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Famous Trends to Revamp Your Kitchen in 2020

Nowadays, the kitchen is becoming a focal point of your home. People often combine a kitchen and a dining space to bring everyone together. You can revamp your kitchen using a kitchen design tool with Kaboodle.

Nowadays, simple and clean styles are becoming famous among homeowners. Here are some top trends for kitchen designs in 2020:

Smart Kitchens

Technology is available in the form of fancy appliances and gadgets. You can design a smart kitchen with integrated technology. Smart kitchens need the latest technology. Feel free to add smart gadgets, sensors, and several other devices in your old kitchen.

Some easy add-ons include motion sense-equipped faucets. These can sense hands and start automatically. You will get alerts from the fridge if grocery items are decreasing. Moreover, you can buy a smart coffee maker. Feel free to upgrade your lighting system to control lights from tablets and smartphones.

Change Colors of Cabinet

For a classic look, you can choose white cabinets. These are suitable for different kitchen styles. Nowadays, the popularity of cabinets is decreasing. To give a unique look to your kitchen, you can change the color of the cabinet.

Feel free to pick pops-of-shades in green and blue. You can mix some neutral shades with dark colors, such as plum, emerald green, navy, and black. These cabinets will improve the overall look of your kitchen space.

Dark cabinets can increase the elegance of your kitchen. It is easy to create a deep luxurious atmosphere. Make sure to consult an expert because dark colors should not overpower your kitchen.

Use Different Materials, Textures, and Designs

Homeowners can get streamlined in their designs, alternative materials, and aesthetics for the kitchen. Try to create a stress-free atmosphere to spend some great time with family members. People are replacing upper cabinets to give a bright and large look to the kitchen.

You can use open shelves to get extra space in the kitchen. If you want to avoid boring shelves, feel free to use textured material. For open shelves, cut wood roughly to enhance its natural beauty. Moreover, metal tubing allows you to give an industrial feel to your kitchen.

For the focal point, you can use backsplash tiles or natural stone. These exciting textures can be different as compared to glossy and polished finishes. If you want some treatment for the ceiling, feel free to consider wood beams, tray and coffered.

Quartz Can’t be Outdated

Quartz is always a great option for high-end countertops. The material is hardy and may last forever. You can also choose granite if you want something with easy maintenance. Nowadays, quartz is available in different colors.

With quartz finish, you can elaborate large veining and swirls. It allows you to imitate natural stone. These styles are famous for their uniqueness. Feel free to choose neutral and soft colors. Homeowners may choose creamy, white, taupe, and grey finishes.

You can increase functional storage in the kitchen. Remember, storage is always essential for small to large appliances. Feel free to use dividers to organize your utensils and cutlery.