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5 Designer Tricks to Cosy Up Your Home

How do you like to spend the rest of the day after a tiring work?

Curling your feet underneath those dreamy blankets would be so fine, especially when you’re someone who’s always gravitated toward warm and cosy spaces like me. Even though everyone has a different take on what a cosy place looks like, my version of a cosy home should be a place that evokes relaxation, warmth, and peace of mind. But watching grits of dust flying all over your face as you jump on that couch would never be an unwinding moment for you.

Let’s be honest here. The continuous ritual of scrubbing, vacuuming, and decluttering things away is something that does not interest anyone. However, as boring as the chore of cleaning the house can be, having a home that’s inviting and tidy makes a cosy and healthy living space to which we’d never want to leave.

So, whether you’re up for some winter renovations or furnishing a new house, we’ve collected some designer tricks that will help you stay warm at home not just in the winter but all year round.

Learn the art of layering.

Adding layers of comforter and cotton blankets on top of your bed and couches is one of the fastest ways to make a room warm and inviting. This is also a good excuse for splurging on those velvet pillows and throws which definitely serve best if you’re a cuddler type of a person. Designer’s tip:
Learn the art of layering
go for throw pillows with various sizes and shapes to accommodate different activities such as reading or taking a nap. Plus, if you want to give your feet the warmth and comfort they needed, layer a faux-fur, underfoot rug to both bedrooms and sitting areas.

Add scent.

Another way to achieve a cosy setting at home is by adding some good smells floating in the air. You can choose from our favourite home accessories and fragrances such as essential oil diffusers, scented candles, and salt lamps. You’d definitely love to accessorise your home with these items since they don’t just draw fragrance around your space but they are also great sources of relaxation.
Consider soft lighting.

Lighting is important in creating a warm and cosy atmosphere at home. For a great lighting option, most interior designers would advise the use of soft lighting fixtures (preferably tall and table lamps) with dimmers. I remember one of them once said that purchasing lamps with no dimmers is like using a door without knobs, which pretty makes sense to me. Aside from lamps, you can also use candle-lit fixtures to add more natural light in the room. Choose scented ones for additional calming and relaxing effect.

Live with nature.

Bringing nature indoors is one great way to create a relaxing ambience in every part of our rooms. While succulents and fiddle-leaf figs are great indoor plant options, you can still opt for fresh flower arrangements if you want to add some vibrancy to your space and make the room more inviting.
Incorporate wood furnishings.
Live with nature
The colour and texture of wood furnishings can instantly bring your dull home to life. Since we don’t always opt for wooden floors downstairs, you can incorporate wood furnishings by choosing rustic centre tables for your living room or adding artsy crafts, blinds, and frames as decors.

See: for further information about wood blinds.

But watching grits of dust flying all over your face as you jump on that couch would never be an unwinding moment for you.