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12 Refreshing Home Office Designs You’ll Love To Work In

We live in a world everyone thrives for one’s space. Be it a space to live, relax or work, each space has got its importance and purpose. A place can be used for a particular purpose only if it has the vibe set to accomplish the purpose it is meant for. Mostly we try to achieve a particular mood of a room by designing its interiors. Nothing is much better than the cozy feel a home can give. But when it comes to the workspace it has to be properly organized for different functions. Often the office setup appears dull and monotonous, thus affecting our mood and decreasing productivity. To avoid this, we can combine our pleasant home environment with an office setup. This type of setting induces creativity and comfort and reduces stress. Here are some refreshing home office designs you’ll love to work in.

{ 1 } Contemporary Grey Home Office Design

Contemporary Grey Home Office Design
Simple And Well-Organized Home Office Design By Mercer Interior | Photo By Emily Gilbert
If in confusion of what color to choose for the home office interiors then go for the neutral color grey. Grey is mostly used in offices as it’s a standard color across the globe. Grey also has some variations and each of them has a different impact. The darker tones are more serious and incorporate captivity within a workspace. While lighter tints also give a sense of seriousness but it doesn’t seem imposing, it just lightly engages. Therefore most of the electronics have a corporate grey body.

{ 2 } Black And White Office Decor

Black And White Office Decor
Elegant And Sober Office Decor By Collaborative Interior Design | Photo By Sandy Kritzinger
While most of the workspaces are monotonous, one can play around with it by creating a contrast. Black and white are the perfect combinations for contrast. In these times both black and white are used together to create a statement. Such a combination will give a bold impression and suit the aesthetics as well. Many of the elements can be kept with this contrast to create a visual balance. One thing is to take care that no one color should be dominating the home office design.

{ 3 } Soothing Green Accents In Office Decor

Soothing Green Accents In Office Decor
Natural And Refreshing Decor In Office By Johnston Home Interior Design | Photo By David Duncan Livingston
Is overcoming stress problematic for you then nature is the best place to be. While we cannot physically carry our stuff in the middle of the jungles but we can certainly create an ambiance of motherly nature with the use of greens. Green color always reminds us of nature. The correct usage of green gives us relief. For most of us, the obvious answer to including green is by actually planting a bush in our room. But not just that one can use green for the curtains. In fact, there are many other beautiful ideas for window blinds and curtains that you can use to dress up your office windows in style.

{ 4 } Bold And Black Home Office

Bold And Black Home Office
What color do you normally see powerful people wearing? It’s the color black. It has a quite dominating character due to which it is mostly chosen as an impactful color. But as black has various other meanings too such as depression, therefore it needs to be correctly balanced. The color golden added with it can give a nice royal look. Even the type of furniture chosen plays a great role. While seating can be cushioned and the storage places can be well organized and styled.

{ 5 } Classic White And Wood Theme

Classic White And Wood Theme
Aesthetic Wood tones In Beautiful Office Interiors By Nicholson Companies
White has a very calming effect while wood aesthetically suits to the whole vibe of the environment. White being a pure color gives space for imagination. While wood brown furniture gives a cozy feel. White walls and wooden flooring are quite common these days. Apart from these wooden panels on the ceiling and white furniture is also in vogue.

{ 6 } Mediterranean Decor For Traditional Look

Mediterranean Decor For Traditional Look
Ever wanted an office space that looked similar to one of those detective cabins? With a traditional look, it imbibes a sense of engaging persona. The traditional looks set apart from the modern setup. It gives a break from the technology and is opted for its simplicity and Boho feel. Space almost looks like it is set apart from the existing reality. It draws back upon the time when the spaces used to be all wooden and nicely constructed.

{ 7 } Compact Office In Calming Colors

Compact Office In Calming Colors
Soothing Colors And Calming Ambiance In Home Office By Martha O’Hara Interiors | Photo By Troy Thies
It is a small space too captivating for you. Change the ambiance with some subtle color scheme. White color is used to make space look bigger so use white or very light tints of colors on the walls and furniture. Highlight only key features with a bright color. This way one can optimize with minimal space.

{ 8 } Tiny White Alcove Home Office

Tiny White Alcove Home Office
While alcove is the new vogue among home settlers, the white color goes completely in favor of the compact space and more requirements expected from a small space. Space is mostly self-organized and initially requires a personalized arrangement of elements in space. The work station thus created is quite creative for working. Also, there is very little trouble as one needs to declutter the stuff which is not required.

{ 9 } Vibrant Decor With Bohemian Vibes

Vibrant Decor With Bohemian Vibes
Colorful Office With Bright Interior Design By Gina Sims Designs | Photo By Cati Teague
People who have a keen interest in either making or collecting unusual and creative stuff then the best idea is to go all Boho. Boho means something unusual and out of the box. Mostly one can showcase their personality through their workspace and still work upon. The best part is that one cannot lose creativity after being surrounded by different varieties of stuff. But going Boho doesn’t mean putting all randomness together. One has to keep a record of the combinations. If you are confused about what color scheme to strike up with then search for various color combinations or take inspiration from nature.

{ 10 } Cozy And Comfortable Scandinavian Office

Cozy And Comfortable Scandinavian Office
This type of decor involves the space to be minimalist and functional. So many features can be specifically removed or replaced. There’s a very good part about it that allows the natural light to enter and also there are no carpets mostly. The color combination used is muted having colors like white, off white, light blue, etc. This makes space look bigger. Space almost looks open despite it being bound by walls. What makes the space more dynamic is the usage of correct furniture.

{ 11 } Traditional Gold And Grey Decor

Traditional Gold And Grey Decor
Sophisticated And Grand Traditional Office Decor By DeCesare Design Group | Photo By Werner Segarra
These days, people want something that looks modern and rustic at the same time. What else can be better than the combination of grey and gold? There’s a new trend making geometrical hangings using golden color sticks. The amount of golden color used matters especially when the room has to be used for office work. It can’t be distracting it should go well along with the interiors. Grey suits well to the office theme as well as combines well with golden in a subtle way. A very modern and classy look can be achieved through it.

{ 12 } Industrial Style Home Office

Industrial Style Home Office
If you want to have a standardized statement look then you can invest in infamous industry products. It could be paintings, furniture, objects, etc. Such a workspace creates an influential impact on the users of the great workspace that they are using. The highly industrial designs suit, particularly to the urban edgy needs. The industrial look doesn’t necessarily mean heavy furniture. It is the right balance of all the industrial components.