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7 DIY Garage Projects You’ll Want to Try ASAP

Did you know that 25 percent of people in the United States with 2-car garages don’t park in them because they’re too cluttered?

While garages are great for parking and storing vehicles, they have so much more potential than that. There are tons of fun and creative ways to optimize your garage for a number of activities.

If you’re looking for fun and productive DIY garage projects that will make the most of your home’s garage, you’ve come to the right place. There are tons of great DIY garage improvements that you can make, and some DIY garage ideas that might surprise you.

Continue reading to learn about seven awesome DIY garage design plans that will take your garage to new levels.

1. Make Your Own DIY Garage Storage Towers

If you’re looking for additional storage in your garage but don’t want to waste any space, then DIY garage storage towers are the way to go. All you’ll need to build these are some basic tools, screws, and wood to build it.

Not only would storage towers make the most of the space in your garage, but they will last for decades since they’re made of wood rather than plastic. Wooden storage towers will stand up to heat much better than plastic shelves.

2. DIY Garage Locker System

Are you looking for some extra DIY garage storage that allows for a higher degree of organization? A garage locker system is a great way to store things and keep them categorized.

The design of these lockers is completely up to you. You’re able to make as many lockers or as few lockers as you wish. It all depends on how much space you have to build in and how much storage you need.

If you choose to build with wood, then you can add an extra degree of elegance and style. You can stain the wood with the stain of your choice. It adds a nice touch to the interior of your garage.

3. DIY Pallet Dart Board

Do you have some extra pallet wood that you’re not sure what to do with? If you love playing darts and hosting friends for get-togethers then a DIY dartboard is a perfect touch to your garage.

Many people love hosting parties for sporting events or holidays at their homes and a garage is a great place to hang out. A dartboard is a great focal point that adds a bit of competition to your home’s garage, as well as a leisure activity.

4. Pool Noodle Car Door Protector

If you have kids and you’re worried about your car’s doors getting dents and scratches you’ve found the solution. The pool noodle car door protector is perfect for you.

It works by being placed on the area of the wall where your doors open on your vehicle. If you or your passengers open the door a little too far the door will hit the foam noodle instead of the wood or metal of your garage.

All you need to make this are some basic tools, wood, and a pool noodle. It’ll keep your car’s doors and exterior pristine and safe from door dings. It’s a small project that will pay big dividends over time.

5. Garage Saw Bench and Workshop

Are you an amateur carpenter that loves being able to work on projects from the comfort and convenience of your home? Your next DIY garage project should be building a garage miter saw bench and workshop.

Building a workstation makes doing your work at home a much simpler task. It is also really simple to build as long as you have the right tools. Best of all, it is perfect for any DIY garage repairs that you’ll need to make. You’ll even be ready to replace the Torsion Springs DIY Garage.

It is a great way to allow for further DIY projects and keep you ready for any repairs that you might need to make to your home or your garage.

6. Filing Cabinet Storage

This is a creative use of old resources. Filing cabinets make for great garage storage but probably not in the way that you’d think. First, you’ll want to remove the drawers from the filing cabinet.

From there, you’ll turn the filing cabinet on its side with the vacant drawer lots facing upwards. If you do a lot of gardening and have a lot of landscaping tools like rakes and shovels then it makes great storage for those tools.

It is also great if you have kids. A filing cabinet used in this capacity is the perfect tool for storing your children’s toys and sporting goods. It is especially great because it divides them by sport, like hockey sticks and baseball bats.

7. Garage Mudroom

Some homes have a mudroom, but many don’t. Do you have extra garage space that you’re not sure what to do with? One of the best and most popular DIY garage projects for people with extra garage space is building a mudroom in your garage.

Your home’s mudroom is a great place for storing dirty clothing, footwear, and more. It is also a perfect place to handle any laundry and to keep your washer and dryer.

If you’re outdoors a lot then it is a great solution for storing outerwear like heavy jackets and winter hats. It also provides a great place for storing buckets and other tools that you need for maintaining your home’s yard.

Start Planning Your Summer DIY Garage Projects

Summer is right around the corner, and there is no better time than the summer to work on some exciting and fun DIY garage projects. There is a perfect project for whatever needs you have. If you need more storage you can build a mudroom or tower shelving.

If you want to protect your vehicle’s doors from dings and scratches then building a pool noodle car door protector is the DIY garage project for you. You can even build your perfect workshop in your garage.

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