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Home Renovations for the New Year

2020 was a year for the record books in many ways, even in how we live at home. Being inside for longer periods of time, even as part of our work days, has changed what many people want from their renovations, too. Below are some ideas for home renovations for the new year, according to the experts at solidsolutionsrenovations.com.

Before looking at specific changes for your home, consider what will make your living spaces as comfortable as possible and also what makes the most sense for your home’s resale value.

Home Office Renovations

The home office is one of the most used spaces of the past year. This intense daily use is expected to continue throughout much of 2021 for most people. Others will make a permanent transition into their home office as workplaces change how they do business. Pandemic quarantines of 2020 necessitated working from home and proved how efficient this arrangement can be for employers. As a result, you need to make your home workspace as efficient, empowering and comfortable as possible.

For some, home offices had to pop up in guest bedrooms or unused corners of living spaces. The ideal situation for renovations is to close off these spaces and make them function independently. This can involve breaking up one large room into two or adding sliding doors to an open floor plan. For many, there is a need to soundproof the home for multi-purpose use and to make clear separations between spaces.

Ways to renovate your home office space to make it work better for you include:

  • Exchanging hollow interior doors for solid ones to block out noise
  • Soundproofing office doors through weather stripping and addition of door sweeps at the bottom
  • Sealing gaps or holes around ducts and outlets to reduce sound from room-to-room
  • Covering wood or tile floors with rugs or carpeting
  • Adding more upholstered furniture for sound absorption
  • Hanging textiles on walls for sound absorption
  • Applying acoustic panels to walls

Kitchen Remodels

The hottest home renovations for 2021 also include updates and upgrades made to the kitchen. After the events of 2020, more people want to spend more time in their kitchens. This makes it important to enjoy this space, such as through efficiency and visual appeal. Consider upgrading your appliances, adding a functional kitchen island, expanding your workspaces and changing your cabinets. These changes will add value to your home when well designed and implemented.

Bathroom Remodels

Just like with kitchens, a bathroom remodel can add resell value to your home. You will also enjoy your home life more with a modern and stylish retreat for quiet solitude. Consider updating the surfaces, such as using quartz, marble or granite. Upgrade cabinets, faucets, tile and lighting, too. Make your shower a haven or even add a bidet, something many people wished for during the recent tissue shortages of 2020.

Storage and Organization

Not only do we want to use our homes more efficiently and enjoy greater comfort in them, most of us also want better organization. Consider clearing out your clutter and mess by investing in closet and pantry storage systems. Focus on organization for your linens, bathroom supplies, dry and canned goods, cleaning supplies and clothing. Through a quality home remodel, you can enjoy more intelligent use of your available space.

Green Upgrades

Spending more time at home sent many electric and water bills soaring. A home remodel in 2021 is a great time to make your home more environmentally friendly. Consider electrical upgrades, such as the addition of solar panels. Replace old appliances for more energy efficient ones with WiFi connectivity and other modern features. Add dimmer switches to your overhead lighting. Talk to your home remodeling company about other ways to make your home more sustainable.