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3 Things to Check Before Starting Home Renovations

Do you consider your upcoming home renovations highly stressful or even life disrupting? Many people do. But while your home remodeling project can cause multiple lifestyle changes at once, you can get through it without losing your mind. You simply need to know what to expect and also to apply some patience, flexibility and planning.

We talked to the renovation professionals of Ultimate Renovations for three things to check before your home renovation project begins. They even threw in some extra ideas, beyond these first three.

Inventory and Handle Your Belongings

Before the remodelers clock in and roll up their sleeves, you need to get your home ready for them. One key preparation is taking an audit of your property. But why is it important to inventory your home belongings before starting your renovations?

  • Insurance documentation: Precious assets are difficult to keep up with during renovation work. It is important to make a list of your valued belongings and their approximate worth. Take photos of these items for record-keeping, too.
  • Prepare for an easier clean-out: Get rid of unused junk or neglected belongings before the workmen arrive. Create four piles, including items to donate, sell, save or give away. If you do not plan on using something once the renovation is complete, get rid of it.
  • Find appropriate storage: You need to store your belongings during renovation of individual rooms or the whole house. Either shift items from the room being remodeled into a spare room, put them in your garage or basement, or consider renting a storage space. You can also have a storage container delivered to your driveway for use on a rental basis.
  • Decide what you need available to you: You will need to pack away many of your belongings as part of a typical renovation. But first decide what you will absolutely need during the remodel. Obviously, you do not need all of Grandma’s fine china during a kitchen or dining room renovation. But you do need a place setting of your everyday dishes for each member of the household. Make smart choices to keep things simple for everyone.

Develop an Appliance Plan

If you are going through a kitchen or laundry area renovation, you need to make plans for your out-of-service appliances and interim needs. Do you need to buy a mini-fridge in your bedroom for necessities? How about a chest freezer in the garage or another out-of-the-way area? A counter-sized convection oven or microwave can make a significant difference between having some prepared food or having to eat out for every meal.

To protect appliances you will reinstall in their original areas, put them in well-ventilated storage and cover them until it is time for hook-up. If you will not be using them, go ahead and sell or donate to get them out of everyone’s way.

Upgrade Your Security

You should be able to trust your home renovations company. But, particularly if you are working with a general contractor, you may have new faces in your home every single day during the remodeling work. You cannot possibly keep track of all of these individuals or their trustworthiness. There will even be times when you are away from home and new people are coming and going through your unsecured home.

For peace of mind, install a security system in your home. Start with a video doorbell, to catch images and receive alerts of everyone who is coming in and out the front door. You will also need to monitor renovation deliveries and having a video doorbell with intercom system can make that easier.

Buy an in-home safe, preferably one that is not easily seen and cannot be simply carried out of your home. Place important personal documents in the safe, as well as jewelry, cash or other valuables.

Install smart locks that you can easily reprogram to allow entry for specific people at specific times. When one contractor’s work is done, you can change the entry code for the next. This ties individuals to their entry into your home and instills a sense of accountability for whatever happens while they are there.

Other Quick Tips for Your Renovation

During your renovation, consider following these quick tips, too:

  • Join a gym for shower facilities when your home has no power or water
  • Make use of different entryways, such as through the garage or back door
  • Create a safe space for your pet’s security and peace
  • Roll up and store area rugs to keep them clean
  • Cover furniture with fitted bed sheets
  • Control dust by keeping interior doors closed during renovation