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11 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Painter

Did you know that exterior paint colors can improve the value of your home? Consider a new color for the outside of your home. If you plan to hire painting contractors but aren’t sure who to select, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over what qualities to look for when hiring a painter. You’ll know what to look for in professional painters by the end of this article.

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1. High-Quality Work

A reputable painting company or painter should be able to give you three references.

Make sure you chat to the references before you choose a painter. This will give you a chance to understand how the painter works. Check out the painting company’s website to see what customers said.

Search online and read reviews. Make sure you look for comments that share about the final product. How did the painters do during the job?

If the job needed another coat or touch-ups, the job didn’t get completed properly. You want someone who has a strong work ethic and does a quality job.

2. Look For a Reliable Painter

Professional painters will show up on time or even a little early for their painting jobs. The painters should be on the job site when the manager or customer asks.

When you find a reliable painting company, you’ll know who you will call in the future.

3. Committed to Using Quality Products

The paint that the company uses should be well-known and of decent quality. The painters should know what products they will need for your particular project.

Consider researching the products they plan to use. This way, you can check if they are high-quality.

4. You Can Trust the Painter

Make sure you pick someone honest and trustworthy. The painter will be in your home and around your pets and family.

Find someone who will set you at ease and won’t affect the safety of your loved ones.

5. Skilled at Understanding Color and Shades

A decent painter will know what shades will help make a room look bigger or smaller. Also, the painter should know what colors work well together.

If the painter doesn’t understand what colors would work, consider looking elsewhere. A professional painter should have experience with customers asking for color suggestions.

6. Look For a Detailed-Oriented Painter

A residential or commercial painter should also be detail-oriented.

The painter will need to come into your home and inspect the area. They might suggest you get some repairs done before they tackle the painting job.

Detail-oriented painters will notice worn areas, tears, or loose siding. Repair work is an essential aspect of interior and exterior painting.

7. Look For a Strong Communicator

Professional painters will check in with their customers. You want someone who will provide updates and provide information on the project.

Finding a painter who has good communication skills is essential. Work with someone that makes you feel comfortable asking questions or sharing concerns.

8. Able to Manage Time Well

Professional painters will get contracts for various jobs. A painting project will have a deadline, and the painter needs to manage their team. This way, the project will get done on time.

If a delay does happen, the painter will have to rearrange tasks, so the project gets done.

Ask the professional painter about their experience with previous jobs. What did they do when they noticed they were behind? Were they able to manage their time and finish the job?

9. Can the Painter Problem Solve?

Problems will occur in any project, no matter how organized a team is at managing their time. Finding a painter who can problem-solve is another critical factor.

Consider asking the painter how they have handled problems in the past. Ask them if they expect any arising issues with your project.

Professional painters should be able to deal with problems as they arise on the job.

10. Find a Hardworking Team

Commercial and residential painting jobs tend to get completed by a team of painters. Every painter on the team will have a specific job to complete.

Find a company that hires respectful and quality painters who will work hard. Consider this company if you need professionals for your job.

11. Does the Painting Company Have Insurance, Licenses, and Warranties?

The contractor should have the right insurance coverage and be licensed. Licensed painters will complete work according to industry standards.

Licensing will differ from each state. Research and find out what license painters need in your area.

An insured painter will give you peace of mind. You know you won’t have to pay more money if any damage or accidents happen.

Ask how much coverage painters have and what the policy includes. Learn about exclusions as well.

A contract should include this information. You also want to find out about the warranty for the job. A warranty should cover chipped or peeling paint.

The warranty should also state what could void the agreement. Don’t try and fix a problem until you read the warranty details.

Now You Know More About Hiring a Painter

We hope this guide on hiring a painter was helpful. Find a licensed and insured professional painter. You also want to find out if the painting contractor offers a warranty.

Find a painting professional who you feel comfortable with and who’s respectful.

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