
There is a countertop supporting the sink with water supply. Under the countertop, there are three sets of 3-rowed drawers with special fixtures for storing. Against the wall, there are a different sized set of drawers adjacent to the counter. These have special fixtures for storing too.

{ 12 } Smart Storage For Bath Vanity

Smart Storage For Bathroom Vanity
Creative Cabinet Design In Small Space Bathroom By Keely Brewer Interior Design
The attractive countertop supports the sink with water supply. Above the countertop on the wall, there is a cabinet with a mirrored door. This cabinet has four rows of shelves for storing toiletries. Below the countertop, there is a main cabinet designed to use most of the available space for extended storage. On the adjacent side, there is a set of 4 drawers. There is slight space under the vanity design for easy cleaning.

{ 13 } Elegant Cabinetry In Bathroom

Elegant Cabinetry In Bathroom Vanity
Extra Cabinetry For Large Bathroom Vanity By Classic Kitchens And Baths | Photo By Solana James
When you have a spacious bathroom you can make it look elegant using special cabinets. Against the sober grey colored titled wall, you can place matching grey cabinets. The large one above the medium one both separated by two drawers side-by-side. Adjacent to these storage spaces, there is a countertop supporting a sink and water supply. Under the grey countertop, you can place a 2-doored cabinet in the middle. On either side, you can place a set of three drawers. All cabinets and drawers can be used as extended storage space. Underneath the vanity design below the countertop, there is enough space for easy cleaning.

{ 14 } Detailed Vanity With Storage

Detailed Bathroom Vanity With Storage
Double Sink And Extra Vanity Storage In Hampton Hall By Court Atkins Group
This grey colored vanity is against one of the walls of the bathroom. The top cabinet touches the ceiling. Below this, there are a couple of drawers that rest on the light grayish countertop. There is another set of 3 drawers under the countertop. On either side of these storage spaces, there are countertops supporting sinks with water supply. Under the countertop, there are 2-door cabinets for more expanded storage space. The design of this bathroom vanity offers enough cleaning space.

{ 15 } White Vanity With Gold Details

White Vanity With Gold Details
Simple Systematic Bathroom Vanity Design In Gig Harbor By Marianne Simon Design
This bathroom vanity designed in a monotonous white color looks elegant and chic. Gold coloring used on handles of cabinets and drawers and water taps add a highlight to the bathroom.