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How to Style a Bed in 5 Easy Steps

The average American spends about 36 years of their lives in bed. Making your bed a comfortable, stylish place you love is well worth the investment.

If you’re thinking about overhauling your bedroom, keep reading to learn the five steps you’ll want to follow to learn how to style a bed that you’ll never want to leave.

1. Pick a Theme and Color Scheme

Before you can start picking out bedspreads or throw pillows, you’ll want to think ahead about the theme and color scheme you’re dreaming of.

If you aren’t re-doing the rest of your bedroom, you may want to stick to a style that matches your other decor. But if your bedroom is pretty basic or you plan to repaint and redecorate, the sky is the limit.

A few popular styles that are trending right now are all-white bedding, muted stripes, and mix-and-match patterns.

2. Choose the Right Mattress

How great your bed looks won’t matter if it isn’t comfortable.

Getting a good night’s sleep does more than just energize us. It also supports brain function and physical health of our bodies overall. Without enough sleep, doing everyday tasks like driving suddenly becomes very dangerous.

Having the right mattress can go a long way towards helping you get enough restorative, restful slumber.

Take your time shopping for the perfect mattress for you.

3. Find the Perfect Top-Layer

With your mattress ready and a style in mind, it’s time to choose your top layer. This is the piece that will define the look of your bed, so finding one that you love is important.

There are tons of options to choose from. Duvets and duvet covers give your bed a plush look and are easy to change whenever you want.

Comforters also give your bedding some height but are tougher to wash. However, comforters will give you the greatest range of styles and colors.

Another option is a simple, classic quilt. Quilts are great for clean-cut looks and lend a rustic, homey feel to your room.

4. Add Coordinating Sheets

Once you’ve found the perfect top layer, shop for coordinating sheets. While it might seem like your sheets don’t matter because they’ll be under your top layer, folding back your comforter or duvet to reveal your coordinated sheets will help give your bed that magazine-look.

Unlike your comforter or duvet that won’t touch your skin and that you can fold off your bed while you sleep, your sheets are something you’ll have to sleep on. Invest in quality fabrics that will stay soft and comfortable wash after wash.

5. Finish With Throws and Pillows

It’s time to add the finishing touches to your bed!

Adding coordinating shams, Euro pillows, and throws to your bed will give it some definition and style. You can also add throw blankets or coverlets to the end of your bed or in between the sheets and comforter to mix in some more patterns and textures.

How to Style a Bed You’ll Love

Now that you know how to style a bed you’ll love in just a few simple steps, it’s time to give your sleep-space a remake!

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