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8 Minimalist Rooms That We Must Adopt

8 minimalist rooms that make us dream

You have decided to adopt the minimalist spirit in your interior and you want to start with the decoration of your bedroom? Discover our favorite inspirations to help you take the plunge! You will see that a minimalist bedroom is not always devoid of style and even less of character …

1. Minimalist black and white bedroom

Minimalist Rooms

Nothing like the unmistakable black and white duo to adopt the minimalist spirit in the bedroom. To bring the touch of warmth, vary the materials, and to give perspective to your decor, vary the patterns and prints. 

2. Wabi-sabi minimalist bedroom

Minimalist Rooms

This room does honor minimalism since it is inspired by the Japanese philosophy: Wabi-sabi. The latter invites us to be content with the essentials and while cherishing natural materials, artisanal objects, and their imperfections which translate a story to tell …

3. Immaculate minimalist bedroom

Minimalist Rooms

For a bedroom with minimalist decor, what could be better than choosing just one color? We love shades of white such as pure white and off-white which, when combined, create both an elegant and warm atmosphere.

4. Scandinavian minimalist bedroom

Minimalist Rooms

Because the Scandinavian style advocates simplicity and functionality, it has its place in a minimalist-inspired bedroom. Bet on practical and ergonomic furniture and add a little softness thanks to a strip of wallpaper in soft and pastel tones as a headboard.

5. Colorful minimalist bedroom

Minimalist Rooms

For a change from minimalist decorations, nothing prevents you from adopting this style with pretty colors. Just like this inspiration where the only decorative elements are sufficient in themselves: emerald green walls and a cactus for the exotic touch and a pink headboard with rounded shapes for the glamorous touch.

6. Industrial minimalist bedroom

Minimalist Rooms

If you live in a loft-style interior, you will have no difficulty in furnishing a minimalist bedroom. All you need is a wall with exposed brick at the head of the bed (or imitate one using trompe l’oeil wallpaper), raw wood furniture, and two asymmetrical pendant lights and you’re all set. play.

7. Bohemian minimalist bedroom

Minimalist Rooms

Although she likes to accumulate trinkets and souvenirs of all kinds, the bohemian decoration also knows how to play it minimalist. In the bedroom, for example, imagine a large bed in exotic wood, light and fluid curtains for lightness, a seat, and cozy bed linen for a touch of comfort and nothing more!

8. Contemporary minimalist bedroom

Minimalist Rooms

We end our tour of the minimalist rooms that make us dream with an inspiration that could not be more contemporary. Here, dark and intense colors dress the space where we find only a bed, a chair, a floor lamp, and a cinder block as a bedside table. The decoration idea to remember? Highlight the night area by installing a light panel!