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Factors to Consider When Choosing Lamps for Kids

Parenting comes with responsibilities and making the right light decision for your kids can be a huge factor in their lives. However, lighting interests for kids largely differ from those of adults. Therefore, parents should be cautious about making bias judgment when choosing lamps for kids. There are plethora of ideas that you will come across when looking for lamps for kids. Still, before making that significant decision, it is important to put the following factors into consideration.


The fundamental aspect to factor before buying a lamp is your kid’s bedroom, play area, or even the living room space. Space acts as the determiner of the size and type of the lighting pieces to purchase. Kids do not necessary require big lighting pieces that tend to make a statement.  Smaller sizes are ideal for kids as they also create an ambience that is not cluttered. Remember, kids are playful and you do not want your child to keep on tipping over lamps that take up their space. Their playing space comes first.

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The theme

Kids’ interests largely differ and as a parent it is essential to identify what they love most. Unfortunately, many parents may assume that their kid loves a certain cartoon or superhero which is ardently incorrect. You should be in a position to deeply understand what interests your kid, their favorite color, their best movie, or even their fantasy. This knowledge is key in selecting a complementing lighting piece that has the theme relevant to your kid’s living space. In addition, the theme will help in choosing a shape or design that excites the child.  

Lumen versus wattage

There is a difference between lumen and wattage. In most cases, we go for wattage when making a decision on the level of brightness of a lamp. On the contrary, lumen is the correct measure of brightness as opposed to wattage which represents the amount of energy consumed. Level of brightness is a critical factor since as a parent you do not want to affect the seeing ability of your kid. Lumen is the intensity of brightness that is spread within a certain space. Again, space becomes important in determining the level of brightness as larger spaces will need more intense light or lumens as compared to smaller spaces. For kids, therefore, lumen plays a key role in making that decision.

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Safety aspect

It is important to underscore the aspect of safety in choosing a lamp for your kid. Safety should top the list in factors that determine the type of lamp that you choose. There are various hazards associated with lamps including hot bulbs, breakages, or even causing short-circuits. Whilst making a purchase you should research on the operation and construction of the lamp to prevent hazards from occurring. There are bulbs that have an extra safety coating to prevent breakages and the hotness. In a similar note, the placement of the lights plays a key safety role. Floor lamps may create hazards when the kids tips over them thus the importance of understanding the placement of the lamp in relation to safety.